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Lucky Me: Part Eight

by soccer266redy


“Aura! I’ve missed you so much!” Sage exclaimed, still on top of her, “I have so much to tell you too! First of all I hate it now that you’re gone, and Amanda might actually be thinking about getting another pet to replace you too! Can you believe it! And then Jemina is acting all strange lately, but I guess that that could be somewhat of an improvement because it is Jemina that we’re talking about! So how have you been, Aura?” Sage finally finished while getting off of Aura at last.

      “Well...” She didn’t know where to start. Sage still had no clue what Anthony was planning, and she couldn’t say it here because Anthony was watching both of them, as well as Sasha and Sam, so instead she said, “It’s been some what boring without my favorite little brother.”

      “I’m your only...” Sage stopped and then started again. “I mean I was your only little brother, silly! So are these two your new brother and sister?” he asked gesturing to Sam and Sasha.

      “Yes, they are. The Electric Uni is Sam; he’s my younger brother, and then the..”

      “My name is Sasha!” she said before Aura could even introduce her. “Aura has told us so much about you, Sage, and I just couldn’t wait to finally meet you face to face! So what’s your favorite color? Who’s your favorite band? How well are you doing in school? How tall are you? Which team do you support in the Altador Cup? When did you get painted baby? Do you have a petpet? What’s your favorite food? Have you ever been in the pound before? Oh, and do you want to be my friend?” she finally ended in a smile.

      Sage was lost for words and looking at her like he was looking at a pile of dung that just went and talked, cleaned his room, made him a snack, and then disappeared without a trace. “Ummm... let’s see... Blue, none, B average, not too sure, Darigan Citadel, no clue, no, apples, yes, and why not?” Aura was amazed that Sage even remembered the first thing that Sasha said, but she didn’t ask questions. Sage always had a good memory, and she wasn’t too surprised that he got all that she was saying.

      “Well,” Anthony finally said while walking to the back door, “I have some work that I must attend to, so I’ll be back soon to bring you all some lunch. Play nice, you guys.” Then he left the kitchen and went out to the shed.

      As soon as Aura was sure that Anthony was out of earshot she started to explain everything. “Look, Sage, I know that this will come as a bit of a shocker, so you need to be ready to hear what I have to say, and trust me it’s all really going to happen. So...”

      “Oh!” Sage said, smiling. “You mean how Anthony is going to use our four necklaces to try to bring back an evil Zafara sorceress that put all of her powers into these necklaces to stay alive? Yeah, Jemina already filled me in when I was over at her house one day to see how you were doing.”

      “So, wait a second,” Sam said baffled, “You’re saying that you know what’s going to happen? I mean with Anthony and all of that other happy stuff?”


      “Wow,” Sasha said in wonder, “you have a really smart little brother, you know that, Aura? All of my old brother and sisters were really dumb.”

      Aura just stood there for a moment and tried to figure out the best plan possible to save themselves from what was about to come. “Alright, let’s look at what we got here,” she finally said and took a seat at the table. The rest of them followed her example and soon the four of them were seated at the table, each wearing their respective necklace, and looking almost like heroes.

      “Ok,” Aura said once they were all sitting down, “we already know that Anthony will perform the ceremony tonight, and he has everything he needs as well. We need a plan to make sure that Anthony won’t have a chance to perform his ceremony. So, does anyone have a plan?” When no one spoke, Aura continued.

      “Sage, is there any way that you could go back to Amanda’s house? I mean, could you get there to hide out for a while so Anthony wouldn’t be able to make his preparations in time?”

      “Negative,” Sage replied while trying to sound like a general. “Amanda has gone out shopping today with her friends, and I highly doubt that Anthony will allow me to stray from his base grounds.”

      “Well,” Sasha complained while twirling her tail, “isn’t there anything we can do? I mean maybe sabotage to his work space or something?”

      “I don’t think that we’ll get a chance to go into the shed, Sasha,” Sam responded. “As a matter of fact, I think that he most likely locked himself in there already to make sure that none of us can get in there while he’s making his preparations.”

      “That’s it!” Sage cried, “Anthony is locked inside of his shed! So all we have to do is run away right now and then there will be no way for him to find us! It’s so simple!” Sage was smiling brightly, but Aura saw many flaws in his plan.

      “Sage, it really does sound like a good plan and all, but I don’t think that it’ll work out in the end.”

      “What do you mean, Aura?” Sage questioned, “How won’t it work?”

      “Well,” Aura began, “for starters, Sam, Sasha, and I are all Anthony’s pets so we’ll have to come back to him eventually, and then we also have nowhere to hide. Plus, we don’t know if Anthony will be able to track us down like he did when he was looking for us the last time. However, it is a good plan if we can’t think of any others.”

      “Well, we better think of more plans soon, because it’s already seven,” Sam commented while pointing to the Techo Clock on the wall. None had realized that so much time had gone by, but they knew one thing. Only five more hours remained before they would have to face Anthony or execute their plan.

      If only we had someone to help us, Aura thought as she looked around the table, someone who would show us what we could do.

      “How about we just start running now?” Sasha sighed. “I mean, we don’t have any other plans, and we’ll be able to get a good head start if we leave now. Maybe we could all find a new owner who is looking for some pets and she and or he could adopt us all, unofficially of course, but who needs to know the details.”

      “I agree with Sasha, Aura,” Sam said. “We don’t have any other choice at the moment, and I know that we don’t know how Anthony found us all before, but something tells me that if we get far enough away, then he won’t be able to get to us all in time. Plus, if we all were to go in separate directions for the time, then it would be nearly impossible for him to track us all down. I know that this isn’t the greatest plan of all times, but it’s the only thing we’ve got. So who’s in for this?” Sam, Sasha, and Sage all raised their paws/hooves, and Aura was left all alone against the plan.

      “Sorry, Aura,” said Sasha, “but it’s three against one, so we should get packing. I say that we should go into groups of two for now and then if the group is confronted by Anthony then split up. That sound good to everyone so far?” When no one complained she continued, “Alright then, now we should all travel light as I’m sure that you’ve all thought of. I propose that we meet up in Krawk Island because there are so many neopets there that there would be no way for Anthony to find us.”

      “Yeah,” Aura put in, “but there would also be no way for us to find each other.”

      “Don’t worry, I thought of that too. We’ll meet outside of Bilge-Dice in about three days time. If you aren’t there by day seven, then we’ll know that you’ll need to be rescued. So, is everyone okay with this plan?” When no one spoke she continued yet again, “So, I think that each of us should travel with a neopet with wings; in other words there would be most likely Sage and Aura, and then Sam and me. Any questions?” When no one said anything she continued.... again, “Alright, now let’s break off into our groups and even out our supplies. We’ll all need a steady supply of food for each of us to carry in case one gets caught. Then we’ll also need some blankets too, and any other light objects that you just can’t bear to part with. Now, let’s break up!”

      “Wait!” Sage screamed. “What are we going to do about these necklaces?” For once, Sasha had nothing to say.

      “I think that we should leave them here,” Aura said. “Right out on the front steps where Anthony will have to see them, plus we don’t want all of that bad luck with us when we’re traveling.”

      “Agreed,” Sasha confirmed with a nod. “Now let’s get packing, but first, how much food is there to go around?”

      “We’ll worry about that later,” Sam said, “but first we need to figure out what routes each of us will take. Something tells me that it would be best for each of us to go to the west where one will take a detour to Faerieland while the other two will go to the Haunted Woods first and then make their way to our destination.”

      “Sage and I will take the way to the Haunted Woods,” Aura quickly said. “We can travel faster because we’ve already been used to walking around Neopia.”

      “Alright then, now let’s go and pack our things and meet in the living room no less than a half an hour.” They all broke out from the table and gathered their things. Then, twenty five minutes and thirty two seconds later, they all were at the door ready to make their escape.

      “Alright then,” Aura said while looking at her friends. “Let’s go, and be sure to go as fast as you can. We only have three hours left to get a head start. Now let’s move!” They all made their way to the door, but stopped short once Aura opened it.

      Anthony was already there with a smile of triumph on his face.

To be continued...

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