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Activities in the Month of Celebrating

by jillian3_3


You have painted your pet Christmas or Snow. You visit the Advent Calendar every day. You have sent presents to all the lucky Neofriends on your list. What can you do now to truly celebrate the holidays in style? I have put together a list of alternative fun to be had during the Month of Giving.

10) Write a Winter Neopian Adventure

There is nothing that people enjoy more than seeing their name in print. Write a fun quest for your Neofriends or guildmates. Make sure you address them by their user name. You can include their pets in the storyline if you wish. It makes it more personal and touching. Write about their adventures in Terror Mountain. Are they visiting the Snowager or getting a prized toy fixed at Donny's repair shop? Maybe they get stuck in the ice on the way to visit the Snow Faerie. The Neopian Adventure Generator is located on the games page in the adventure section. Writing an adventure is an easy task using the adventure generator. The instructions are a walkthrough and very easy to follow. It doesn't have to be a long adventure just a fun one. This will increase their enjoyment of the holidays. Remember to send them a link!

9) Draw a Winter Themed Picture of your Pet

You can draw a picture of your pet visiting the Advent Calendar. A picture of all your pets lined up in front of the Christmas tree would sure look sweet! Maybe your pet would like to deliver a gift to the Snowager without getting blasted. The picture does not have to include your pets. An image of the Scratchcard Wocky delivering scratchcards to the Snowager would surely explain a few things. When your masterpiece is complete you can submit it to the art gallery. Use your imagination and you may nab yourself a pretty trophy for your efforts.

8) Write a Winter Themed Poem

If prose is more to your liking, a poem may be just the ticket to a delightful holiday. It can be a haiku, a rhyme, or an epic tale. A lighthearted poem ribbing who ate snow foods while standing knee deep in snow is one example. I have always wondered about that. Tarla's effect of the Neopian economy while trying to give us joy is also a worthy subject. Try to think of a poem that would surprise and delight. You can also enter the poetry contest which can score you a wonderful trophy if yours is chosen.

7) Decorate your Neohome for the Holidays

Make your home a feast for the eyes. You can decorate one room with a Christmas theme. If you are feeling energetic, you can design an entire winter themed home. If you need inspiration, look at some of the past Neohome spotlight winners. Some wonderful rooms have been created in the past. Remember to try something new that no one has seen. Be original! Your pets will love living in a home filled with holiday cheer. This is yet another way to possibly win a trophy. Simply enter your Neohome when your home is merry and bright.

6) Organize a Christmas Toss

A toss is very much the same as the game hot potato. If a friend gives you a gift, you simply "toss" one back at them. This is best done with a guild but can be done with a group of Neofriends. Simply toss one inexpensive item Christmas gift to every good Neopian on your list. They in turn, can toss a different item back. It is very important to set a budget that everyone is comfortable with. You can also limit the amount of items tossed between friends. You should also select a time frame for your toss. Three days of tossing is enough in my opinion. However, you may want to have the toss the day before Christmas. Just keep in mind you want all tossers to have a chance at the fun. This is a good way to get trinkets you wouldn't normally have.

5) Create a Christmas Themed Gallery

There are so many things you can hoard in your gallery. You can collect stockings, candy canes, star items, trees, red and green items to name just a few. A collection of all the past Advent Calendar items would be a very impressive sight! The options for a beautiful and enticing gallery are endless. If you come up with an unusual idea, you might be able to nab a lovely trophy.

4) Donate to the Money Tree

It is the time of year to remember those Neopians less fortunate than yourself. If you are a Neopian of means, this could give you feelings of goodwill towards others. Donate holiday cards, candy canes, crackers, stockings or the Advent Calendar items you don't want. Make some lucky Neopians holiday a good one.

If you enjoy helping others, this idea may be for you.

3) Play the Terror Mountain World Challenges

If you are good at the winter games, why not try to win a challenge? A World Challenge is a competition with other Neopians. You can find the World Challenge in the top rated games section. The button for World Challenges is at the bottom right hand corner. When you win, you receive a puzzle piece. When you collect all 24 pieces you can exchange them for a nice prize.

Petpet Paint Brushes and Regular Paint Brushes can be won when you play the World Challenge. You can win three puzzle pieces a day. That equals out to 93 pieces over the entire Month of Giving!

2) Design a festive lookup

If you are good at coding, you can make your lookup shiny and bright. Spread the joy of the season every time someone gazes at your lookup. Christmas lights, fireplaces, stockings, candy canes, and Novas for the tree are all fair game. If you feel your lookup is the cream of the crop, you can enter the spotlight and have a chance at a trophy!

1) Write a winter themed short story for the Neopian Times

Let your imagination run wild! Tell a single tale or a holiday series based on Terror Mountain. How does the Snowager have so much treasure in his cave? He is there all the time, either asleep or awake. Does he have a treasure delivery service? Basically, come up with an idea that no one else has thought about. Write a good yarn and submit it. You might win a nifty trophy!

I hope you enjoyed this guide to alternative winter fun. I truly enjoyed writing it. Thank you to my guildmates! I always enjoy our themed tosses. They always inspire me to try new things in Neopia. You guys are the best!

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