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The Dark Side of the Moon

by daisylady505


Many people love exploring around Neopia. You can go underwater into Maraqua. You can dine at the hard-to-get-in restaurant Kelp, go even deeper into Maraqua to go fishing in the Underwater Cavern, or take a visit to the bubbling pit to see the natives of this beautiful wet, world.

     You could also take a flight up to Faerieland. You can try your luck at the Wheel of Excitement or do a quest for Jhudora’s Cloud; just make sure you’re careful. Or maybe you could head deeper into the city and do a job to make some quick neopoints.

     Yes, there are many beautiful places around Neopia, from Terror Mountain to the Lost Desert. There is a history to all of these places, and many loves and dislikes around. But one place that never gets mentioned is Neopia’s one and only moon: Kreludor.

     Yes, this moon is Neopets’ one and only moon, and goes unknown. If you were to ask anyone about the history of this lovely Rock that rotates around Neopia, with gravity less than the amount on Neopia (time for a great game of tag!), they probably would tell you about Sloth and the Grundo’s movements. But there are the few who know the truth about this one and only moon.

     * * * *

     Long, long ago, when the Bruce looked human, and the Advent Calendar was rumored to give out paintbrushes, there was no such thing as Sloth. There were two feuding species on Kreludor: the Gredrels and the Plerenndos. Now, these two species never really got along. They each had their own side; the Gredrels had the light side of the moon (the side we see on the explore page), and the Plerenndos had the dark side.

     Both these groups were trying to “own” the moon, and were at constant war. If the two species were to pass each other on the moon roads, some meanie words were yelled to at one another. So you can imagine the tension all around the moon. The fighting continued for seven grueling months. The leader of the Gredrels always believed in peace and happiness, except for when it came to Plerenndos. They were thought to be evil, and were to be hidden from the view of all the living species on Neopets.

     Eventually, the Gredrels won this interstellar war, and the only rule for the Plerenndos to abide by was that they must never show their face on the light side of the moon again. The Gredrel King said that all Gredrels must never mention the Plerenndos' name or race again.

     * * * *

     One day, there was talk of a group called TNT, and their mission was to colonize the wild Neopia. These people were rumored to have amazing coding skills, to like strange food (like asparagus), and to have a strange attraction to creatures called faeries, not currently a considered species of Neopets. Now, the planet Neopia was more than happy to have a leader around, somebody to protect them, someone to maybe one day create a place for many to explore! Unfortunately, there was some dispute over Kreludor.

     Now, as you know, Kreludor isn’t really “attached” to the main planet. Some of these members of TNT, the asparagus eating ones, wanted to colonize Kreludor. The Gredrels were more than happy to accept this welcoming change. Unfortunately, the Plerenndos were tired of being ignored and treated without the respect that they deserved. This race didn’t want to be colonized: they were happy being free in their own area. So the Plerenndos decided that it was time to organize a rebellion.

     “All right, my Plerenndo followers,” bellowed the Plerenndo king, Qwerty.

     “If we don’t show how important we are,” he continued, “this evil group TNT will conquer the universe!”

     There was muttering among the members.

     “But Sir,” said a quiet one, “what are we going to do?”

     “You see, dear subjects. We need to organize a rebellion. We will show these Neopians that without the dark side of the moon, their world will fall apart.”

     More muttering.

     “And how exactly is that possible?”

     “Well, I’m not entirely sure. We could break apart from the moon, and see if they like us then.”

     “Um, this is just me, but I don’t think that they would notice if our half the moon went missing; they never come over this way anyways.”

     Qwerty began to get mad.

     “Don’t you understand!?” he yelped. “If we don’t show this TNT we mean business, our heritage will be lost forever.”

     The Plerenndos left the meeting hall.

     For many days, Qwerty sat in chamber thinking of a way to stand up to TNT and the Gredrels.

     “So with that viscosity, the pudding should react... wait, no, that just won’t work. Simmone!”

     “Yes sir?”

     “I need something built for me. How quickly do you think that you can build a strengthening ray? I have a devious plan. And it may just help us... maybe not win, but they will not forget.”

     “Well, sir, I have a cheat game tonight, but I may be able to cancel...”

     “All right. Let me know when it is complete.”

     * * * *

     Three days and nights passed, and Simmone finally had completed the ray. The TNT was approaching.

     “My dear Simmone, what does this ray do?”

     “Well, you see,” he replied, “I’m not quite sure. But one fire into the air will answer all of your problems.”

     Qwerty was ready. He told Simmone to call a meeting, with all the Plerenndos.

     “All right,” he said. “Time to go on strike. As you know, the Gredrels are sending a spaceship for TNT tomorrow. We will go to the light side of the moon, and fire our ray. Then, maybe they will take us seriously.”

     “What does the ray do?”

     “It doesn’t matter. A drastic change should make them realize that we cannot be left to the dark side of the moon. Are you ready?”

     “Yes!” exclaimed the Plerenndos.

     So the march from the dark side began. They ended up walking two hours, and realized that it was going to take too long to walk. So they rented a spaceship like the ones you see in Advert Attack.

     They took their ray, and made it to the Gredrel’s side.

     “Gredrels!” shouted Qwerty. “I am here to represent the neglected Plerenndo population. With me, I bring this ray to show you that we are tired of being pushed to the back.”

     “Please,” calmly replied Yuiop, the Gredrel leader. “I understand why you wish to do this, and I know I won’t be able to stop you. Can I at least know what this ray does?”

     “Well, I will just show you instead!”

     And with that, Qwerty’s ray was fired into the air. Unfortunately, a wire was crossed. When the ray was fired, a beautiful blue bolt came out, and turned into dust. When this dust came back into contact with the ground, the most magical thing happened- both the Gredrels and the Plerenndos were blinded by a bright light.

     When the light vanished, they looked around, and no longer saw Gredrels and Plerenndos. What they saw was a most magnificent new species, short and stout, yet with beautiful eyes that would put any creature to mercy.

     Qwerty spoke gently.

     “Fellows near and far, I am sorry, for look what my feuding has done. We are now no longer two feuding species, but one, beautiful magnificent species. We need to re-name ourselves, and I think that the two names should be combined, with the Gredrels first. With this, I say we become a new, peaceful species that welcomes others, including this TNT. With this, I call the new species Grundos. For we all, Gredrels and Plerenndos alike have not acted our best. With this, I say, that we all live away from the dark side of the moon, and welcome this TNT.”

     As we like to say, the rest writes itself.

     * * * *

     “Mom,” asked Flubbbbey excitedly. “Is that really how it happened? How Grundos came to be before TNT civilized the Great Neopia?”

     “Well,” Gabby replied. “Many no longer believe in the story, as the dark side of the moon has been kept hidden all these years. Of course, the story has been passed down from Lennies and Chias alike. Maybe one day, somebody, maybe even you can explore the space outside of Neopia, and allow the story of the Plerenndos and Gredrels to roam free once more.”

     All you have to do is...


The End

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