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Neopian Resolutions for the New Year

by jillian3_3


What is a resolution?

A resolution is a promise to yourself. You make a commitment to do or not do something. It can be related to any subject, project, or habit. For example, I am making a resolution to get my articles published ten times before next Christmas. If you are reading this, I am well on my way to my goal!

I don't have a resolution!

The new year is here and you don't have a resolution. Never fear! You can use one of these or come up with a totally original one.

I will not use dung as a wearable.

Admit it; we all think this should be a resolution for many Neopians. There are so many other choices for a foreground item when customizing your pets. TNT thinks so too, that's why the Advent Calendar has been giving away so many wearables! Say no to dung.

I will increase my shop size once a week.

This is a good resolution for mall shop owners. I know it is hard when you have a nice full till in your shop. The temptation to buy that nice expensive item you have wanted is great. Remember, the bigger your shop, the more choices Neopians will have. That means, more neopoints in your till. Wait until you sell that unbuyable on the trading post to buy the item.

I will get one trophy each month.

With so many trophies to choose from, it should be easy to make your goal a reality. If you are a good gamer, try getting a high score trophy in The Last Blast, for example. Do you have a rabbit's foot in your pocket? Try your hand at a jackpot playing Dice-A-Roo or Brucey B Slots. If you like to move furniture around, try the Neohome Spotlight. If you have the Bronze trophy in Armada, try for a silver upgrade. You will very soon have a spiffy trophy cabinet for your efforts!

I will help others on the quest board.

How often do you get a Faerie quest and you don't have the item needed? You don't want to go to a mall shop, unless you have to, because they are generally double the Shop Wizard price. Your only choice is to ask for help on the quest boards. This resolution is great to give back to the Neopian community. Set up a board, and offer Shop Wizard searches to those in need. Just remember, your searches should be free! Asking for payment is against the rules. Besides, nothing beats that warm and fuzzy feeling that a simple thank you can give. If you possess Super Shop Wizard, you will have a lot of grateful questors on your hands.

I will be more patient with newbies.

Whether it's on the message boards or neomail, we are all contacted by new players from time to time. They may ask us questions on how we received a trophy or avatar. They may inquire about games, restocking their shop, or even where to go. Try to remember; we were all new once. I needed directions to the Giant Omelette when I first started! It can be hard when you are busy to answer such questions. Keep in mind, months down the road, you may need a rare item for level 33 of Jhudora's Quest. If this former newbie has it, they may remember you told them to buzz off once. It is better to have helped them; they will remember and want to help you in return.

I will not pound my pets.

This is a hard resolution for new players to keep. When you first adopt your pets, you may see a player with a pet you crave. Your Korbat and you run into a Draik and his owner on the way to Terror Mountain. Instead of giving your pet his Advent Calendar present, you take a trip to the pound. Immediately, you start looking for a Draik Egg. Wouldn't it be better to transform your beloved Korbat into a beautiful Draik using a morphing potion? Then you can spend your days reading to him instead of starting from scratch with a new pet.

I will save my neopoints to beat Adam.

Ahhh, this one can be truly difficult. Everyone knows, if you have more money than Adam, then you can snag a prize. The problem is, Adam is very wealthy! He often has 12 to 14 million neopoints. That truly is a lot to beat! The easiest way to make that much is to only focus on making neopoints. Do your daily freebies every day and sell everything you find. Take half the money from your shop till and put it in the bank. Do not withdraw neopoints for any reason. Also collect your interest every day; it does add up! Play as many games as you can every day and bank half the proceeds. You will make Adam look like a pauper in no time!

I will get three new avatars each month.

This is a great resolution for Neopians who are not new. New players should go for ten a month. An intermediate player would benefit from this resolution the most. Maybe you haven't had the time to find orange items or haven't bought a piñata for your pet to break. Find a good avatar guide out there and complete three each month. Collect as many as you can and someday you might receive a collectors trophy!

I will fill up my stamp album.

Filling up certain parts of your album can net you an avatar! Which makes this go hand-in-hand with the above resolution. Focus on one section at a time so you don't feel overwealmed. Your stamp album is very large! Choose a stamp category such as Terror Mountain or collect all the seashells you find. There is even a new collection to start, charms! This resolution will take quite some time to complete. They are always adding new items to collect. I do hope dung will never be one of them!

I will set one goal and finish it.

This one is very hard for me. My guildmates call me a "Jill" of all trades. I understand how hard this resolution can be. All the activities in Neopia are fun to try. It is difficult to pick just one! The good news is there is hope for us all. Put all your energy into one resolution. When that is complete, then you can start a different one. I know you can do it!

I hope this article helped you as much as it helped me. I feel more focused after writing it. As always a big shout out to my wonderful guild!

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