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Gift Giving Ideas for the Month of Celebrating

by shakinheadtotoe


As I write this, the Month of Celebrating is only twenty very short days away. The Month of Celebrating is a time of feasts, fun, and of course gift giving. Have you given any thought to the gifts you might give? You have your pets (of course) and maybe some petpets and neofriends as well. That could be only four gifts or it could be much more depending on who you know. This might seem a little daunting at first. But have no fear! I’ve come up with a list of classic gifts that anyone will love to get during the Month of Celebrating.

1. Food

This is a good gift because it works for everyone and anyone. Of course, everyone needs food, so it is useful. The only problem you may have with gifting food is that it is not very personal or thoughtful. You might want to consider more expensive food items or food items that you know the person likes or needs. For example, if you know the person is feeding their pet gourmet foods, then you could give them one. Or if you know the person is a Kadoatie feeder, you can give them food that those noisy Kadoaties are often asking for. This will make the gift a lot better than just some strawberry jelly.

2. Petpets

Everyone loves a petpet... except maybe another petpet – no one wants to be replaced during the holiday season! But if one of your pets (or the pet of a neofriend) does not have a petpet, then it is a perfect gift. Try to pick a petpet that will go well with the pet you’re giving it to. You don’t want to give a mutant pet a faerie petpet – it just wouldn’t fit. Also, try to consider personalities. If the pet is an explorer, you certainly do not want to give it a petpet that hides under the bed any time there is a noise. This gift shows thoughtfulness and will be well loved by any pet.

3. Codestones, Dubloons, or Bottled Faeries

These types of gifts are great for a pet that loves to train or battle. They are fairly inexpensive but will go to good use. This is an especially good gift if you happen to get one for free from a random event or Tombola. There’s nothing wrong with gifting things that you get for free. The Month of Celebrating can become quite expensive and you certainly do not want to spend all of your neopoints.

4. Gallery Related

If your neofriend has a gallery, it is a great idea to give them something that would fit into their gallery. You can find out what goes well by asking them or checking if they have a wishlist. If you want it to be a surprise you can also use the shop wizard to look for similar galleries and see what is in them. This is a gift that shows a lot of effort on your part and any neofriend will really appreciate it.

5. Other Collections

Maybe your neofriend does not own a gallery but they still might have another collection. Try seeing if they’re collecting stamps or cards for their neodeck, or maybe they are really into battling and have a very nice weapons collection. You can see most of this information on a person’s User Look-Up. However, there is nothing wrong with asking them as well. Even if the person doesn’t seem to have a collection going, you could still get them a few inexpensive stamps to inspire them to start a collection.

6. Avatars

Mentioning collections made me think of all the avatar collectors out there. Most of you probably know a few, or maybe you are one yourself. There are some avatars that have become very costly and very desirable. If your friend is an avatar collector, then you can give the gift of helping your friend get lent something. You can try making boards and help bump them. Or if you’re very, very, very sure that they are a trustworthy neofriend, you can get the item and lend it to them yourself. Of course, this has some risk involved, but if it’s your best neofriend, then maybe it’s worth it. Please do not break the rules to get your friend an avatar! Do not get them game avatars by playing for them or pool neopoints together to borrow something or break the rules in any other way. It’s great to want to help your friend out, but do it in a way that follows all of the rules out there. :D

7. Donations

The gift of just neopoints isn’t very thoughtful. You can’t just hand out 1,000 neopoints to each of your friends and be done with the Month of Celebrating. Well, you can, but it’s not a very good gift. However, it is a good idea if your neofriends are saving for something that is just too expensive for you to buy them. For example, if your neofriend is saving for a Krawk, most of us can not just buy them one. However, you can give them some neopoints and let them know that it is a gift to go towards buying that Krawk. Look around, you’d be surprised how many of your neofriends are asking for donations in their signatures.

8. Paint Brush

Okay, before anyone starts to shout that this is far too expensive of a gift, hear me out. First, there are some paint brushes that are fairly affordable – fewer than 300,000 neopoints. Second, you can also get a petpet paint brush, which are typically much cheaper. This is a nice gift if a person has wanted a certain color or wants a seasonal change such as a Christmas Paint Brush. It is also nice if your neofriend recently spent all of their neopoints to paint their pet but their petpet is not a color that matches yet. For example, if your neofriend recently spent millions to paint their pet plushie, you could give them a plushie petpet paint brush. The gift of a paint brush does not need to be terribly expensive, especially if it is a petpet paint brush.

9. Drawings or HTML

To me, this is the most thoughtful and probably one of the bests gifts you can give another Neopets player. If you have drawing talent or HTML talent, then you should use them to give your neofriend something special, maybe a great drawing of their favorite pet that can go on their look-up. If you’re really talented, you can make them an entirely original User Look-Up, or possibly, if they’re trying to adopt a pet, you could make a pet page application for them. There are many ways to put to use talents of drawing or HTML. You need to make sure that the person will not use this for contests – since it is not their own work. But this is great because it will last your neofriend a very long time.

10. Giving To Others

The last option I have is something I’ve done in the past. Instead of spending all of those neopoints on each other, you should give to the less fortunate. You and your neofriends can each decide to give a certain amount to random fellow Neopians who are down on their luck, to the Money Tree, or to random trades. This is a great option to give something to someone less fortunate, and to make their Month of Celebrating that much better.

I hope these ten options gave you some great gift ideas. Remember, you can always ask your neofriends what they would like if you’re not sure. And no matter what you decide to do enjoy the Month of Celebrating!

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