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What Shopkeeper are YOU?

by evangeline_marie


Have you ever wondered, as you were restocking your shop or just browsing the many shops of Neopia, about the various personalities of all the shopkeepers? With the huge amount of characters there are managing all the different shops in Neopia, you wonder how various their personalities can be, dealing with all the different kinds of people they have to serve all day. With the numerous amounts of personalities of these shopkeepers, there is bound to be at least one that will somewhat match yours. Well, here is a fun little quiz (don't worry, it's not for a grade) for you to try out and see which shopkeeper best fits your personality!

Question Number 001

In your own shop, you usually like to sell:

a. Miscellaneous... stuff. Cool items at low prices

b. Yummy, yummy carbohydrates

c. I'm all about battle! Swords, shields, plastic butter knives...

d. Collectible girly goods

e. Lottery cards

Question Number 002

You usually prefer your darling pets to be outfitted in:

a. Winter clothes- tis the season to be jolly?

b. I actually love aprons. They're home-y and baking-like.

c. Tight pants and cool wings

d. Bows and skirts!

e. Somewhat raggedy carnie clothes

Question Number 003

Every day, your first place to visit in Neopia is:

a. Terror Mountain

b. Neopia Central

c. Faerieland

d. Neopia Central (again)

e. Haunted Woods

Question Number 004

Someone steals your cookies:

a. Give them more of your stuff- you're always looking to purge.

b. Iddagiveimapieceamamind.


d. Giggle and say, "Oh well- all I really wanted was my dolls, anyway."

e. Sssstop, you fool.

Question Number 005

If you could only do one thing (which of course you do MUCH more than that) a day to pamper your darling Neopet, what would you do?

a. Let them catch falling bottles of miscellaneous things.

b. Feast them on the wonders of the biggest part of the food pyramid.

c. Battle other puny Neopets.

d. Play SuperFashion all day.

e. Teach them the basics of scratchcards.

Question Number 006

If you were a color, what would you be?

a. Yellow

b. Blue

c. Green

d. Pink

e. Purple

Question Number 007

OHEMGEE! You find a wallet with 1,000,000 NP -hard solid cash- inside it (Okay, it was a BIG wallet). What on Neopia do you do?

a. Just leave it there- I'm sure it will fall in the right person's hands.

b. Idda givit ta the police to figger it out. Yo.

c. I would keep it! Definitely will buy some great great weapons with that!

d. Umm... play Rich Girl with it for a while... umm... keep a little to get the Boating Usuki Set. (I've had my eye on it for a while now!)

e. Keep ittt.... That will come in handy.

Question Number 008

What is your absolutely most famous food of all time?

a. Ice Lolly- Ice cold... just how I like it!

b. Pink Doughnut (Fried, dough, frosting... so me!)

c. Mixed Veggie Kebab (Healthy's for me... so I can be in tip top shape for battle!)

d. Strawberry Milkshake- it's pink!

e. Chilled Eyeball Custard... it's sssinister.

Question Number 009

It's bedtime! You search your bookcase... (oh and by the way, what kind of bookcase would it be?)

a. Icy Desk (Don't have much space for bookshelves, actually. So I store my books along with my bookkeeping stuff.)

b. Checked Kitchen Cupboard- I store my books here along with my pots and pans. =]

c. Exotic Dresser! I have been to the lands of Shenkuu and was introduced to their style of fighting for battle, and I was introduced to the wonderful art of their furniture.

d. Blumaroo Bookcase! It looks like me (but not nearly as cute, though).

e. Casket Bookcase... It'sss very handy to ssstore my ssscratchcards in. No one looksss in there.

Question Number 010

You search through the books thoroughly and pull out what book to read to your Neopet?

a. Snow Faerie Book because it tells me of my heritage. All must be very keen on their heritage.

b. Kiko Food- You wouldn't think so, but this great great chef knows so much about bread! Definitely a resource.

c. Battle Ready! All the things you need to know about your upcoming battle. Just PERFECT!

d. Usuki Collectors Guide. Absolutely EVERYTHING I need to know about EVERYTHING I do!

e. My Neighbor the Zombie- I love a great chill once in a while.

Now... after you have filled out the quiz, find out which choice letter you got the most of.

If you got...

MOSTLY A: Your personality best fits Mika and Carassa, the Chias from Terror Mountain who are most known for their HUGE garage sales, selling great wares for very low prices (that is, if you can get to them fast enough). These two Chias are also famous for their ever popular game, Igloo Garage Sale. You are giving, yet a little random, and are always in the winter holiday spirit.

MOSTLY B: Your personality is most like the shopkeeper, the Breadmaster of the Bakery in the Neopia Central bazaar. You love to bake and have a sense of humor in your speech. You are also very laid back since you sell at pretty low prices and go around wearing an apron all the time, too.

MOSTLY C: The Battle Faerie of the Faerie Weapon Shop in Faerieland fits your personality the best. You have a knack for battle, interested in battle and are very wise in what you sell- only the best to defend the skilled warrior that you are and defeat others weaker than you. You do tend to be a little high strung in your enthusiasm for weapons, but it comes in handy when your inner warrior is contained appropriately.

MOSTLY D: Your personality is most like the cute little Blumaroo that manages Usukiland! You are very fun-loving, girly-girl, and absolutely adore your Usuki dolls. You have a passion for fashion and creative in your dress-up with your dolls.

MOSTLY E: Your personality best fits the cackling, hissing infamous Ssssidney of the Deserted Fairgrounds Scratchcards. Not the best of characters, you are very mysterious and you do tend to like to cheat people, so your dishonesty gets the better of you. Although you are the more negative shopkeeper, you do have good wares and know your game well.

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