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Feeding Picky Meepits: A Guide to Meepit Juice Break

by faithstarlite


Since I've gotten my Meepit Juice Break avatar, I've been bombarded by neomails and questions on boards and by neofriends asking me how I managed to get the avatar score. Well, listen up, because I have the information you need to bring your score up to the avatar score too!

First, you must understand how the game works. In each level there are 1 to 3 meepits who need their juppie juice. The "overly complicated" machine you run is called the Juice-O-Matic and it works by moving pipes to create a flow of juppie juice to each meepit. The Juice-O-Matic has three colors: red, yellow, and blue.

The meepits come in six colors. There are the simpler red, yellow, and blue corresponding to the machine, but there are also the more complicated orange, purple, and pink.

Now, if you just want to play Meepit Juice Break, that's all you need to know, but if you REALLY want that avatar, stay tuned! Meepits are picky little creatures! They will drink anything, but they really love the juice that matches their own color. That is relatively easy when it comes to the red, yellow, and blue meepits, but the orange, purple, and pink can be much more complicated. Now, an art lesson is necessary at this point. Yellow and red make orange. Red and blue make purple, and at least for the purposes of this game, red, yellow, and blue make pink. You must use the pipes from the Juice-O-Matic to create these colors and feed them to the meepits!

Also, you need to know there are really only three ways to increase your score in this game and having extra time after you feed the meepits is not one of them! The only three ways to make more points are (1) getting the fruits that provide "extra vitamins" for the juppie juice, (2) arranging the piping so that more pipes are flowing with juppie juice and (3) arranging the pipes so that ALL of the pipes are flowing with juppie juice (50 point super bonus!!!)

So what this means is: Here are your new rules for playing Meepit Juice Break!!

1) Feed your meepits one at a time (unless two are the same color). Always try to give your picky little meepit what it wants! This won't always be possible especially in later levels, but you can make a lot of points in the earlier levels when you have plenty of time.

2) Watch your time and don't let it run out. (You only have three lives and you will lose them when time runs out!) However, the longer you spend connecting pipes, the easier the next one will be!

3) Hook as many pipes together as possible before you connect it to the meepit. Try for all of the pipes for the 50 point super bonus! (This is especially easy in the first three levels when you have 50-60 seconds to feed only 1 or 2 meepits) If you can get this super bonus a few times, the avatar score becomes much easier to achieve!

4) Do not try to play this game quickly. Feeding a meepit when you still have time left only means that you could have connected more pipes and gotten a higher score!

5) Get the extras if you can. The only one that subtracts points is the rotten apple, but it only subtracts ten. The other two extras add 10 and 25 points respectively. Honestly, I don't usually worry about these. They seem to be more hassle than they are worth. Also, NEVER let an extra get in the way of connecting many pipes. The score you'll get from the pipes will be larger than the 10 points that could be subtracted for a rotten apple!

6) If you are good at keeping track of how many meepits you have left to feed, you can make more points in each level (after level 1) when you only have more to feed. Making sure you match the juice to at least one meepit; try to hook more meepits to one strand of juice and you can increase your score also!

In the first 6 or 7 levels, follow this guide strictly. You should have almost 3000 when you get done with level 7! Here is a breakdown of the levels and what you have to do. (aat = at a time)

Level 1 - 5 meepits, 1aat, 60 seconds

Level 2 - 5 meepits, 2aat, 60 seconds

Level 3 - 6 meepits, 2aat, 50 seconds

Level 4 - 7 meepits, 2aat, 40 seconds

Level 5 - 7 meepits, 3aat, 50 seconds

Level 6 - 8 meepits, 3aat, 40 seconds

Level 7 - 9 meepits, 3aat, 30 seconds

Also, a few extra tips:

1) Sometimes it impossible to give the meepit the right color of juice. As soon as you notice that, don't give up! Still connect as many as possible and get points from that. You can still get the 50 point super bonus if you feed a meepit the wrong color!! I make 5-10 of these mistakes per game and still get the higher score!!

2) If you are used to working from meepit to juice or juice to meepit, try working backwards when you get stuck. Sometimes it’s faster one way, and sometimes it’s faster the other. Sometimes, I work to the middle and change. If you get stuck, feed the meepit whatever kind of juice you can get to it! It is better not to lose a life!

3) Always feed the meepit with the least time on it first!!! This will keep them from dying!!!

4) I usually try to feed the complicated meepit colors first because it’s usually harder to feed and harder to connect more pipes. It also leaves me more time to feed the easier meepit and connect as many pipes as possible.

If you're wondering what happens after level 7, then continue reading. After level 6 or 7, it gets too fast for me to follow my own rules. At that point, it’s every meepit for himself!! I still try to get the right color for one of the easy colored meepits if I can. However, at this point I start hooking together 2 or 3 meepits and feeding them together.

On to the harder part!!

Level 8 - 10 meepits, 3aat, 20 seconds

Level 9 - 12 meepits, 3aat, 10 seconds

Level 10 - 15 meepits, 3aat, 5 seconds

What happens after level 10? Honestly, if I've gotten that far, I don't know! I've never had to worry about it!! And don’t worry if you make mistakes. I can't always feed the meepit the right color and sometimes I feed the wrong meepit!! I don't get the avatar score every time, but in the testing for this guide I got it at least 3 out of 5 times. It will take some practice but in time you will get it too if you follow this guide!! Good luck!

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