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Lucky Me: Part Six

by soccer266redy


“This is not good!” Sasha said as she paced across the Cream Rug of their bedroom floor, “This is not good at all!”

      Only a few hours ago, which seemed like centuries ago to Aura, Anthony had come back with their little brother, Sam, and he had found Aura’s necklace as well. He had given it to Aura and then sent them all straight to bed without any dinner, but hunger was not on either of their minds.

      If what Jemina, Aura’s Shadow Xweetok friend, said was true, then that meant that Anthony would try to call for the Zafara sorceress!

      “I know! He already has three of the four, and who knows if he has already tracked down the fourth!” They had both been trying to figure out where the four might be, but so far they could come up with no pattern or connection with whom had the necklace. The only piece of information they had was that two of them were Kougras, but because Sam was an Electric Uni that piece of information meant nothing.

      “If only we could talk to Sam,” Sasha sighed as she finally stopped pacing and lay down on her bed. “Then maybe we would be able to find out something new, something that would lead us to the last one, the fire necklace.”

      “But even if we did find it,” Aura put in, “what would we do once we found out where it was hidden? It’s not like we can tell that person to stay away or something. Anthony has gotten all of us so far, and if I’m correct, I think that he knows where the last one is and that’s why he sent us to our rooms without dinner. He is going now to try to get the last necklace and Neopet that he needs to complete this little ‘circle.’”

      “That brings me back to the first point. We need to talk to Sam to figure out what happened to him when he got the necklace, and if he got it from Anthony. If he did, then we can safely come to a conclusion that Anthony is working on this little mission alone. What does the book say about all of this? Maybe it can tell us how to find the fourth person!”

      Aura had already thought of looking through the book to find information, but so far she hadn’t even touched it. “Alright,” she said and went to get the book from her desktop, “I’ll see what I can find.”

      Aura took the book and sat back down on her bed with Sasha now looking over her shoulder ready to read as soon as she opened the book. Aura couldn’t help but smile and then she opened The Evil Legends of Neopia to page two, the table of contents.

      Prologue: The Zafara’s History

      Chapter 1: The Beginning of Power

      Chapter 2: The Elements

      Chapter 3: The Four Chosen

      Chapter 4: The Ceremony

      Chapter 5: Reversal

      “Open to Chapter 3!” Sasha screamed in her ear. “That has to be able to show us where the last neopet is!” Aura opened up the book while ignoring the pain in her ears and started to read.

     Chapter 3

     The Four Chosen

      No one knows how the necklaces choose their masters, but what we do know is that all of them are related in some way to the four witches and wizards that defeated the Zafara so many years ago.

      Airel and Sara, twin Kougra sisters, Samuel, a Uni, and Sagel, a Lupe. All of them formed together as soon as the Zafara made the necklaces. There was a huge battle between the two forces, but in the end the four prevailed. They all tried to destroy the necklaces, but they soon discovered that only the creator had the power to destroy them. So each of them took a necklace for safekeeping.

      Airel chose the wind necklace because she was a free spirit with her mind always at work with her imagination while her sister Sara took the earth necklace because of her down to Neopia nature. Samuel took the necklace of water because it was ever changing, just like him, and Sagel took the fire necklace because fire is unpredictable and nearly impossible to control, just like his temper.

     The four of them guarded theses necklaces to the day that they died, and since then they have been discovered and handed down through the generations, but only the true descendents of the four heroes feel the full curse of these necklaces.

     Only once the Zafara returns will the curse be lifted, but without the proper neopets, their true descendents, the curse will never be lifted. So how does the ceremony to call back the Zafara take place? Go on to the next chapter to find out!

     Aura stopped reading because Anthony had just called from outside their door, “Lights out, ladies! See you in the morning.” Then the front door closed and Sasha began whispering to Aura.

     “That’s so cool! We’re descendents of some long lost heroes! So now we know that the last chosen one has to be a Lupe!”

     “Yeah, like there aren’t over a million Lupes out there in Neopia! There’s no way that we can narrow the search down! We would have to go up to every single Lupe and see if they receive a curse from the necklaces! It would take too long, Sasha!”

     “Well, then how did Anthony do it?”

     “What do you mean?”

     “You just said that we would have to walk up to every Lupe and see if they got a curse, yet Anthony seemed to get us all on the first try and something tells me that it wasn’t just luck. He must have some way to figure out which Lupe it is without going through all that process, and we need to figure out what it is, and something tells me that we’ll find the answer with Sam.”

     “What’s up with you and Sam! Chances are he doesn’t even know any more than we know! Plus he’s most likely sleeping right now, like we’re supposed to be. We can pick this up in the morning, Sasha, and ask Sam then.”

     “Fine, whatever. I’m just saying that I think that Sam might know more than we do because he’s been here longer. Just watch as I’m right, Aura.”

     “Yeah yeah.” Then Aura placed the book back down on her desk, turned off the lights, and went to bed with the necklace pulsing as it lay on her chest.

     That night all Aura could dream about was Sage, and they weren’t what she wanted them to be. Sage was in his room crying while Amanda was there trying to comfort him.

     “It’s alright, Sage. We can live without Aura. I mean she was nothing but trouble from the start, and she might have been a bad influence on you too...”

     “But it wasn’t her fault!” Sage would cry. “It was her necklace’s fault, and I know that it was cursed! Why don’t you believe us that these necklaces are cursed!”

     “Sage, it’s just a little bit of bad luck that you tripped on your way home and scraped your leg. It would have happened even if you didn’t have that necklace.”

     “But I didn’t trip on anything, Mum! It was like the air tripped me, and that’s just not natural! I’m telling you that this is cursed, and so was Aura’s!”

     “Now, I don’t want anymore talk about Aura, young man. She went against all of my rules, and I don’t want you to end up like that...”

     “But I will if I never see Aura again! Don’t you get it, Mum? Aura was my friend and you took her away from me! How could you be so heartless!”

     “Sage... I...” A knock came from the door in her dream and Amanda went to answer it while leaving Sage alone to cry. Aura hated to see him this way, and to think that Amanda just left him there too! If she had been there she would be right by his side comforting him because he needed her.

     Amanda came back into the room with a smile on her face. “Sage, I think that I have a way to let you see Aura. She’s already been adopted, but we know who she has been adopted by!” Then Anthony came into the room with that forced smile on his face. “Anthony says that you can come over on this Friday to see Aura, and then you’ll get to see her and meet her other friends, and you’ll see that she’s just fine.”

     “Hello Sage,” Anthony said and Sage drew back with fear, “don’t worry about Aura. She’s already made friends with her new brother and sister, and she’s moving on, but something tells me that she will be so happy to see you tomorrow! So until then Sage, good bye.” Anthony left the room and for the first time Aura got a good look at Sage and was stunned.

     Around his neck was the last pendent, the gold necklace with the red gem.

     Aura quickly woke and went over to the book to see what needed to take place for the ceremony to be successful.

     Chapter 4

     The Ceremony

     To perform the ceremony, one must have all four of the neopets with their respectful necklaces on. Draw a circle around each neopet with the correct color of their necklace, then connect the outer side of the circles together to create one big circle. Draw lines extending from the inner of the circles to the center to create one point. This is where the Zafara shall emerge once you have completed the enchantment.

     The night must be a blue moon, and at midnight all of the preparations (above) must be completed. Then you shall stand north of the circle facing the moon and say the following:

     Great Zafara sorceress of old

     Come back now on this blue moon’s cold

     I call you now to return to your land

     Then you shall do as I command

     Now come back to the land of the living

     So you can do my bidding

     Come back now, Zafara

     I call on thee!

     If all goes well, the Zafara should appear before you at the point, and if not, something must have gone wrong in the preparations. Go on to the next chapter if you wish to send the Zafara back.

     Aura stopped reading, and got up to search Sasha’s stuff. Aura remembered that she had brought a calendar with her when they moved in, but she couldn’t quite remember where it was, but with any luck it would be in the Purple Wardrobe. First time was the charm because the first drawer she opened she found the calendar and opened it to the correct month, November, to see if there would be a blue moon this month. Horror struck her as she saw that there really was a blue moon this month, and then she knew.

     Anthony knew where all of the necklaces where, and he would have them all together on the night of the blue moon, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

To be continued...

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