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The Magax Mystery

by slsjewelry


Prelude -

So, my young game masters and avid trophy collectors, you have become an expert at the game Magax Destroyer II...

You have cleared the screens and won the game so many times you lost count, yet, at the end of your trials, you still cannot grasp that elusive trophy... it taunts and teases you, just out of your reach but yet, so close you can feel its shimmering vibrancy.

At the end of your rope, frustrated, disappointed and alone, with all remaining patience and hope of satisfaction dwindled to nill... you stumble upon something.

Could it be!? A long lost training guide and ancient journal to... Yes! Yes! The mysterious Magax Destroyer II!!

So excited that you tremble slightly and the sweat beads on your brow, you grasp the worn pages of this ancient gaming guide and while thanking TNT, you sit back, grab a drink and relax in preparation for your exciting new training session...

The Training Begins -

My fellow Neopians and avid trophy collectors, if you are reading this, then you already know the basics of Magax Destroyer II and are probably even a master or close to it. Yet, for the purpose of our young apprentices just starting out on the long road to becoming a game master, here are the basics:

You control Magax the Wocky against the evil forces of hubrid Nox. Control Magax with the left, right, up and down arrow keys. To fly faster, hold the left or right arrow key down. To slow down, let up on the button and then toggle between left and right arrow key. Press the spacebar to shoot enemies.

Fly through each level, killing all Cybunnies and Scorchios you encounter. You may either fly to the left and challenge opponents that way, or fly to the right and plow through them, whichever way is most comfortable for you, as both options have the same benefits to my knowledge.

Cybunnies turn into Hubrid Nox if you get too close. Hubrid cannot be killed in any way and fires freezing fireballs at you that block your ability to shoot and to move up and down at normal speeds. Your best bet to avoid his freezing fireballs is to head to the top of the screen, there you will find that when timed just right, he misses 90% of the time. (Yes, he will still hit you occassionally... what a nuisance!)

The numbers of Scorchios and Cybunnies vary with every level along with max points (without JubJub bonuses) as follows:

Level 1 maximum score : 180 - 8 Scorchios - 5 Cybunnies

Level 2 maximum score : 400 - 10 Scorchios - 6 Cybunnies

Level 3 maximum score : 660 - 12 Scorchios - 7 Cybunnies

Level 4 maximum score : 960 - 14 Scorchios - 8 Cybunnies

Level 5 maximum score : 1300 - 16 Scorchios - 9 Cybunnies

Level 6 maximum score : 1720 - 20 Scorchios - 11 Cybunnies

Level 7 maximum score : 2220 - 24 Scorchios - 13 Cybunnies

Level 8 maximum score : 2800 - 28 Scorchios - 15 Cybunnies

Level 9 maximum score : 3460 - 32 Scorchios - 17 Cybunnies

Level 10 maximum score : 4280 - 40 Scorchios - 21 Cybunnies

* Little blue fugitive JubJubs add 1 point each *

The number of hits each evil creature requires before extinction also varies by level as follows:

Hubrid Nox in disguise as an evil Cybunny.

Level 1 -10: takes 4 Hits (this never increases no matter the level)

Worth 20 points.

Ghostly fire breathing Scorchios. Running into his flames will not hurt you, though, the flames will block your shots, running into him however, will do you damage.

Levels 1 - 7: takes 1 Hit

Level 8: takes 2 Hits

Level 9: takes 3 Hits

Level 10: takes 5 Hits

Worth 10 points

Little blue fugitive JubJubs. Will cause damage if run into. Hide quite well.

Levels 1-10: 1 Hit wonder

Worth 1 point - these add up for trophy scores!!

Glowing ghostly skeletons. Catching these restores portions of your health; they cannot be accumulated, so catch them as you need them. You will find that after a few run-throughs in the game, you may never need them again!

The Journey to the Elusive Trophy Begins -

As previously reviewed, there are a certain number of Scorchios you must kill on every level to advance. From now on, leave one lone Scorchio alive briefly and fly around him to scour the screen for fugitive JubJubs that have outrun you.

For maximum benefit, I would start this at the beginning of the game, and continue through to the end of the last level. Make sure you pardon that last Scorchio and make a fly by of at least 4 passes of the empty game screen on every single level.

If you have gotten one or two JubJubs on the first or second fly by, DO NOT assume you have gotten them all and finish off the Scorchio! I have gotten as many as a couple of JubJubs on every fly by up until the fourth run through. I have yet to see any past the fourth fly by, however.

Do this for EVERY LEVEL... This can get tedious, it can be trance inducing, and yes, it may even cause short, temporary drooling spells, yet the big question is... how avid of a top gamer and trophy collector are you?!

Practicing the techniques learned in this long lost journal will benefit you well my young neopet apprentices and may even bring you good fortune and skills to use in your other game endeavors.

Good Luck, neospeed, and we look forward to seeing you use your training wisely!

Afterward -

And so... you close the ancient guide and scratch your head, wondering why you never thought to follow this method through before.

Then, shaking your head and taking a deep relaxing breath, you get up and saunter off to begin your intense practicing sessions of the recent training you have discovered and hopefully learned.

Thus begins your long journey down the treacherous road to becoming the next reigning - MAGAX DESTROYER II CHAMPION!!!

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