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Your 10 Favorite Screenies Of All Time!

by indulgences


It’s that time of night again, my friends! You’ve finished pricing your shop, and your Neopets are well fed and settled in for the night. You’ve completed all your dailies, finished playing all of your favorite games, and now you’re bored and looking for something new to do. What should you do?

It’s screenie time!

A screenie, also known as a screenshot or screencap, is a picture taken of someone’s computer screen. On Neopets, they’re mainly used to capture great events and personal accomplishments such as painting pets at the Rainbow Pool, finally getting that long-desired avatar, or finally reaching that coveted bank goal. And the best place to go and see someone’s screenies is on the Neoboards!

On the Neoboards, especially the Help Neoboard, you might try a board topic such as “I’m looking for entertainment -- got screenies?” or “I’m a little bored tonight -- does anyone have screenies I can look at?” It’s a Neopets-related topic sent out by someone in dire need of amusement, and there are more than a few talented screenie makers who are happy to oblige you with a petpage or two featuring their favorite screenies!

So here are some of the most popular screenie types of all time, according to a survey I hosted myself on the Help Neoboard. What are the screenies that make you all smile, laugh out loud, and clap for joy? What are the screenies that make you think about setting new goals, exploring new areas of the website, and making new friends? Here, my friends, are your top 10 favorite screenies of all time, for your perusal!

1. Lucky Secret Laboratory Ray zaps

You finally zapped your Neopet faerie! Finally, your dream pet! (Now you can get started on your other 3 Neopets!)

The number one screenie of all time, in everyone’s opinion, seems to be that one lucky Secret Laboratory Ray zap that gives you the species or painted Neopet of your dreams. Have you ever had a Chia zapped pea, or a Poogle zapped MSPP (Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie)? If you haven’t, why not indulge in a bit of fantasy by visiting a petpage devoted to lucky zaps? You’ll be left speechless at the glorious possibilities, and maybe even set some new goals with regard to your own painted pets!

2. Lucky restocks of UB (unbuyable) items

Have you ever snatched up a really rare and unbuyable item from one of the main shops, before anyone else could get their hands on it? Congratulations! If so, then you will probably be thrilled by the numerous petpages dedicated to great snipes and lucky restocks circulating all over Neopia. Many of us have one time or another been exhilarated by that lucky sudden gain to our shops and galleries, so find a petpage dedicated to lucky restocks of UB items and share the exultation with the petpage’s owner! You might make a new Neofriend and shopping buddy along the way!

3. Cool random events

Jacko the Phantom Painter gives you a Plushie Paint Brush! Dr. Sloth appears and hands you a Chia Transmogrification Potion! You find a piece of the secret laboratory map!

We all love winning cool items from the random events that pop up while we navigate around the website! Some of us have been lucky enough to find bottled faeries, trading cards, pieces of treasure maps, and much, much more. Don’t you just love reading about the random events that are possible on Neopets, especially when you yourself have an equal chance of winning something terrific? Send a shout out to everyone who’s made a screenie of their luckiest random events, and thank them for cheering you up!

4. Lucky wins

We love to hear about people winning big at the wheels, or slots, or at Black Pawkeet’s Treasure. We love to hear about people winning Paint Brushes, bottled faeries, and codestones from the Fruit Machine and Tiki Tack Tombola. That’s because we love hearing about the rewards given out on this website, and we love having the chance to win big ourselves at the same games and events. So the next time you see a petpage dedicated to lucky wins, try to contain your drooling! The same luck will come around to you soon enough!

5. New achievements and goals

We always feel gratified when we see that someone’s accomplished their most recent goal of beating that 1-Player Battledome Opponent, reaching their bank goal or avatar goal, or getting that lucky Shop Wizard snipe of a Secret Laboratory Map for 50 neopoints. We can’t help feeling thrilled for that person no matter how old their account age, appearance of their lookup, or condition of their pets. That’s because deep down inside, we’re all cheering each other on, and we can’t help feeling good when something valuable comes so easily to one of us, or especially when something valuable comes after weeks and months of saving and hard work (which many of us can relate to!).

6. Lucky adoptions / Pound surf screenies

This type of screenie gets mixed reactions from the Neopian public, with some people adoring the ability to adopt rare and beautiful painted pets from the Neopian Pound, and others being sick of people “not earning their pets” and “pound surfing” their way to adoption victory. But most people agree that screenies of some very lucky adoptions can make a person salivate, especially when they adopt a painted Neopet with great statistics and a nicely matched petpet!

7. Funny replies and responses on the Neoboards

This one goes without saying. There are hundreds of brilliant and sparklingly witty people on the Neoboards; many of them are even quoted in the Neopian Times in its “Quote of the Week” section. There are literally hundreds of petpages dedicated to clever reprisals, delayed but still funny comebacks, and one-liners galore. Why not spend a few minutes reading up on them and chuckling your way through a few hours? You won’t regret some of the genius that comes out of the Neoboards!

8. Fake screenies

Did you ever find a screenie of someone randomly finding 1,000,000 neopoints on the floor? Did you ever find a screenie of someone winning a Ghostkerbomb from Tiki Tack Tombola? Such events can’t happen in real life, people! But isn’t it entertaining to view screenies of such events as though they could? Fake screenies are some of my favorite kinds of screenies, and I’m sure the rest of you love them too!

9. Great commentaries

Some people “adopt” other people’s screenies and add their own comments and funny outlooks to them. This is perfectly allowed, and oftentimes great fun! Depending on how witty the new host is, such screenies add a bit of notoriety and popularity to the best commentators, and all of us are grateful for that extra bit of gigglesnorting to our lives!

10. Screenies of your FFQ

This type of screenie is rare, but still fun to look at! The Fountain Faerie Quest is a super rare event where the faerie at the Rainbow Fountain will give you a quest for a certain item, sometimes expensive (with the item rarity always between 94 and 96), but usually well worth the expense. Upon completing a quest, the Fountain Faerie will allow a user to paint one Neopet almost any color (excepting Ice, MSP, Quiguki, Robot, Royal, Sponge, and Usuki). Everybody loves to get a FFQ as it allows you to paint a Neopet a rare color for much less than it might otherwise cost. Find a few screenies of the FFQ and the resulting paint jobs at the Rainbow Fountain! It’s a fun way to explore a random event that might come around to you yourself some day.

This ends my list of the top 10 favorite screenies of all time. Stay tuned for further developments, especially with the changes in site content sure to come in the future!

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