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Three Strategies For Saving Your Neopoints

by queenofswordsehc


We could all use more neopoints.

Thank you, captain obvious.

Shut up, Shivvy, this is my article. Anyway, most owners—or pets, for that matter—have some goal. These goals often require neopoints. Some people earn these points with very little difficulty, but others... erm... have a little trouble. My owner, Farfie, is, uh, easily distracted—

Yeah, remember when she FINALLY got to Illusen’s thirty-second quest? She needed another thousand points, so she started playing Snowmuncher, and then she got so wrapped up trying to beat her high score that she completely forgot to get the item she was supposed to be buying for—

SHUT UP, Sushi. As I was saying... some people have trouble with saving neopoints, and this article is designed to help you with that.

No, you’re just going to yammer on and on about how people need neopoints but have trouble getting them. Of COURSE it’s a help article! Get on with it, the audience is falling asleep!

I have an Earth Faerie Bow and I know how to use it. So, I will take you through a few main points of earning—and keeping—your neopoints.

What are friends for?

For helping you, that’s what. (And you might want to help them, too, if you want to keep on having friends in the first place.) There are a few ways they can do this. Back to the idea that everyone has a goal requiring neopoints... Well, your friend probably needs neopoints too. So, say you want a Maraquan Paintbrush and your friend wants a Kadoatie. You and your friend set a deadline for you to have gotten her Kadoatie, and for her to have your paintbrush. Win-win. You are far less likely to spend all your savings if the points are for someone else.

A note of caution: make sure you and your friend are buying items no more than 50k apart in value. The other may be either resentful or send you on constant guilt trips. They might not, but it’s really best not to test your friendship. Also, make sure you are trading via the trading post. No IOUs or things like that. Really, better safe than sorry. You also might not want to make the items too high in value.

Another way is... CONSTANT PESTERING! Have your friends send you daily neomails, either type A: “Hey, have you go the paintbrush yet? I can’t want to see Sash painted Faerie! She’ll be soooo cute!” or type B: “What’s taking you so long to buy that paintbrush? Please tell me you didn’t blow all your savings at Kelp again...” Whichever is most encouraging to you.

10k A Day

10,000 neopoints is, for me at least, the perfect amount. It gives you 300k a month, but it’s not too difficult to earn. You only need to find a few games that you are good at, unless you restock. I play Snowmuncher, Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island, Edna’s Shadow, Moon Rock Rampage, and Usuki Frenzy to earn my 10k. You will probably need to find different games, because everyone has different strengths, as explained in the next section. There are also games that you might be good at, but take forever to earn a score that will get you a decent amount of neopoints. For instance, Goparokkko is fairly easy, but it takes me about twenty minutes just to get over 500 neopoints.

Sponsor games are usually very quick and easy and give out plenty of neopoints. After all, their purpose is to advertise a product, and that wouldn’t work very well if the game was too difficult and no one wanted to play it. However, you don’t want to rely on these too much, as they come and go fairly quickly.

Play To Your Strengths

Are you really good at action games? Sports games? Puzzles? Or maybe you aren’t really very good at games at all, but you have a good understanding of the Neopian economy. It may sound obvious, but it’s important: do what you’re good at. Don’t waste all of your trying to improve your score on Attack of the Gummy Dice when you’re much better at Pterrattack. Find games that you’re good at and that you think are fun, and you’ll make more neopoints. Or, if you don’t like games, invest in items that are predicted to inflate, or restock. Take advantage of your skills. We all have some.

It’s hard to believe, but yes, Sash is good at a few things too.

Please excuse me, I need to go lock my sisters in the basement.

Other Sources of Neopoints

There aren’t very many, but I think they should be discussed. The only other sources of income besides games and restocking are luck/chance type activities and betting on games. Luck/chance games are a really good way to flush all of your hard-earned neopoints down the toilet. Sure, some people win, say, the Neopian lottery, but it is very unlikely. To put it in perspective, how likely do you think it is that the number 7,777,777 would ever win? Well, it has just as good a chance of being the winning number as any other. It is far more likely that you will simply be wasting those neopoints instead of spending them.

Now, on to gambling. You might think that you will win a lot of neopoints betting on a game that you are good at. Well, that’s pretty unlikely. First of all, you won’t be able to bet large amounts of neopoints, because if the stakes are too high the challenge will probably be rejected. Then there’s the slight issue of winning. If you challenge someone, and they see that your high score is much better than theirs, they won’t want to play. If your scores are about the same, there is no guarantee that you will win. Between the low number of points you can realistically bet, and the chances that you will win if your challenge is accepted, this isn’t a very good way to earn neopoints. Even if you do make a profit, it will be small.

Well, that covers it! You know the strategies, now start saving!

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