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Dream Come True

by horsecrazy974


I walked down the path leading to the market. It was full of other neopets and Neopians, hustling and bustling about. I stared in all the shop windows, looking for inspiration. I knew that I had to find the perfect gifts for Barry, my owner, and Isla and Piro, my brother and sister. I stopped at a gift shop and bought some wrapping supplies. I passed a shop selling all types of mugs and cups. I decided to buy one for Barry. He had a mug of tea or coffee every morning, but Piro kept breaking the mugs as he practiced for the Battledome. I wondered which to get. Then I saw the perfect mug, a striped sock mug. I picked it up carefully and took it to the counter. A young boy took my neopoints and wrapped the mug up in bubble wrap. Suddenly I had a brainwave. Barry loved sweets. He was forever eating them. I hurried out of the shop with my purchase and looked for a shop selling some sweets. I saw a small shop with sweets in the window. I rushed in and started searching. I chose some tooth faerie sweets, some gummy fish, a milk chocolate Lupe and a white chocolate Lupe. I staggered over to the counter and paid for my load. I took the sweets out of their packets and put them into the mug. Then I wrapped the mug up carefully and put it into my Anubis bag, which I carried in my mouth. One down, two to go.

     What could I get for my sister, Isla? She was an island Lupe and loved Mystery Island; she wanted to make a gallery with lots of bits and bobs from there. She loved everything to do with the island. Then I spotted a poster stuck onto a tree, with a picture of the Tombola man. I stepped forward and gasped with delight. It was advertising a shop with ‘All your Mysterious needs!’ I quickly noted down the address of the shop and ran through the marketplace, twisting and turning until I skidded to a halt outside a small shop decorated to look like the Tiki Tack shop. I walked in and knew immediately that if I couldn’t find the perfect present for Isla here, it didn’t exist. The walls were covered with Mystery Island merchandise. I wondered what to pick for Isla. Then I spotted a Squeezy Tombola Guy Toy, and knew that it was the perfect present. I took it from the shelf, and in a few minutes had wrapped it up in paper. Only one present left, but it was the hardest of all.

     Piro. My pirate Lupe brother. I knew what to get him. It was obvious. I would buy him a Battledome weapon. But I couldn’t buy a really expensive one. I just didn’t have the neopoints. Also, it really wouldn’t be fair to Isla and Barry if I spent thirty thousand neopoints on Piro and only ten thousand on them. I needed something cheaper, but just as good. But no. Everything cost so many neopoints. I trudged into one shop filled with Battledome items. I looked miserably at the price tags. But then I saw a row full of teeth. I saw a Luperus jaw and many other Lupe battle items. But which to pick? I browsed through the prices, until I had my picks: a Luperus jaw and a battle Lupe claw. I would buy him something else too, from another shop. But then my eyes fell upon the perfect present. But the only problem was the price. Fifteen thousand neopoints. Surely that was too much. But it was too good for me to miss. I dropped my other presents and picked it up. After I paid, I decided to go back to the Mystery Island shop... just for a little extra something for Isla, and then some more sweets for Barry.

     I was browsing through the shelves for Isla. I didn’t know what she would prefer. I ended up choosing a Jhuidah stamp. I also found a Choco Rock Stick and a Lemon Lupe lollypop. I had to unwrap the presents and rewrap them with the extra presents in. Finally finished, I walked down to meet them by the Rainbow Pool, making sure that the presents were well hidden in my bag.

     As I walked down to the Rainbow Pool, I looked at all the pets with their owners. Some were carrying paint brushes, others carrying shopping. I saw a tiny red Kau looking jealously at the pets being painted. I looked too, but I wasn’t jealous. I’m a faerie Lupe, and I love being able to fly. It’s brilliant. I would hate to be zapped by boochi or taken to the secret lab. It would be terrible if I couldn’t fly anymore.

     Just as I was thinking that I heard a giggle. A giggle which chilled me to the bone. I turned my head slowly to see, in between the bustling Neopians, a tiny baby Bruce holding a ray gun. I was frozen to the spot. Behind me I heard the little red Kau sigh with jealousy. He was aiming at me. Boochi, the little Bruce I was so afraid of, was here, and he was coming to get me. As he lifted his gun and pressed the button I leapt into the air. I hovered for a moment, then flew away. I heard a shriek of happiness. I hoped that it meant that the little red Kau had been zapped. But I kept flying, not looking back, until I was in a Boochi free zone.

     I guess that fear made me go weird; I think I went into a state. I wasn’t in my right mind. But I wouldn’t be able to stand it. Barry had read me so many books. But babies can’t read. I would be stuck in the baby classes forever. I actually liked school. When I was older I wanted to help Barry with our shop. How could I if I was a baby forever? Piro brought in trophies from the Battledome. Isla was brilliant at games. But what is a baby good at? Nothing, except whining and crying.

     Below me all I could see were trees. I flew lower, to see anything that would help me recognise where I was. I flew lower and lower, till I was in the trees. There were no pets, no houses, nothing. I clutched my Anubis bag tightly in my mouth. Then I felt a pain in my left wing. I fell from the sky, as I heard a loud rip and excruciating pain shot up my wing. I tumbled down, hitting the trees, before landing with a thump on the ground. I lifted my head and saw my wing. I was hanging uselessly, torn nearly in two. Tears welled up in my eyes as I stared at my damaged wing. How would I get back? It had taken me a while to fly here, and now I’d have to walk back.

     I started plodding back home. I thought that I was in the Haunted Woods. I felt so terrified, so alone. It was almost as bad as the pound had been. I couldn’t even remember what my old owner looked like. I couldn’t remember her name. Who was she? I let my memories wash over me...


     “Isla, Piro, Faira? Come downstairs. There’s something I need to tell you,” my old owner called up the stairs. I scampered down the stairs, eager to hear what she was going to say. When I got there Piro and Isla were already there. What I heard next was such a big shock...

     The next few moments passed by in a blur. before I knew it I was standing at the entrance to a cottage. Tears were pouring down my face. Isla was obviously trying not to cry, but I saw a tear trickle down from one of her eyelids. Piro was not crying, just shocked. He was looking at our old owner, his eyes filled with sadness and despair. Then we were led into the building.

     A large Techo spoke to our owner, then told us to follow him. The last time I saw my old owner she had tears falling from her eyes. Why should she be crying? Look what she did to us.

     Isla, Piro and I were given three large cages. Each had a blanket (pink for me, green for Piro, orange for Isla), some water and a plate with an omelette on in. Bacon. Yuck. Other than that each cage was bare, with bleak grey walls and a cage door. I felt like a prisoner. How could this happen to us?

     How could we be abandoned?


     All that remembering made me plod along quickly. Before I knew it, I had reached a small shack. Sure, there could be some faerie Lupe eating monster in there, but I had to try and see if there was anyone in there that could help me. I knocked on the door with my paw. I waited. And waited. I decided to give up, when the door opened. A pretty young woman stood in the doorway. As she saw me a hint of shock came into her eyes, but she seemed happy.

     “What’s wrong? Is it your wing? Come in, come in!”

     I walked into the shack as she bustled about. She got a bandage for my wing and some healing potion. I drank it, and gasped as my wing magically mended. “Thank you!” I gasped.

     She just smiled. “Would you like some hot chocolate, and some biscuits? Sit down, sit down, please.”

     I sat down and accepted a cup of hot chocolate gratefully.

     “What happened to you?” she asked. Suddenly it all came pouring out; not just about Boochi and my flight, but about being abandoned too. When I had finished, the woman shook her head.

     “I’m sure that your old owner had a good reason to abandon you. I’m sure of it. She must have loved you very much, to give you up. You may think she was horrible, but she would rather have given you the chance of a new loving owner than squalor with her. She wanted what was best for you.”

     I nodded. I noticed a picture of three Lupes on the mantelpiece. “Are they your Lupes?” I asked. A tear dribbled from one eye.

     “They were. Not any more.”

      “I should get back,” I said. “Thank you for everything.”

     “I don’t suppose you could do me a favour? I need to get to Neopia Central. I’m moving you see.”

     “Of course!” I replied.

     We flew back together, and it didn’t take long. I dropped her at the bank. She smiled goodbye, and watched as I flew off into the air.

     Isla, Piro and Barry came rushing out of the house as soon as I landed. I was engulfed in a gigantic hug and soon as I touched the floor. “Where were you?” asked Isla.

     “I was shopping, and I was nearly zapped by Boochi. I flew away, and I hurt my wing. But this woman helped me. She was... oh no. Oh please no.” I realized what had been so obvious.

     “What's wrong?” Isla wanted to know.

     “She said that our old owner only abandoned us because she wanted us to have a better life. And there was a picture of three Lupes.”

     “And? So what?”

     “I think... I think that she... I think that she might’ve been our old owner, Isla. I’m sure of it. She was our old owner.”

     Five minutes later we were running down the path and into the street. Where could she have gone? We decided to try going back the way to the Haunted Woods. I flew with Barry; Isla and Piro ran behind us.

     “It’s no use,” I sighed to Barry. Barry said nothing, but held on tightly.

     “There! Could that be her?” Barry shouted. I looked through the mist.

     “Yes! Yes, it is! Hold on!” I dived through the air. The wind whistled through me fur. Barry held on even tighter. I glanced back. His face was turning green. His eyes grew wider.

     “Faira...” he said faintly. I looked back at the floor. It rose up to meet my eyes, as I crashed and fell into a heap in front of my old owner. No. Not my old owner. Carrie. That was her name.

     “Never... again.” said Barry, breathing hard. But I only saw Carrie.

     “Carrie. Please. Please don’t leave us. I found you again... I couldn’t bear it if you left. Please.”

     Carrie smiled. A tear of joy leaked from her eyes. “You remembered me.” she said softly.

     “Well. Yes, I did. But only after I was home. Please don’t leave. You have to see Isla and Piro,” I said, as they came running up. Carrie laughed. “I was not leaving. No, after meeting you I realised that I needed some pets. I have more neopoints now. I felt so bad after abandoning you. But now I can take care of some pets properly. Redia? Come on out!” she called. A small baby Kau ran out of the bushes. She looked at me with large brown eyes.

     “You moved. Boochi zapped. He got me. Not you. Now I pretty! I got mummy!”

     I smiled. “Yes, I moved. Now you have a great mum. The best in the world.”

     It was like the ending of a faerie tale. All six of us sat on the floor and watched the sun set. As it did I was sure I saw a shooting star. “Make a wish,” Carrie whispered.

     But I had no need to make a wish. They had already come true.

The End

Wow, if you're reading this, I'm actually in! Yay! Any comments or anything would be greatly appreciated!

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