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The Future of Customization: Fashion Shows?

by yellow_apple873


“...and here comes Cindy Cybunny wearing the newest winter-inspired creation on Fyora Faldina’s Winter Wonderland Collection. Cindy is wearing the Suave Seasonal Sally ensemble featuring Earth Faerie Wings, Censor Bar Glasses, a Seasonal Designer Purse, and Purple Feather Boa. This outfit is perfect for going out to a party or just going to the mall.”

Customization. It has revolutionized the way pets are dressed. So far, customization has allowed pets to look like a completely different color than they really are and can even make pets look like petpets! So what is the future of customization? Well, nothing is for certain, but I think the future holds fashion shows. Fashion shows put on by fashion designers from all parts of Neopia from the Virtupets Space Station to the Lost Desert and even to Faerieland! If and when fashion shows do emerge in Neopia, this is what you may expect to find in many of the popular Neopian lands:


Expect scholarly looks from this scholarly land! The hottest trends may include books, potions, motes, and scrolls. You may also find Wheel of Knowledge inspired clothing and who knows, some cutting-edge designer may even find inspiration in King Hagan himself! Look for vibrant colors from this land. After all, they are famous for their stained glass! The hot items from this land are definitely the Artist Smock and Smarmy Monocle!

Krawk Island

Expect highly piraty looks. Krawk Island is famous for dubloons, Dubloon Disaster, Deckswabber, Bilge Dice, and Buried Treasure. Gold, silver, bronze, eye-patches, stripes, and peg-legs will be the hottest trends of the season. Inspiration will be drawn from the Krawk Fashion department of the island. Also expect the top models of this land to be Krawks. After all, it is their island! You can even paint your pets Pirate to show your enthusiasm!

Terror Mountain

Brrr! It’s cold on Terror Mountain! This means coats and hats for everyone. You may even want to get a scarf and mittens before they become highly popular. Depending on what area of Terror Mountain you are on, you may see different trends. In Happy Valley, you can expect playful outfits perfect for building snowmen or playing Snow Wars. Expect Woolen Caps and Woolen Scarves for Happy Valley. In the Ice Caves, expect negg, Battledome, Snowager, and even scratchcard themed garments! Expect Winter Blechy Hats from the Ice Caves! On the top of Terror Mountain, you can expect skiing and mountain climbing outfits! You can expect Winter Brown Hats and Brown Winter Scarves for Terror Mountain. You’ll be really fashionable if you get a Chia Pop from the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop! If you’re really loyal to the Terror Mountain Fashion, you can paint your pets Christmas! Seasonal Wings are going to be seen throughout the mountain.


Everything is underwater! But don’t expect their models to have bad fur days! Expect lots of kelp, shell, and coral inspired outfits. Some may even be inspired by the Maraquan Ruins, King Kelpbeard, or even that evil Captain Scarblade himself! Expect the hottest colors of the season to be blues, purples, and pinks to represent the vibrant colors of the sea! If you want, you can paint your pets Maraquan! Be warned though! If you do decide to paint your pets Maraquan, they will not be able to wear the clothing! However, they can wear Shell Faerie Wings and feel just like a Maraquan pet and still be able to wear the other clothing!


Expect light colors that are subtle but make a statement. Light and subtle shades of pink, purple, blue, and green will be the ‘it’ colors of the season! Wings and clouds are a must! However, these faeries are very bright so expect their outfits to represent their rich culture. Fire Faerie Wings, Earth Faerie Wings, Dark Faerie Wings, and Shell Faerie Wings will be seen everywhere! Choose your favorite to emulate your favorite faerie! If it is the right season, you can even wear Seasonal Wings! You can even paint your pets Faerie.


Altador is known for its amazing athletes. So to celebrate their culture, expect their clothing to be very athletic. Only the fittest pets will make the cut in modeling the clothing. Expect royal luxurious shades of purple, blue, green, and orange. Hot items will be the Slushie Slinger Drinking Cap, Altador Cup Fan Jersey, and Janitor Bucket.


Kreludor is the home to many Orange Grundos so expect the hottest color of the season to be orange! Grundos will dominate the fashion of the land. This land is famous for mining, being Neopia’s only moon, and Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ. Expect the fashions to be inspired by Grundos, mining, and the meteor crash site! The hottest item of the year is without a doubt Kreludan Grundo Slippers! But make sure the orange slipper goes on your left foot!

Neopia Central

Neopia Central is the middle of all the Neopian activity! With everything from the Neopian Bank, Money Tree, Rainbow Pool, and Auction House to the Pharmacy, Usuki Land, and Pizzaroo to the Pound, Kadoatery, and Alien Vending Machine, Neopia Central has it all! The fashions here will be UNBELIEVABLE and will have inspiration from everything! Heart Shaped Sunglasses, Blue Ruki Puppet, and Censor Bar Glasses are just some of the season’s hottest items from this land! All colors are welcome here, but expect the simple ones to dominate the land! Pink, white, purple, blue, yellow, green, red, orange, silver, gold, brown, and even rainbow will be popular colors!

Haunted Woods

The Haunted Woods is the spookiest place in all of Neopia! Expect the hot colors to be black, brown, red, orange, and green. No light and happy colors here! Outfits will be inspired by the Brain Tree, Castle of Eliv Thade, Edna’s Tower, and the Deserted Fairgrounds! The hot items of the land will be the Edna Costume Hat, Purse of Despair, and Jack O Lantern Pail. You can even paint your pets Ghost or Halloween!


Meridell is a medieval land ruled by the grumpy King Skarl. It is famous for Ultimate Bullseye, Kiss the Mortog, Cheeseroller, and the huge Turmaculus! Expect everything to be medieval. This means the colors should be reds, blues, yellows, browns, and greens. Good designers will only find inspiration in the true medieval Meridell, but daring designers may find inspiration in the Darigan Citadel and King Skarl’s scholarly brother King Hagan. Be warned though, if Skarl catches you not supporting him, you may be in big trouble!

So there you are! The future of customization in my opinion? Fashion shows. Fashion shows from every Neopian land! I’ve just given you what you can expect from many of these lands so now go out and dress your pet accordingly so when the fashion shows do come out, you’ll be ahead of the game! Who knows, maybe you’ll even design the fashions for others!

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