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Paint Brushes of Neopia

by nymphadora8


Everyone wants a paint brush, right? That's the whole point of Neopets, to create your very own personal pet that reflects your personality, to say, "My pet is so unique, check him out!" Right? Of course. These super cool and rare items (also known as pbs) are just too awesome to ignore. Just like favorite Neopet species, all of the different pbs have popularity ranks, too. So now, I am going to list some of the popular paint brush choices:

Pirate Paint Brush

Come, on! Everyone has a little nerve. The pirate pb shows strength, power, and confidence in your Neopet, and that's why everyone loves 'em!

My Opinion: I like the pirate pb. It's not my personal favorite, but I would paint my pets this fantastic color if I ever got the chance to get one. One of my favorite Neopets painted pirate is the Eyrie. The clothes look good, and the fur (or feathers, I can't really tell) looks stunning with that particular color.

Baby Paint Brush

Awww! Everyone knows it, babies are adorable! Who wouldn't want their pet to be painted this outrageous (in the good way!) color? It makes your Neopet look so cute, and the eyes and the tiny bodies are just.. well, there you go!

My Opinion: This is one of my favorites. At first I didn't like it much, but now I love this color, with the details and everything. I personally like the Xweetok and the Chomby painted this color. Just like dopey_opey said in his article, 'Xweetok Collage', "You can just get lost in those lilac eyes." I quite agree with him. The fur patterns look nice, too. As for the Chomby, I like the smaller body and the colors best. It is $PRICELESS$!

Island Paint Brush

Aloha! Once in a while, we all need a vacation, and we can all feel relaxed with our Neopets painted Island! The grass skirts and the hay colored details look really good together, so who wouldn't want this expensive paint brush?

My Opinion: The Island Paint Brush is probably my favorite of all the pbs, especially because the colors go really well together. My favorite species painted this awesome color are the Ruki and Xweetok. Besides, on Mystery Island, there's all sorts of stuff to do! There's The Tiki-Tack Tombola, Mynci Beach Volleyball, Tiki Tours, The Mystery Island Trading Post, and Techo Mountain. Let's face it, people, animals, and Neopians all around. Mystery Island is fun, and its official paint brush is even cooler.

Darigan Paint Brush

Mwahaha! The Darigan Paint Brush is definitely up to no good. The cool purple and black colors contrast really well, and any Darigan supporter will love this one-of-a-kind paint brush.

My Opinion: Personally, I don't like this pb a whole lot. Don't get me wrong, it IS a cool color. Maybe it's because I'm not an evil, Darigan type Neopian, but I DO like the colors and how they go together on your Neopet and all, but still, y'know? I think that a Kougra looks best painted this color, with the claws and the wings and all. It's an overall okay choice for someone like me, but still not ideal.

Faerie Paint Brush

Ever wish you could fly high in the sky with the Faeries? Well, now you can, with the new Faerie Paint Brush! Just watch as your pet goes from an ordinary, basic color pet to a pretty, bright Faerie pet! You'll love the swirling colors on their wings, and the blends on their pelts.

My Opinion: I just LOVE this pb. It's really colorful and happy, with those bright, fluttering wings. However, I recommend that anyone who has a pet with wings should not be painted Faerie. In my opinion, the only exception is the Buzz. I also don't like the Kougra painted Faerie, with the wings and everything. I think they look more bat-like than butterfly-like, which is what Faeries are supposed to be- tiny people with wings, so they can fly like birds and bugs, not like bats. In conclusion, the Faerie Paint Brush is an awesome color to paint your pet.

Grey Paint Brush

Are you a sad kind of person? Do you always worry, or think bad thoughts? Now you can show your depression with the Grey Paint Brush, which will make your pets turn into melancholy Neopets, with their eyes and grey, un-groomed fur.

My Opinion: I think this pb is unique and cool. However, I'm not as sure about the appearance of the pets. I don't like their sad faces, and they always make me sniffle a bit. *blows nose in tissue* I do like the grey fur, though, and maybe someday we could paint our pets a happy grey color besides silver metallic.

Royal Paint Brush

Dost thou wish to painteth thy Neopet's pelt? Translation: You wanna paint your Neopet with a cool color? Of course! Make your pet look classy and sophisticated with the Royal Paint Brush! You'll love the results: turn your rude, often annoying pet into a polite, well-mannered prince or princess!

My Opinion: I think the Royal Paint Brush is very unique and cool. I especially like a male Aisha painted this color, with the detail in the clothes. I also like just how the Royal Paint Brush looks, with the blended paint and the red cushion that it's on.

Last, but certainly not least,

Rainbow Paint Brush

Can you not decide what color to paint your pet? You like Split, but not the orange half, and you don't like plain purple? Well, make your pet the pretty, multicolored pet of your dreams with a Rainbow Paint Brush! Just think, all the colors of the rainbow, making a striking appearance on your pet's graceful body!

My Opinion: Who doesn't like rainbow? Come on, people! We all have a favorite color in the rainbow! My favorite colors are purple, green, and blue! Maybe some of you are fans of Kreludan Grundos, and you like orange! Or maybe red or yellow! Get my point? I really like the Kacheek, the Aisha, and the Chomby painted this awesome color. If you have a grey pet who really needs some cheering up, try painting them this color. It'll really stand out. Trust me!

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