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Celebrating Christmas - Tiki Tack Style!

by neogal_anu


Christmas is just around the corner, and the whole of Neopia is busy preparing for the Festival of Giving! Decorations, presents, Christmas parties, and now with Customization, even dressing up pets; you name it! But ever thought of going beyond the usual holly, mistletoe, and Christmas trees for your party decorations? Tired of hanging traditional wreaths on your front doors? Then add a new twist to your Christmas celebration! Yes, celebrate Christmas... Tiki Tack style!

What? Tiki Tack? How in all of Neopia can you associate Tiki Tack with Christmas, you say. Well, with a little creativity and some effort, you will be able to add a few Tiki Tack elements to your Christmas celebrations (and not end up making your home look like you’re celebrating Gadgadsbogen Festival).

How to go about it? Well, firstly, you need to go, armed with some spare Neopoints, to the Tiki Tack store in Mystery Island. (Or, if you want to save some NP, you can use the shop wizard to search for the items mentioned in the article.) Either way, it works.

(Note: Do not get scared of that Tiki Tack man, who’s the shopkeeper. I assure you he’s friendly and won’t hurt you at all, except if your fire-breathing Draik burns his face.)

Clay Pot : It looks a bit plain, but if you manage to paint this red and green, and jazz it up with a nice bow, you’ve got an attractive pot for your Christmas tree. Warning: The author does not take any responsibility for any un-attractiveness of the pot caused due to the reader’s poor art skills.

Plain Wooden Bowl: Once again, paint it a little bit, and you could keep it on the dinner table, and put your priceless Fish Neggs into it. Give your friends a treat! Or, if you wish, you could also showcase your Super Attack Pea in the bowl. If you don’t have one, you could dress up a pea in a Christmas hat and pass it off as a Super Attack Pea. Warning: The author doesn’t take any responsibility for the consequences of your friends finding out that you’re passing off an ordinary pea as an avatar item worth hundreds of millions of Neopoints.

Volcanic Rock: Tired of hanging the usual coloured baubles on your Christmas tree? Then try these Volcanic Rocks for a welcome change. According to the item description, these rocks come from the sacred volcano, so you actually end up having an artefact in your Neohome.

Lava Stone Necklace: Aww, what a pretty stone necklace! I’m sure it would go well with your Christmas Draik’s outfit, so why not make him wear it? (Or any Christmas pet, for that matter.)

Souvenir Magnet: The item description says it is meant to keep your island pass safe, but I’m sure you could hang it on your front door instead of a Christmas wreath. (A side note: If you happen to be fuming over that Neopet who beat yours in the Customization Spotlight, then invite them over to your house. Chances are, they won’t know how to read and be scared off by the weird looking coconut on the Souvenir Magnet. Warning: Please, please check that the Neopet doesn’t know how to read first, because if it does, then this will not have much effect.)

Acorn Toy: Isn’t it so adorable? Hang it from your ceiling instead of mistletoe... I guarantee it will have the same effect. Or, you could just gift it to your Baby neopet.

Visor: Red Santa hats are out. The new Visors are in. Show off your cool fashion sense with one of these visors. If you live in a hot climate, then this will also keep the sun off your face. If you still like your Santa hats, you could always paint the Visor red.

Official Coconut Mask: If you’re planning on having a Christmas costume party, you could always dress up in this Coconut mask. Or maybe you could have a special Christmas edition of trick-or-treating. (Whoever said you can’t go trick-or-treating during Christmas?) Either way, these masks sure do the trick!

Oak Wish Stick: These would make a cool Christmas gift for your friends, family, pets, whatever. Especially since they’re known to bring good luck. Also, this, and the Cherry Wish Stick, would look great hanging from the walls of your Neohome!

Cub Tooth: Now, I have quite a few uses for this one. Scare away your enemies with it, pretending it’s a Hissi fang. (If they don’t believe it, have your Draik breathe fire at them.) Or if you want fake snow on your Christmas tree, placing these sideways at strategic locations on your tree could do a remarkable job. You could hang it around your home instead of holly. Or you could simply wear it around your neck; it’d look rather pretty with your coconut mask. (You are having a Christmas costume party, right?)

Pickled Olives: At your Christmas dinner, you can’t afford not to treat your guests with rare food, right? But what if you’re low on NP? Take these olives out of the jar, put them in an attractive bowl, and you could pass them off as a new variety of caviar. Warning: Like the Super Attack Pea, the author takes no responsibility of the consequences of your guests finding out that you are passing off olives as a gourmet food.

Hularoo: This pretty dancing Blumaroo would sure make a good addition to your Christmas tree. Instead of the usual star, why not put this at the top? It would sure earn you some compliments! Or put it right outside your front door, so that it would greet your visitors! Warning: Please make sure to get it inside when it starts snowing, or else your pretty dancing Blumaroo will be frozen and won’t be able to dance anymore.

So, let’s hope this year’s Christmas will see some creative celebrating by us Neopians! Good luck, and if you can think up some more uses for Tiki Tack items, feel free to use them! Have fun celebrating Christmas - Tiki Tack style!

(A word of caution: Please do not ignore the notes and warnings mentioned in the article. Else, you could really face disastrous consequences.)

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