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Lucky Me: Part Four

by soccer266redy


“It’s from who!” Sasha screamed after she spit out the apple she was eating after Aura had told her whom it was from, “And he’s going to what!”

      “It’s from Anthony, and he wants to adopt us both tomorrow. He already has an appointment already, so chances are we’re going to be his new pets.” Aura didn’t like the sound of her own words, but they were true.

      “There is no way that I’m going to be Anthony’s pet!” she yelled as she paced around the floor having a tantrum. “Why would I ever want to be his pet! He did this to me! Him and his stupid necklace made me lose my home! Ah! I’m going to hurt him so badly once I see him!”

      “But then he’ll send you back to the pound, and you know what happens next.”

      “Yeah,” she sighed and sat down on her bed, finally cooling off. “I know that, but I mean I don’t want to be his pet. Not after he gave me a cursed necklace.”

      “Maybe he didn’t know that the necklaces were cursed,” Aura tried as she turned off the lights. “We can ask him as soon as we’re adopted, and if anything goes wrong we can always run away. But for now let’s get some sleep; we’re going to need it if we’re going to be able to run away from him tomorrow!”

      Sasha laughed and then started to snore quietly.

      Wow, she sure falls asleep fast. Aura tried to fall asleep too, but she just couldn’t. Her mind was always going back to Sage. Did he miss her? Did he even know that she was gone? And what was it that he had wanted to show her?

      Aura wished that she could go see Sage now, but she knew that she couldn’t. Chances were that she would never see Sage again, unless Anthony adopted her. That way she might be able to see Sage possibly every other Christmas, but it still pained her that she would have to be adopted by the person she hated most. Sleep finally took her, and she was falling into darkness.

      The following morning seemed to never end. Aura had been woken up early because she had fallen out of her bed, and Sasha had been snoring so loudly that it would have been impossible to go back to sleep. She spent the whole time wondering if Sage was alright, and if he even cared that she had left.

      Of course he cares! He was your little brother! Breakfast, orange juice and fried eggs, was alright, but both Aura and Sasha had eaten in silence. Finally a knock brought them both back to reality.

      “Open up please!” Aura recognized that voice and immediately sprang out of bed to answer it, and there she was. Jemina was smiling at her with a book in her hand. “Hi, Aura! Sorry about yesterday, but I had some trouble hunting down this book.” She gestured to the one she was carrying and then stepped by Aura into the room. She set the book down on the table and motioned for them both to gather around.

      They both obediently sat down around the table as Jemina began, “Alright, I know that both of you had some contact with a necklace that you believed to be cursed, am I correct?” Both of them nodded and she continued.

      “I thought that it was a little strange at first because I didn’t know Sasha and thought that she might have just been blaming the necklace for her own bad behavior, but then as soon as Aura came into the pound and told me about her ‘cursed necklace’, I knew that something was up.

      “I needed to know why you two thought that the necklaces were cursed, so I went off and did some research, and let’s just say that you two are right. Those necklaces are cursed, but there are more than just two of them. There are four in total, and the same person, an evil Zafara sorceress that lived over 100 years ago in Neopia Central, created each one of them.

      “She needed to put all of her magic into them in order to be sure that they would help her control the world, so she based each one on one of the most powerful things in Neopia, the elements. Each one stood for one of the four, and each of them contains part of the element that they are representing. The purple one, which you had Aura, was the air element which contained a twister beneath its gem.

      “Sasha, you have the element of earth in your necklace which contains a powerful earthquake inside of it. The other two are water, which is a blue gem and contains a hurricane, and fire, which is a red gem that contains flames from the sun. When all of them were created, the Zafara put her memories into each one so that she would never truly die.

      “Alone, each necklace will only wreak havoc and destruction on the one who is wearing it, but together they can bring good luck, and something more terrible as well. When you say an enchantment on the blue moon when all four of the necklaces are assembled, then you may call the sorceress back to Neopia where she will continue the plans for taking over the world, and each of those who were wearing the necklace would become her servants to go off and due her bidding.

      “Not just any neopet can wear the necklaces, however, but I didn’t get to read any more on that subject. All I know is that somehow Anthony may be trying to-”

     Jemina never got to finish her sentence because the Purple Acara came in the room with red all over her face from running.

      “Anthony is expecting you two,” she said, breathing heavily. “Please get your things together, and meet me outside of your room in ten minutes. Jemina, Leseny would like to see you on the double in his office.” She took Jemina by the paw and dragged her out of the room.

      Once they were alone, Sasha got up and started to pack her bag. Aura did likewise, and took the book that Jemina had brought for them as well. The Evil Legends of Neopia was the title, and it looked to be roughly one hundred pages or so. Aura put that in her bag as well and followed Sasha out of their room.

      The Acara was there, just like she said, and was pacing nervously until she saw them and started to relax. “Come on, you two. It’s time to meet your new owner.” They both exchanged forced smiles and they followed the Acara down the hallway as she spoke. “You should be very happy today. You get to move into your new home, and you get to go there with your new friend, and the man who is adopting you seems rather nice as well. I’m sure that in no time at all, you two will be so happy! Well, here we go, so be on your best behavior! You want to make a good first impression with your new owner. Good luck to both of you!”

      Then she opened the door and let them inside before closing it behind them. Anthony was sitting in the same seat that Amanda had sat in only yesterday, and the same Pink Lenny was there as well, talking with him, but stopped as soon as the two girls entered the room.

      “Hello again, Aura,” the Lenny said, seeming rather pleased. “See, I told you that you wouldn’t be in here for more than a day! And now you get to go to your new home with your new best friend! You two must be so excited!” They both forced a smile again and didn’t make eye contact with Anthony.

      “Well, the paperwork is all filled out, so now all I have to do is get your two ladies' signatures. I’m sure that you’re familiar with this process, Sasha, so could you please tell Aura here how to do this properly? I need to talk to Anthony for a little bit longer.” Then he handed Sasha a stack of papers and left the room with Anthony.

      “Alright,” she said and put the papers on the desk. She took the first page out of thirty and signed her name, then showed Aura where to sign. It seemed to take forever to sign all of them, but eventually they both finished. “Let’s hope that this doesn’t turn into a complete disaster,” Sasha said as she put the paperwork back in order on top of the Lenny’s desk.

      “I just hope that our new home will at least be as nice as the one here, but the food could be a little bit better, and I hope that he doesn’t own a mean pet, or else I’m running away for sure.”

      “I’ll join you with that, and we should have enough energy too because we both slept well last night.” They both laughed and the Lenny and Anthony came back into the room.

      “What’s so funny, you two?” the Lenny asked as he scanned over the paperwork.

      “Oh, nothing,” they said together and started to giggle again.

      “Alright then, keep your secrets girls, but now I must say to both of you, congratulations! You are both now adopted, and your new owner is now officially Anthony Syder!”

To be continued...

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