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I Never Thought It'd Come To This

by triffin_


With my index finger, I push the little toy Veespa that is dangling from a string. It is a springy Veespa toy I bought back in the day. It belonged to Sage, my Alkenore. I look at all the other petpet care items surrounding me. Oh, Sage.

It was a chilly winter morning. I pressed my nose up against the glass. I peered inside the shop. I saw many balls of fuzz that were petpets and at once I longed for one. With out a second thought, I walked inside.

It smelled like allergens galore. Cages lining the walls were filled with Spardels, Puppyblews, and Warfs. Flying petpets were kept in more intricate and decorative cages, hung from the ceiling. Tiny Pepitos were flitting around in an aquarium. I wondered around, finally stopping at the big glass tank. It was filled with Alkenores.

"Aww," I cooed. A Poogle walked over, his shirt had the name of the pet shop.

"Would you like to buy one?" he asked. I leaned closer to the tank. There were many colored Alkenores. A pink one was chasing a big blue one. In the corner there was a green one, preening herself.

"I'll take that one," I declared, pointing at the green Alkenore. The Poogle nodded and lifted the petpet from the tank. The other Alkenores. watched as the Poogle placed my petpet in a special box and walked to a cash register.

"Thirteen-thousand please," he said, punching buttons. I frowned and emptied my wallet. I had saved all my Neopoints for something special.

"Thank you," the Poogle said, pushing the box towards me. I carried it under my arm, all the way back home.

"What's that, Viridian?" my owner, Roshae, asked at the front door. I walked past him into the living room. Sitting on the couch, I placed the box on the table before me. Roshae was on the end of his seat as I slowly lifted the lid.

"You bought a petpet!" he exclaimed, jumping up. I nodded proudly. The petpet leapt out of the box.

"What's his name?" my owner asked. I shrugged.

"How 'bout Sage," he suggested. I smiled and nodded again.

"Sage it is then."

Roshae's happy eyes followed me as I headed upstairs.

Sage pranced into my room, merrily swishing her tail back and forth. She examined every inch of my quarters. Hopping onto my bed, she curled up into a ball and yawned.

"Okay, you can sleep... there..." I trailed off.

I raced back downstairs.

"Viridian, I just realized," Roshae began.

"I know! I have to buy food and other stuff for Sage!" I yelled as I started out the door. I was almost half way down the street when Roshae screamed to me,

"Fine! Leave me with the petpet!"

Once again, I was back at the petpet shop. I was greeted at the door by the Poogle. He looked confused.

"Didn't I just see y-" he began, but stopped and shook his head. He walked away. I looked around.

I bought the most fancy food for Sage and bought her lavishly detailed toys.

"She's sure to love it," I said at the cash register.

"That'll be four-thousand," the Poogle said, opening the register. I smiled weakly and pulled out my wallet.

"Only the best for my little Sage."

"Wow," Roshae marveled as he, again, greeted me at the front door. Sage was at his heels. I set my armload of bags on the kitchen counter and picked up Sage. She purred at me as I nuzzled her. I pulled out a petpetnip toy and watched my beloved Alkenore chase it around the room.

Months on end, I tended to Sage. I adorned her with as much care I could. I tended to her every need. I spent my every Neopoint on that Alkenore. I loved her.

There was never a time I let Sage out of my sight. She was always the most beautiful petpet, wearing a stunning jeweled collar. She was groomed weekly and I, myself, cared for her fur day after day. I sensed Roshae was upset with me for loving my petpet so much.

"You love that thing too much," he would say, rolling his eyes. I just laughed and continued brushing Sage's fur. I would wipe her face after she ate and lulled her to sleep at night. It seemed nothing was too good for my precious Sage.

It was about a year after I got Sage. It was a warm spring day and the sun was shining brilliantly. I was taking Sage for a walk in the park. We were strolling along the path. A rustling in the bushes startled me. I jumped back and saw a few small Alkenores emerge. They were nibbling on acorns. Sage cocked her head to the side and then met my gaze.

"Come along, Sage," I said, sticking my nose up and pulling her away. Every few steps, she turned to looked back at the wild petpets. I frowned.

"Here girl," I distracted her by pulling a cookie from my pocket. Instantly she begged for the treat and forgot the other Alkenores.

That night, Sage and I were in my room. I was trying to teach her how to roll over.

"Let's go to bed," I yawned, shutting the door. I was about to turn off the lights when Sage ran up to the window.

"What do you see, girl?" I asked, squinting into the blackness outside. I didn't see anything.

I crawled into my bed and waited for Sage to go to her bed. In my room dimly lit by moonlight, Sage cast a sad look my way.

"Sage," I called, "Go to bed."

She jumped down and grunted as she curled into a ball in her bed.

The next day Sage and I went for another walk. This time, we went on a mountain path. We were wandering the trail when we came to the beginning of a cliff. There was a gorgeous view of a lush forest and even more dazzling was the starting sunset. A loud fluttering overhead interrupted me.

Sage began going crazy. The Alkenores were back. There were more of them this time. They didn't look threatening. Sage tugged at the pink leash in my hand.

"Sage?" I said, my voice cracking. The Alkenores hopped forward, just as the leash slipped from my fingers.

Sage met the others. They seemed to welcome her.

How can this be? I thought, reasoning. Sage turned to me, a vague twinkle in her eye.

"Sage," I said again, my voice shaky.

One of the wild Alkenores bounced over. He seemed to support Sage, who was surrounding by the rest. I still acted puzzled although deep in my heart I felt it. I couldn't even whisper, I just nodded sadly. Sage's eye sparkled with more resilience.

We all stood there for a moment before the Alkenores made their departure. It seemed to be set perfectly; Sage was flying off into other sunset with whom she truly belonged to. I looked down and a small tear trickled down my cheek. I stole a glance at Sage leaving.

I ran to the very edge of the cliff.

"Good-bye!" I yelled, my eyes still water. I waved my arms vigorously in the air.

"Good-bye!" I called again. Sage looked back to me. She was so happy.

I sigh resentfully. I didn't have to let Sage go. I remember the gleam in her eyes. It was for the better, I'm sure. I look again at my surroundings. I can almost see Sage, curled up by the furnace, sleeping sweetly.

The End

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