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How to Properly Care For Your Lost Desert Pet

by nytimes


This is my first article in the NT, so please enjoy. Also, I would like to thank my Wocky for inspring me to write this.

So you've just gotten your very own Lost Desert Pet. Either you've just purchased that coveted Lost Desert Paint Brush or gotten one from the ray. Perhaps you even got a Lost Desert pet morphing potion.

However you got your Lost Desert pet doesn't matter. What matters is you've just gotten your own pet that originated in the greatest (and only) desert in Neopia and you are prepared to start caring for him/her/it.

But do you really have all you need to care for your Lost Desert Pet? Do you have the right food, neohome supplies, toys, weapons, and petpets? Do you have a nice wardrobe prepared for your new Lost Desert Pet?

If you don't, or are feeling a bit unsure, then I suggest you read this article. Let's start with the basics.

Section 1: Food

You may have plenty of aquatic fish stuffed in your inventory or maybe you have a large collection of omelettes and jelly, but one must make sure the food you have must appeal to your Lost Desert Pet. After all, pets who spends a lot of their lives in sand, sun, and scorching hot weather may not like the wet, salty seafood you have. Or they probably think they're too regal to eat such vile and cheap stuff as Jelly. After all, a lot of Lost Desert Pets (which we'll call LDPs for now because I'm tired of typing Lost Desert Pet) think they are of high standards, so the foods you have may not appeal to them.

What I would recomend buying for your LDP is something that comes straight from the Lost Desert itself.

Foods such as foods made out of sand, Lost Desert fruits, and exotic foods that you will find only in the Lost Desert.

You may not think a bunch of Sand Grapes sound good, but your LDP will think differently. After all, they're used to eating that kind of stuff. If you are against sand food and simply refuse to give your pet such food, they buy something else such as a Grackle Stuffed Turkey or a Baggus. These cheap foods are good and your LDP will love eating them. See? It's not going to be too hard to get something for your LDP to eat.

Section 2: Room Decoration and such

Your LDP will be used to living in hot, dry enviroments so you're gonna have to make sure your LDP is in a comfortable room. A room that isn't underwater or that has no heating and just Air Conditioning.

A comfortable room would have a dry floor and wall. Maybe some skylights or a lot of windows because a LDP is used to living where there is a lot of sunlight. Also have a heating system that is in the room.

But a room fit for a LDP would have to have more than the above. You should go and make sure your LDP has the best quality room.

Maybe have sand colored floors and walls. But don't, I repeat, DON'T have a room made out of sand. Your LDP will love it, but you won't. It would crumble and come apart as soon as there is rain. So just stick with sand colored paint for the walls and floors and you'll be fine. You could sprinkle some sand on the floor, but be careful: Sand is very messy.

Be sure to also decorate with some Lost Desert Furniture. Go out shopping and buy some pots from Orisis Pottery to give a room a quick taste of the Lost Desert.

That's all there is to giving your LDP a nice room. Really.

Section 3: Petpets

Admit it. Meowclops, Dartails, and meepits are all cute in their own way. You may be charmed by their appearances, but your LDP may not.

In the Lost Desert, pets must always have faithful companions at their sides to protect them from bandits and bad people, and while you may not have a single bad soul living on your street, your LDP will be much happier with a petpet.

Don't buy your LDP an aquatic petpet. They simply won't like it. Instead, stick with a nice little petpet from the Lost Desert such as a Anubis or Scarabug. They are cheap and your LDP will be very happy with them.

If you can't find a Lost Desert petpet, then just buy one that can stand heat and sand.

One more thing. Be sure to buy your Lost Desert Petpet toys that remind them of the desert. They'll love you forever if you do.

Section 4: Books and Toys

You may not think books and toys are really needed for proper caring for your LDP, but boy, they are.

Without toys, your LDP will be really bored. Without books, they will be bored and uneducated.

So they are needed.

Toys are really not hard to buy for a LDP. Just buy them something that isn't Terror Mountain or Maraqua related. Maybe buy them an action figure of a famous neopet from the Lost Desert or a Lost Desert Petpet related item. It's really simple.

Now for books.

Books are a little trickier.

Your LDP will probably be glad to read just about any book you give them, but don't you think they'd be much more interested in reading a book about Coltzan or how the Lost Desert was founded? Or maybe some ancient scrolls? I think they would, so I tend to stick with Lost Desert related books for my Wocky if I give them to her. After all, you want your LDP to be educated more about their homeland rather than Kreludor.

That wraps up this section. Just buy the right toys and books and you'll have a happy LDP in no time.

Section 5: Clothing and backgrounds

Customisation: The biggest thing to hit Neopia. You can dress up your pets in fancy clothing due to it as you all probably know.

Now, LDPs consider themselves to be regal as I said earlier in the article. They refuse to wear any clothing unless it's of high quality. Which means you probably shouldn't try to put an Ultra Fasionable Potato Sack on your LDP. Instead, go with something more fancy.

Some things I would suggest are:

Fancy things such as purses, pretty hats, and feather boas.

Regal things such as: Crowns, Royal clothes (obtainable from a royal paint brush), and something nice from the NC Mall such as a Royal Quasalan Cloak.


Cheap, ugly items such as: Dung and Potato sacks

Things that don't mix such as: Christmas related items and stuff like that

Also, to wrap up your LDP's wardrobe, add a nice Lost Desert related background.

That's all there is to dressing up your LDP.

Section 6: The end. :(

Well, that ends my article. Thanks for reading and I hope you have fun with your new LDP! :) And remember: Water and wet stuff and LDPs don't mix.

Thanks for reading and feedback is appreciated!

And yay! I got into the NT for my first time!

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