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by andrewthebestes


There was a neopet that couldn’t find its owner. THE END. But now let’s read that again, but this time the story is going to be longer.

    Chapter 1

     Getting lost

      In Neopia Central on Aisha Avenue lived a Xweetok called Squirrele_7. One day she woke up (it was 9:22 am NST) and got to the kitchen. She ate her breakfast and ran to her garden. Squirrele_7 thought that Xweetoks were the best. But now she was thinking why they were the best.

     “Maybe because they love making friends,” she thought. “But why do they love that? Let me ask my owner, Andrewthebestes.”

     So she came back to her neohome. Andrewthebestes wasn’t in the living room, kitchen or bedroom.

     “Maybe he is in the bathroom,” thought Squirrele_7.

     She went back to her garden and lay on the grass. It was 12:15 pm NST when Squirrele_7 got up from the grass and went to her neohome. She saw a piece of paper next to the door of her neohome. Squirrele_7 put the piece of paper in the bin and went in. She checked the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom. But Andrewthebestes wasn’t there. Squirrele_7 began to cry.

     “Maybe he has gone shopping,” she thought.

      She went to the Market Street and searched all the shops. Andrewthebestes wasn’t even in the shop wizard.

     Then Squirrele_7 remembered that Andrewthebestes wanted to go to the Lost Desert. So Squirrele_7 went back home where she found her bicycle witch Andrewthebestes bought for Squirrele_7 on her birthday. Squirrele_7 sat on the bicycle and went to the Lost Desert.

      Chapter 2

      Haunted Woods

     It was 18:42 when Squirrele_7 stopped in the Haunted Woods fairground to take a break. Before Squirrele_7 came to the fairground, on the road that she went, she saw many grass. Next to the grass on a paper was written: PLEASE KEEP OFF THE GRASS! But Squirrele_7 went down on the grass to take a short cut. So now she thought she’d get in to trouble. Squirrele_7 heard that someone behind her shouted.

      “Squirrele_7, come here!”

     Squirrele_7 ran away because she thought that she was going to get in trouble. Someone who told Squirrele_7 to come to him was running after Squirrele_7. Squirrele_7 ran to a shop called Haunted Weaponry.

     “I see you love fighting in the Battledome,” said a Scorchio, the shopkeeper, but he was wrong.

     Squirrele_7 didn’t like fighting in the Batteldome.

     “I see you came from Mystery Island to buy some weapons in this shop. Wait, you have no owner; I am not going to give weapons for free, so come back when you have one,” said the Scorchio.

     Squirrele_7 went back outside to her bicycle. Then Squirrele_7 heard someone saying, “Squirrele_7, come here.”

     It was Andrewthebestes's voice but Squirrele_7 didn’t realize that, so she ran away. Squirrele_7 ran out of the fairground and to the Esophagor.


     “But I want to have food too. But could you move, I have to go,” said Squirrele_7.

     Esophagor moved himself and Squirrele_7 ran between the trees. She stopped in a street where many neohomes were. Squirrele_7 heard someone with Andrewthebestes's voice coming to the Esophagor and asking, “Have you seen a yellow Xweetok?”

     “Yes, it went between the trees that are behind me,” said the Esophagor.

     Squirrele_7 ran away. She knew that the person with Andrewthebestes's voice was now running after Squirrele_7. Squirrele_7 wasn’t looking where she was running. On the road where Squirrele_7 was running was a jelly house. Squirrele_7 was running fast so she made a hole in the wall of the jelly house when she ran through the jelly house, but that didn’t stop Squirrele_7.

      Chapter 3


     Squirrele_7 ran into a dead-end. She couldn’t run back but then she saw a ladder. Squirrele_7 jumped on it and went up so she was on a roof now. She heard that someone who was chasing her came to the dead-end too. Squirrele_7 didn’t know what to do but she heard that someone was on the ladder, so Squirrele_7 jumped from one roof to another; she heard someone doing the same.

     But she was still jumping from one roof to another, then from one roof NOT to another. She fell from the roof but she landed in a bin so she didn’t get hurt. And then she saw Andrewthebestes jumping from the roof to her

     “Andrewthebestes, hide me, someone is running after me and trying to get me in trouble!” said Squirrele_7.

     “I was running after you. Now come, let’s get back to Neopia Central,” said Andrewthebestes.

     When Squirrele_7 and Andrewthebestes were walking next to the jelly house, the owners of that house said, “Your pet made a hole in the wall of our house.”

     “Don’t worry, I will fix that tomorrow,” said Andrewthebestes.

     Then Andrewthebestes and Squirrele_7 were riding back home on a bicycle. Squirrele_7 told Andrewthebestes what happened to her and Andrewthebestes told Squirrle_7 that he had written “Dear Squirrele_7, I got a faerie quest for some spooky furniture so I’m going to Haunted Woods to buy it and will be back tomorrow. Andrewthebestes” on a piece of paper and glued it on the door, but it had fallen and Squirrele_7 thought that it was rubbish.

     “And Squirrele_7, before I went to Haunted Woods I went to Meridell where I brought a petpet, an Altachuck,” said Andrewthebestes, showing the petpet to Squirrele_7.

     “He looks so smart, so let’s name him Smarte,” said Squirrele_7.

     “He looks stupid like a chicken to me,” said Andrewthebestes.

     Then Squirrele_7 and Andrewthebestes stopped next to their neohome and went in. Andrewthebestes gave Squirrrele_7 food because Squirrele_7 was hungry.

      Chapter 4

      Fixing the Jelly house

     On the next day Andrewthebestes came to the Money Tree on his bike with Squirrele_7. Andrewthebestes grabbed some jelly from the roots and he got a strawberry jelly.

     “Just what I need!” said Andrewthebestes.

     “Thanks,” said Squirrele_7 when she ate the jelly.

     “That wasn’t for eating,” said Andrewthebestes.

     Andrewthebestes again grabbed some jelly from the Money Tree. Andrewthebestes sat on the bicycle with Squirrele_7 and he put the strawberry jelly that he got from the Money Tree again on the bicycle. Andrewthebestes rode to the Haunted Woods. Andrewthebestes stopped near the jelly house.

     “So you will fix our house now,” said the owners of the jelly house.

     “Done,” said Andrewthebestes when he put the strawberry on the hole in the wall of the jelly house.

     “That was it? Good!” said the owners of the house giving 1,000 neopoints to Andrewthebestes.

     “I don’t need that! I should give you neopints because I made your house stay with a hole one day,” said Andrewthebestes.

     “We are giving you neopoints because you gave us a good idea about fixing a jelly house; a jelly house is pink and a strawberry jelly is pink,” said the owners of the jelly house.

     Andrewthebestes and Squirrele_7 sat on the bicycle and rode back home.

The End

I’m a user, Andrewthebestes. My neopet is Squirrele_7, the xweetok and my petpet is Smarte the Altachuck. I like writing stories. And this is my first story that I had written for Neopian Times. I hope you enjoyed this!    

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