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Have You EVER Made King Skarl Laugh?

by india10000


Well, Have you EVER managed to make King Skarl laugh? For many Neopians I'm guessing that this'll be a no.

I'm usually a whiz at jokes; I'm one of the class clowns, not usually worried about making a fool of myself in front of the whole class (perhaps the teacher). But when it comes to King Skarl, well, I'm not so good.

Lately I've attempted to make King Skarl laugh. I started by going to Meridell, then I went to the castle and then to King Skarl. Well, to tell the truth I was thinking, 'Why do I think I'm going to get anything? I'm so bad at Neopet jokes. My joke's gonna be so weak!' Well, I did it. I used some words I didn't understand; I have no idea what a Zumagorn is. I think it's a petpet. I clicked the button, waited for it to load, then there was victory for me, staring me in the face. Pretty good, huh? I thought it was a weak joke still; it was probably because I didn't understand half of it. He rated it 641 out of 1000. I thought that was reasonable (still, I would still rate it probably 100 out of 1000). He gave me Hot Crossed Buns and I left; my work was done there.

How did I do this? you may be thinking. The truth is: I don't know! Well, still, I was pretty pleased with myself. I printed the page out and everything. The truth was, I wanted to save the joke. I'm not going to use the same joke again (if it's even possible). It would be cheating. I'm going to try my luck each day from now; I go to Meridell each day anyway (to do Illusen's Quest).

Personally, I think King Skarl is a bit of a "Grump-Head" who needs to go to the Beauty Salon. Other Neopians may have much better names, that was one of my more polite ones. I won't list any others because that would be incredibly BoRiNg!!!

I tried a joke before the winning one (I didn't enter it). I tried to do it about King Skarl. I soon realised that they didn't supply any words related to King Skarl, so that joke went down the drain.

You know how if you get King Skarl to laugh, you get an item? I reckon that you should get Neopoints. I mean, hey, you don't get that guy to laugh with the average joke. The reasons I say that are:


2. You don't get him to laugh with the average joke.

3. You even TRIED!!!

Do you think these reasons are reasonable, I mean, everyone wants Neopoints so they can buy that Negg or that new toy or maybe just save up so they can see their owner's face light up with joy at the sight of all that money. King Skarl, I am sure, has a lot of money. But why should he give it to you?

Reason 1. YOU WANT IT!!!

That's a pretty good reason, but not good enough for him. I'm sure there are many more more sensible reasons, but that one is good enough. You may have even more reasons than I do but I really want Neopoints from that grumpy old King Skarl. He obviously has some reasons why not, but why should he tell us about them. I think we ought to know, though.

When I got food from King Skarl, I was kinda happy and kinda sad. The reason I was sad was because I wanted some Neopoints. The reason I was happy was because I needed food. So I kinda got what I wanted. Well, I'm not going to go on about not getting Neopoints from King Skarl.

King Skarl is known pretty well; quite a few Neopians have gone to his castle in Meridell to try to get a chuckle out of him, maybe after that looking in the little shop. King Skarl sometimes rates your joke high and sometimes he just rates it RUBBISH!!!

You can only go to King Skarl once a day. Some Neopians might enjoy going to King Skarl and trying their luck so much that they make it a habit to go there after:

1. Playing Potato Counter

2. Estimating the weight of the marrow

3. Doing Illusen's daily quest

4. Trying to wake up Turmaculus

5. Playing Cheeseroller

6. Going to the food shop

7. Turdle Racing

8. Or many other things

Why don't you make it a habit to go to see the grumpy old king after you do something in Meridell, or even if you are not dropping into Meridell to do a different thing, why don't you just drop in anyway? Maybe, just maybe, if you keep pestering your owner, they'll give in and take you. Even if you don't get him to laugh you'll have fun traveling anyway. And there are some very imaginative games in Meridell as well. Maybe you'd like to see that lovely Earth faerie, Illusen. She lives there too.

King Skarl is not much of a laugh himself, so he can't make himself laugh. So the responsibility is dumped on you. It is true that you don't have to do it, but I mean, why shouldn't you cheer him up? If you get him to laugh, your prize will probably cheer you up.

Are you someone who absolutely adores going to King Skarl and who is worried to tell your friends? Well, don't worry, tell them and tell them it's a good hobby (if you mess up and make a fool of yourself, just go to your owner for comfort. Then you get them to go and take your friends to King Skarl and get them into going).

Do you know how to check the basic value of what King Skarl gives you? Don't ask him! Go to the Shop Wizard, tell him the name of what you got, and he'll show you the prices of the ones for sale in the Marketplace. If there is none for sale, then it is probably a rare item.

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