A Yurble stole my cinnamon roll! Circulation: 177,074,073 Issue: 327 | 25th day of Sleeping, Y10
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Home Sweet Shenkuu #1

by desert_gp_dragon2oo5

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A Locket: Part One
The drawing of the Lost Desert began to glow, although with closed eyes she could not see the orange-yellow sparkles rising from the paper...

by yellowsugardog


The Darkest Faerie Returns: Part Three
"As many of you are aware, the Darkest Faerie has returned. If you have any ideas for defeating her..."

by ewagon


computer freaks:// something has happened!!! -again-
Oi... the Pant Devil has some serious issues apparently...

by kaykay355


Drama Queens
I just love the NC Mall!

by noobspeak

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