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Lucky Me: Part Five

by soccer266redy


“Come on, Sasha, it could be worse,” Aura whispered as they walked behind Anthony, who had most generously offered to carry their bags for them, to their new home. “We’ll be fine just as soon as we get there, and I don’t think that a broken nail claw is something to make a big deal out of. At least you didn’t break every bone in your body when you tripped on the stairs going down.”

      “I know, but I feel like such an idiot now because my first impression on Anthony was that I’m klutzy, and he might not like me now because he knows that I might break something because I’m so clumsy.”

      “Trust me, something tells me that he doesn’t really care if you fell down the stairs or not, and he was laughing as well when you fell so he must think that you’re funny. Just wait until we get to his house, and then you can try to make a new first impression on Anthony.”

      “Yeah, all right, but we don’t even know how far away we are from his house yet, and my paws are beginning to get really tired because I’m not used to all of this walking. I mean, I know that I’ve walked into the pound all the way from Terror Mountain, but then I got to rest so that this didn’t happen.”

      “We’ll be there soon, Sasha, don’t worry. As soon as we get there, we’ll go to our new rooms and I’ll help you unpack and get comfortable, okay?”

      “Alright, but I want a room with a view.” They both made a quiet giggle so that not to attract any attention from Anthony. He hadn’t said anything this whole trip except when he laughed when Sasha had tripped, but Aura wasn’t sure if that was considered talking or not. All she knew was that as long as Anthony didn’t talk to them, they wouldn’t talk to him.

      But finally Anthony broke their unofficial pact of silence when he said, “I’m sure that you’re really going to like your new home. You two will be sharing a room until I can build a new one, so I hope that that’s all right with you two.” Aura was going to say yes, but he kept going without waiting for their response. “You’ll have a new brother, and I think that you are both older than him, so be nice. He’s an Electric Uni, and I adopted him as well from his last owner that didn’t want him anymore. I think that he is out today going shopping for new furniture, so you two will most likely meet him tomorrow. Your new home isn’t that far from here, so we should be there in about five minutes. Your new address will be 404601 Magical Road here in Neopia Central. Turn here.” They all turned down Market Street, Aura’s old street, and made their way to Magical Road while Anthony continued.

      “Chances are you won’t be able to miss it because it’s the only house on the whole block that is silver, and the only house without a garden in front. You two will start school most likely in three to four months and then I expect you to get some decent grades; I’m all right with an occasional C, but nothing lower than that or you will have a very hard time with me. Well, what do you know, we’re here!”

      Aura looked up and was staring at her new home, and she wasn’t at all pleased. It was nothing more than five silver rooms with no decorations at all to make it look homier, and it had windows that appeared to be out of place. So far Aura wasn’t liking her new home one bit, even if it did mean that she might be able to see Sage.

      “All right, come on inside and I’ll show you both to your new room.” They both followed him into their new, not so impressive, house while avoiding overgrown dead plants that had seeped onto the walkway.

      The inside was as dull as the outside was, with nothing more than a Cream Rug at the center, two Luxurious Sofas on both sides of the room facing each other, a fireplace, and a Coffee Table as the centerpiece of the whole room. All in all, it was very boring with no originality showing what so ever.

      “This is the living room, and if you go forward, you’ll be in the kitchen, and then from the kitchen, if you make a left, you’ll be in the bathroom. From here you can go to your brother’s room, which is on your left, and your room is on the right from the living room. Feel free to explore the house, but please stay out of your brother’s room because something tells me that he wouldn’t want any girls going through his stuff. I’ll be back soon, so make yourselves at home.” Then he left the two girls in the living room alone.

      “This place is so boring!” Sasha complained as they went to their room, “My old homes were so much better than this dumb house because at least my previous owners had some style! This just is so plain!”

      Their room was pretty much the icing on the cake of ordinaries. Two Wooden Beds were placed right next to each other at the far end of the room with a wooden desk for each of them with its own Functional Grey Chair. There was a Purple Wardrobe for each of them and Double Pane Windows were lining the southern end of their room, but besides that, this was their new room and new home: plain and ordinary.

      “There is no way that I can live like this!” Sasha complained as she took out her things and started to put them into her Wardrobe. “I mean, it has no style! How can I live in a place that doesn’t fit my personality? I’m going to talk to Anthony about this so we can at least have an exciting room.”

      “Maybe Anthony’s color blind,” Aura suggested as she stuck her two plushies on her bed. “Maybe that’s why he got plain stuff, and he’s planning to sell the stuff so we can get ourselves the colors that we want.”

      “I guess that that would make sense, but I’m going off to explore the rest of this boring house.”

      “But you haven’t even finished unpacking yet, Sasha. Don’t you think that we should...” Sasha had already left. Aura sighed and put away the rest of her belongings. Once she had finished unpacking the rest of her things she came back out into the living room and went north into the kitchen.

      The kitchen was just as boring as the rest of the house, to Aura’s non-surprise. It had a Classic Dining Table at the center with four Functional Grey Chairs surrounding it and was all on top of a cream rug. The backside of the wall was crammed with Stone Shelves, and they were all empty ones at that. There was a Brick Sink and Oven on the backside with windows running all along its wall. If this wasn’t the most boring room in the house, then Aura wasn’t sure what was.

      As soon as she exited into the bathroom she took it all back because this room just had to be the most boring room in all of Neopia. It had yet another Cream Rug at the center with a White Toilet, White Sink, and one Shell Mirror above the sink. But one think was bugging her. She had checked all of the rooms, but hadn’t seen Sasha.

      Oh no! she thought and went back to the living room. She made a right and almost ran into Sasha. “What were you doing!” Aura screamed before she even knew what she was doing. “We aren’t supposed to be in his room, remember?”

      “Yeah, yeah, I know that, but I just wanted to see something first. And trust me, there is nothing to see in there anyway.”

      “What do you mean that there’s nothing to see in there? I know that the rooms are boring, but they do have something’s in them...”

      “No, I mean that nothing is in there. No furniture or anything. It’s just a plain silver room.”

      “Well, of course it is! Remember that they were going out to buy some new furniture for our little brother, so of course it’s going to be empty. Why were you..”

      “But why would he not want us in a room that has nothing in it Aura?”

      Aura was about to comment, but she had nothing to say.

      “Why is it,” Sasha pressed, “that he doesn’t want us in one room, but that room doesn’t have anything in it? What was in there that he didn’t want us to see?”

      “There was nothing in there and that’s the point, Sasha. It’s an empty room because our little brother is getting new furniture, and he probably doesn’t want anyone in there because he most likely got it cleaned and didn’t want it to get all dirty again.”

      “Yeah, yeah, all I’m saying is...” Sasha stopped her sentence and looked at the front door. Aura followed her gaze and saw Anthony with an Electric Uni following him, but that wasn’t what had Aura transfixed in fear. The Electric Uni had a gold chain with a blue gem on, and Anthony was holding Aura’s old gold necklace, now completely restored, with the purple gem in it.

To be continued...

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