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Budgeted Gifts for Valentine's

by ridiculer


Valentine’s Day is a big deal in Neopia, for from the nicest Kacheeks to the evilest villains like Sloth, everyone has someone they appreciate and care about! During Valentine’s Day (February 14th), Neopians all around are sending each other thoughtful and caring gifts full of love and kindness to all those wonderful friends, siblings, and others who have made each others days in Neopia memorable and special. The question is: are you prepared for Valentine’s Day? Have you thought about what you’re going to pass out to those you’ve shared happy times with all throughout the year? Perhaps you haven’t had the time to think about a special gift, or maybe you’ve been thinking about it but can’t think of anything you like! No worries, this guide is here to help you make your Valentine’s Day perfect and free of the worries of not being able to find a gift. The most traditional gifts (chocolates, flowers, rings, and cards) have been taken and put into three categories for everyone with different budgets including cheap, medium, expensive, and super expensive budgets. Each part includes at least two gift ideas, some being a little more extravagant and creative than others! Don’t worry, though, even if your gift isn’t the most expensive, colourful, or even perfect, it’s the thought that counts! Surely those you care about will be happy to know they’re appreciated.

Cheap Budget Gifts

The cheap budget gifts are recommended for Neopians who have several Neofriends they’re looking to give gifts too. It’s also recommended for those who perhaps haven’t quite recovered from the holiday shopping and need to save a few Neopoints in their bank before they go out and splurge again on gifts.


Option 1: Melted Chocolate Negg

The Melted Chocolate Negg is a great option for a nice traditional chocolate. It may not be the prettiest chocolate out there, but it sure tastes wonderful and really, who doesn’t love wonderful chocolate?

Option 2: White Chocolate Techo Cookie

This option is for Neopians who are looking for something other than a regular chocolate. Not only does it come with white chocolate which has a different, yet still deliciously sweet taste, but underneath the chocolate it has a nice Techo cookie!


Option 1: Pretty Bouquet

The name says it all! This is one of the prettiest bouquets out there. Along with being one of the prettiest, it comes at a fabulous price. This is probably one of the best options for a traditional flower gift.

Option 2: Flowers

Well, if you were looking for flowers— look no further! How much better of a fit can you find for flowers than, well, flowers?! Best of all it comes at a reasonable price.


Option 1: Beautiful Golden Ring

This is an absolutely breathtaking ring, at a surprisingly low price! It’s golden and beautiful, perfect for any traditional gift and surely to impress anyone.

Option 2: Stunning Silver Ring

For those on your gift list who absolutely can’t stand gold, a Stunning Silver Ring can fill the void of not having a ring! It looks fabulous and comes at even a more fabulous price.


Option 1: Nimmo Surprise Card

You may be thinking that a Nimmo Surprise Card isn’t suitable for Valentine’s Day, but honestly, do you think all of your Neofriends expected such a surprising gift from you? This is card is as exciting as its name, and it’s price is even better!

Option 2: Thanks Card

What better way to say “thanks for being there for me” than a Thanks Card? Give this to show your appreciation for those who have cared for you and been there through all the good times and the bad times!

Medium Budget Gifts

The medium budget is recommended for those who have a small group of Neofriends to buy gifts for. They’re not exactly cheap, but don’t worry, they’re not too expensive either!


Option 1: Chocolates

Take one look at the name, and it’s easy to see why Chocolates are a wonderful present. They’re delicious and fabulous, plus they’re sweet like the nice friends we have! They may be simple, but don’t take them for granted, they’re perfect gifts.

Option 2: Dark Kiko Chocolates

If you have some picky eaters on your list of Neofriends to give a gift to, Dark Kiko Chocolates are a great second choice to those who don’t like regular chocolates all that much. They have a little more of a bitter flavour, but are decorated nicely and still taste great.


Option 1: Valentines Bouquet

The Valentines Bouquet is a perfect Valentine’s Day flower gift. It’s perfect for a tradition theme because its theme fits exactly, and the flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

Option 2: Deluxe Bouquet

This is a bit of an upgrade from a regular bouquet, and still very practical, traditional, and pretty. It’s a lovely gift for lovely Neofriends.


Option 1: Valentines Earrings

This is a little different since technically it’s not the kind of ring people would thing of, but nonetheless, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, goes great with other rings, has the word ‘ring’ in it’s name, is pretty, and a fabulous piece of jewelry! Surely a beautiful gift anyone would enjoy, especially with the adorable hearts.

Option 2: Jagged Ice Ring

This is a perfect gift for the Neofriends who like to pretend they're evil, like the cold and snow, or just live in Terror Mountain! Although not the most traditional gift, it’s still very pretty and will be appreciated.


Option 1: Pop-Up Valentine

This is a spiced up version of the traditional Valentines Day card: use it for someone special!

Option 2: Torn Valentines Day Card

This is probably the most adorable card out of all of the Valentine’s Day cards. The pretty colours and swirls go great together!

Expensive Budget Gifts

The expensive budget is recommended for those who are looking to spend their Neopoints for Valentine’s Day on a small number of Neofriends. Although it’s over an average budget, it’s still not totally out in the super expensive region!


Option 1: Chocolate Covered Cherries

Cherries are possibly the best fruit to go with chocolate, so this mix is not only really beautiful, but yummy too! Make sure your Neofriends aren’t allergic to cherries, though.

Option 2: Valentines Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

This is possibly the most adorable chocolate gift you could get for anyone. The chocolates are delicious and sweet, and the box is in a cute heart shape that nicely decorates your chocolates!


Option 1: Pink Flower Bouquet

This bouquet could not be any better suited for Valentine’s Day. The flowers are cute, fresh cut, and best of all— heart shaped! This is surely to be loved by anyone who receives the gift.

Option 2: Rose Tree

Although this isn’t a traditional flower gift, it’s absolutely breathtaking! Not only do you give roses, but you give an ENTIRE Rose Tree, which is even more creative than a simple bouquet!


Option 1: Gold Valentines Ring

This is probably one of the most traditional Valentine’s Day gifts there are. It’s quite adorable; why not try one out?

Option 2: Silver Valentines Ring

If you’re not really interested in a Gold Valentines Ring, why not go for a silver one? This is quite beautifully made, and will go great with almost anything!


Option 1: Best Friend Card

This is a wonderful gift for a friend who has become one of your closest friends! Sometimes Valentine’s Day gifts don’t need hearts, swirls, and flowers, but need to be from the heart!

Option 2: Winter Card

Although it may seem a little ridiculous and awkward to have a Winter Card as a Valentine’s Day gift, it’s the message inside that truly makes this a warm and kind gift that’s a perfect fit for Valentine’s Day. It reads, “THOUGH IT BE COLD OUTSIDE YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND A WARM HEART IN ME.

Super Expensive Budget Gifts

The super expensive budget is for those who have no set limit and are looking to splurge on Valentine’s Day. It’s recommended for those who are planning to spend most of their gifts on one Neofriend.


Option 1: Dark Chocolate Hearts

If you’re looking for an adorably decorated Valentine’s Day chocolate box, but are looking for something that doesn’t involve just ordinary chocolate, this is your calling! Make sure to take a look at the pink and dark chocolate decorated box!

Option 2: Crunchy Chocolate Grarrl

If you’re looking for an extremely rare and extremely special chocolate gift, this is it! The Crunchy Chocolate Grarrl is at the top of the rarest gourmet foods, and comes with a fabulous crunch.


Option 1: Valentine Rose Bouquet

The Valentine Rose Bouquet is the prettiest bouquet out there, and will go great with any set of gifts. Enjoy it!

Option 2: Tropical Flower Plant

Although this isn’t the most traditional Valentine’s Day flower, it is surely one of the prettiest. It works well in a beach scene, but will be found beautiful everywhere!


Option 1: Valentines Day Ring

This is possibly the most perfect Valentine’s Day gift of them all. The box, the ring, and the shining light all go together to make it one of the most fabulous and traditional gifts out there!

Option 2: Royal Wedding Ring

Although this one of the most expensive items in any of the lists, it’s a gorgeous ring and will make anyone happy!


Option 1: A Mysterious Valentines Card

If you’re looking for the absolute perfect card, this is it! Something extra special happens when you give it out on Valentine’s Day!

Option 2: Heart Swirl Valentines Card

This is an absolutely adorable and fabulous option for Valentine’s Day. With its pretty colours and heart-warming message, it’s a great gift!

Once again, remember that it’s the thought that counts! Feel free to mix up certain budget gifts, and hopefully you’ll have a very happy Valentine’s Day!

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