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Wintery Styles for the Fashionable Neopian

by playmobil_is_my_life


THERMOSTATS -- Believe it or not, I’ve checked all of them this morning and there is definitely a strong cold front moving through, likely to remain until the month of Eating. We should soon be experiencing blizzards, the occasional hailstorm, and lots of snow fall.

But contrary to what you may be thinking, this article is not about Neopian meteorology.

Winter’s a comin’! It’s time to pack away all of those awesome T-shirts and baseball caps and start pulling out those warmer clothes… unless you live in Terror Mountain; then you would have been doing so since your arrival! If that’s the case, then maybe it’s time to renew your wardrobe for the freezing temperatures. The Lost Desert also has a slight issue with winter clothes, as the temperature rarely strays under 100° Fahrenheit (37° Celsius). For the rest of Neopia, the coldest days of the year are right around the corner.

Dressing trendy is a must for some Neopians. If you are one of those Neopians, this article will highlight the most stylish winter clothes. Don’t care what you wear? Feel free to read on anyway. It might be fun! :)


The Leather Jacket is the first item in the set. If you want to get really trendy this winter season, leather is always a good way to go. Why? It’s always in style and looks classy. Beware of the price tag, though, as many Neopians feel that nearly 40,000 NP is too much for only one garment.

The middle item is the Ice Caves Jacket, a rare and exquisite piece that guarantees to protect you from any kind of cold weather. After all, it was made and tested in the Ice Caves, so it can pretty much withhold any freezing temperatures. Warning: it’s also pricey, around 18,000 NP.

Sticks N Stones is a popular Tyrannian band and if you want to show your support to the ‘Land of Dung Furniture’ or just rock on with your favorite musical group, a band jacket may be the way to go. Because bands are always rolling through the Tyrannian Concert Hall, I’m pretty sure these will never go out of style!


What’s the difference between a jacket and a jumper? Jumpers are usually knitted or crocheted and made of wool/fleece, while jackets have a lining to hold in heat and protect the wearer from rain or snow. And the best thing about them is that jumpers look good on everybody.

These thicker articles of clothing will definitely keep you warm on a cool winter day. Fleece is one of the warmest materials you can wear and the Cozy Red Snow Jumper (the first item of the two) is lined with it to ensure proper insulation. Maybe you’ve already won a jumper like this from the Daily Dare!

The Blue Gnorbu Wool Jumper is, indeed, made of wool, which is technically the best insulating material. With the neutral colors, this jumper would be appropriate for either a boy or girl.

It seems as though this year, jackets and jumpers = in, sweaters = out. *shrug* But if you really want to hold onto that ancient Eyrie Sweater of yours, no one’s going to stop you. Who knows, those might be back in style next year!


For some reason, if you have a problem with jackets or jumpers, don’t stress. I’m sure you can still find a nice winter coat for the chilliest season. What’s awesome about coats is that you don’t have to worry about their prices -- absolutely affordable.

In case you are unfamiliar with Carassa, she is the crazy yellow Chia who is famous for throwing all of her junk over a bridge in the Igloo Garage Sale game. Don’t worry, this is totally relevant information… I’m getting to it. Carassas Coat (pictured first in the set) is a replica of the very one Carassa wears in the game. If she lives on Terror Mountain and is out throwing her stuff away every day, it’s a clear indicator that this coat keeps her warm. Obviously, it’ll do the same for you.

Taelia Style Coat – this item actually has the word style in it, so what does that tell you? Also a replica, this fleece-lined garment will definitely keep you feeling cozy as you prepare to face blizzards, waist-deep snow, or icy streets.


I tell myself every winter when I go shopping that a person can never have enough scarves! In my opinion, they are the perfect accessory. They can make your outfit fun, casual, or dressy depending on the length, fabric, colors, etc. While black can go either dressy or casual, rainbow is a little more geared towards fun.

The Purple Tuskaninny Scarf (far left) is a very simple and cute accessory to complete a fun winter outfit. Don’t be fooled by the word ‘Tuskaninny’ in its name – the length and cut of this scarf is appropriate for a Neopian of any species.

After that is the Woolen Scarf, a popular choice for boys with the more earth-tone colors. Next is the Scorchio Scarf, another nice selection for the male Neopian (not necessarily for Scorchios only). As the description says, your neck will be as warm as the flames on this scarf!

I have to admit that when I first saw the Squid Scarf (second from the right) I was a big fan. What a perfect way to display your love for Maraqua or underwater creatures! Contrary to what you may think, the Squid Scarf will keep you warm despite its cold, slimy name. And to top off our scarf collection is the Colourful Bruce Scarf – perfect for the little girl who loves bows and colors that don’t normally go together. ^^

Hint: The Advent Calendar has given out a couple of different scarves over the past few years. Check your safety deposit box!


I don’t think I need to stress the importance of wearing a nice, warm hat on a frigid day. After all, I’m sure you know they hold in heat to protect one of the most vital parts of your body from becoming too cold. Why not choose one that’s cozy and stylish this winter season?

The Brown Winter Hat is lined with faux fur (thank goodness) and is a good way to keep heat from escaping your body. It’s simple, casual, and comfy. Who could ask for more? The second hat in this collection has really skyrocketed in popularity since its release. Personally, I think the Winter Blechy Hat is adorable, even if it does look like a Blechy is eating your head. With a wool lining and two ties to ensure a snug fit, it’ll stay firmly attached to just about any head.

The Woolly Jubjub Hat is my favorite! From the knitted blue and orange stripes to the little Jubjub sitting on top, it’s a freakishly cute cap to keep your head at a comfortable temperature. If you really want to get into the holiday season this year, on the far right is the Christmas Ghostkerhat given out by the Advent Calendar in Y8. Cheesy? Not really! Cute, festive, and wearable by both girls and boys? Yes.

Hint: It’s very easy to crochet your own wool hat. If you have the time and creativity, check out a knitting set to get you started.


It’s time we focus on an item that will warm something other than the upper part of your body. Boots! Believe it or not, these are way more popular than you might think, especially in the Battledome. Although boots of flight and boots of leaping/jumping are interesting, we’re mainly just going to take a look at some of the regular old keep-your-feet-warm winter shoes.

Okay, I lied. Fur Boots is the name for the item in the first set and they are actually Tyrannian weaponry. But come on, even if you don’t live in Tyrannia or participate in the Battledome, you can still wear these.

While the Wellington Boots (center) may be simple, they do the job for only 700 NP. The rubber helps to keep out moisture from rain or snow, keeping your feet dry and warm. Best of all, they’re black, and black pretty much matches anything. If you’re feeling a little more creative, try the Lucky Green Boots, made popular by Tyrannia’s most favorite past NT-writer resident. A trend’s a trend! What ever happened to Stoneman, anyway?

Other Stylish Winter Garments

You will need something to cover your feet before you put on boots, right? Check out these Fire Eyrie Socks! With the black, red, yellow, and orange colors, they are just too cool.

Technically, you can’t wear the Woolen Gloves Knitting Set, but you can wear a pair of woolen gloves, once they are knitted, that is. Just like boots, most of the gloves I found were for Battledome purposes. But hey, the knitting set allows you get creative!

I’m not really an earmuffs kind of person (that’s what the warm hats are for!) but I do think the Kacheek Ear Muffs are cute. If you’re looking for something pink and purple that only keeps your ears warm, here you go.

Believe it or not, I have nothing else to say. It’s shocking, I know. I hope this was a fun article to read, if you managed to make it to the end. Winter’s on its way, and soon it will be time for gifts, family visits, and great food. What is the best thing about all of those events? You can keep warm and look fabulous for every second of them!

Author’s Note: Obviously this article is not meant to be taken very seriously… after all, a large percent of these items aren’t even “wearables”. But you liked the pictures, right? :) Cute stuff!

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