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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Petpetpets

by shakinheadtotoe


A short time ago I wrote an article all about the dangers that petpets face. One of the dangers was petpetpets. I fear I’ve given a bad name to all petpetpets and that is simply unfair. So, I’m here to set the record straight! This article will let you know what the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly of the petpetpets. But first, let me start by explaining how I determined what category each petpetpet fell into. First, I scoured Neopia for all the books out there about petpetpets. Then I searched for anything else that might give me a little extra information such as TCGs or toys of the petpetpet. Finally, I looked at the petpetpets description... maybe I should have started there. Anyhow, on to my findings...

Let’s begin with the good petpetpets out there who are actually looking for a home and won’t harm your petpet.

The number one petpetpet I have to suggest in this category is a Glyme. All my research shows that this bug is a vegetarian and is just plain cute! Get a Glyme for any petpet and as long as you keep sweet flowering plants nearby both your petpet and petpetpet will be happy.

The next set of petpetpets that I would consider perfectly acceptable to own are two that are very skilled. Anyone who owns a Moffit or Squippit knows that they’re impressive little jumpers. There was no mention of them causing any harm to petpets and they are very amusing with their jumping skills – just make sure they don’t hop onto another petpet.

Finally, there are the less entertaining petpetpets of the good category. These petpetpets don’t really seem to do anything special but they also won’t pester your petpet. These petpetpets are the Larnikin, the Skidget, the Lady Blurg, the Moach, the Jermite, the Fleaf, and the Wormoeba. My personal favorite in this category is the Moach. They’re pretty harmless and they have an adorable plushie made after them. Of course, I encourage all of you to read the descriptions of these petpetpets to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. If you don’t have time to read the description I can guarantee these petpetpets will be perfectly fine with your little petpet.

Now, on to the bad. This category focuses on petpets that are slightly annoying or difficult for some petpets to own. It doesn’t completely rule them out, but you want to be careful if you go to purchase one of these little fellows

The least troublesome of this category have to be the Grumblebug, Glack, Lightmite, and Scriblet. Each of these petpetpets has an annoying trait but it is very manageable. First, there are the Grumblebug and the Glack. These two will make a lot of noise and be very annoying for any petpet who enjoy its peace and quiet. However, if your petpet doesn’t mind the constant grumbling or a glack-like noise then these petpetpets will be just fine for them. The Lightmite is a problem in that he tends to bite. However, he is a huge help for Gwyl the Symol when he is in the jewel mine, so that means that Lightmites can be good friends. And finally, there is the Scriblet. I actually really like this little fellow. However, he will scribble on anything and everything so if you don’t like a mess of drawings all over the place then he’s not for you.

The next set of “bad” petpetpets are ones that my research shows that everyone warns against having one but no one says why. So, if you’re willing to take a little risk and find out exactly what kind of trouble they cause, then try picking up a Jiggybug or Itchi.

Then there are the true bad petpetpets of the bad category. These little critters will give your petpet problems, but it’s something they can live with if they really and truly want these petpetpets. First, there are the Mootix and Breebly, referred to as fleas, which are quite annoying. Then there is the Rainblug, which will eat anything it can, and that sometimes means you petpet. If you can keep it well fed, this won’t be a problem, but good luck since it has a ravenous appetite. Finally, there is the Blechy, who even has a hat made after it; however, it is described as “Blechy can eat a lot of food, but it tends to come right back up” ...ew. So, if you don’t mind tolerating these issues, then these petpetpets are still acceptable to bring home.

Finally, the just plain ugly. The petpetpets on this list are going to make you, your pet, and your petpet miserable. I suggest selling it the second you find one; don’t let it get a chance to get onto your beloved petpet!

First, there are the petpetpets known to cause a rash. The types of rash vary but the Cooty, Veespa, and Greevix all give equally irritating rashes. Then there are the petpetpets known for making your petpet itch. Those are Scoach, Mozito, Skritch, Vernax, Bumbluz, and Greevix. That is correct. A Greevix will cause a rash and itching (like the chickenpox); this one is a double whammy, so watch out. Next, there are the blood suckers; these are particularly gross to me. So, if you don’t like mosquitoes, then you and your petpet aren’t going to like a Zytch or Moquot. Finally, there are the worst two: the Pinchit and the Snailien. Pinchits will cause your petpet to run in circles and cry a lot (I can’t believe TNT came up with something this ugly). Snailens will cause your petpet to act oddly and move around strangely and it reminds me of Dr. Sloth.

So, yes, it turns out that I was right that some petpetpets should be kept as far away as possible. But, I must admit I was very wrong about a handful of petpetpets out there. I should not have labeled all petpetpets as dangerous to your petpet. Some petpetpets are just friendly little fellows looking for a home. In fact, I’m starting to think that there should be a petpetpet appreciation day since petpets get one on June 8th, but that is an entirely different article to write!

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