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Domination 2

by amwolford


This is the sequel to my first NTimes story, Domination. To better understand it, you may wish to read the first.

Somewhere in Neopia...

      The Darkest Faerie pursed her lips as she looked out the window. She couldn't believe it, but the plan was working. Chaos. Absolute chaos was spreading to the far corners of Neopia.

      Dr. Sloth came up behind her. “Well,” he said, without trying to suppress his smugness, “is it not everything I said it would be?”

      She scowled. “All right, all right. I have to admit. This is going well.”

      Meuka came up from behind them. “Very well,” the snotty Meerca commented. He bit into a sneaker and said, “This is the best pair of sneaks I've devoured in quite a while.”

      Dr. Sloth looked as though he were going to be sick. “Meuka, get your filth out of my sight.”

      Meuka started to protest. “But I had to tell you...”

     “OUT!!!” Sloth boomed.

     Meuka raced out of the room. Frank Sloth turned to his partner.

     “You've worked the hardest, my winged friend,” he said. “Tell me. Out of all the lands of Neopia, which are you planning to dominate?”

     “Altador,” the Darkest Faerie said flatly. “I have a score to settle with some 'old friends' there.”

     Sloth scratched his chin. “I see. So, you wouldn't be willing to share world domination with someone like, uhhh... me?”

     The Darkest Faerie picked up a vase and began to examine it. “Erm... no.”

     “Not even with a handsome Sloth like myself?”

     The dark faerie forced herself not to roll her eyes. “No. And... erm... why are we at your mother's house?”

     “I like to save neopoints. I have better things to waste my neopoints on. Namely, weapons of mass destruction and more materials for my experiments and clones and space stations and shuttles. You know, the usual.”

     The Darkest Faerie was only half interested. “I see,” she mumbled.

     A snotty Meerca wearing a blond wig waddled into the room. “Special delivery!” he croaked.

     Sloth ripped off the wig. “Meuka!” he snapped. “Get out!”

     As Meuka obeyed, the Darkest Faerie forced herself not to smirk. Watching Meuka annoy Sloth was, through her eyes, funny.

     “As I was saying,” Sloth said, taking a seat in his huge, creepy villainous looking chair. “It would be a whole lot easier if the both of us teamed up. Once my plan is carried out, you and I can defeat the other villains so Neopia will belong to us and only us. Why, with my brains and your powers... and my brains, we could take over this planet in no time.”

     The Darkest Faerie scratched the vase with her nail. This one was nice, probably expensive. “That's all very well and nice, Sloth,” she said. “But I have two problems with your plan.”

     “And that would be?”

     The faerie sighed. “One: I work alone. I refuse to share domination with you. And secondly: why would I want to share domination with you? You're just as bad as Meuka. No... wait. That's not possible. But you're almost as bad.”

     Meuka toddled into the room, this time dressed in a Vira costume. “I am Vira,” he said in a high-pitched voice. “Evil Vira! Just Vira! Not Meuka! Do not make me leave. I'm just Vira!”

     The Darkest Faerie had to bite her lip to keep from laughing this time. It was just too good. The whole idea was so ludicrous it was, to say the least, hilarious.

     Sloth looked like he was going to explode. “Meuka!” he yelled. “Get out!” He picked up the Meerca and tossed him out the door, slamming it after him.

     “I'm almost as bad as that?” Sloth hissed at the faerie as he tried to avoid Meuka's trail of muck.

      The Darkest Faerie rubbed her sleeve against the blue vase and admired her reflection in its surface. “Well, ya. Pretty much,” she replied.

     Sloth turned purple. The Darkest Faerie looked up at him.

     “You know, puce is a good color for you,” she mocked.

     “Put my mother's vase down!” Sloth barked.

     “Relax,” the dark faerie said. “I'm not going to break it.”

     What looked like a giant snot covered chokato wearing a leotard and tutu waltzed into the room. Both Sloth and the Darkest Faerie stared. After a moment, Sloth began to growl in irritation (literally).

     “Meuka!” he bellowed. “Get out of my sight you bloated, repulsive pile of snot!”

     The chokato Chia froze. “I just wanted to grab my slippers!” she squeaked.

     The Darkest Faerie smirked and handed the Chia her slippers. “Sorry about him,” she murmured. “He's got some issues.”

     The chokato Chia nodded and stepped out the door.

     Dr. Sloth glowered. “Issues?” he growled. “I have ISSUES?”

     The Darkest Faerie pretended to look innocent. “Well... maybe just a few. And uhhh, by the way, why does your mother have ballerinas wandering in and out of her house?”

     Sloth blushed. “She gives dance lessons,” he said through gritted teeth.

     Meuka came in dressed as an artist.

     Before he could even say a word, Sloth shouted, “Meuka! You and your lack of brains get lost!”

     Meuka slowly turned around and strode out the door.

     The Darkest Faerie bit her lip. “Shouldn't we at least find out what he wants to tell us?” she wondered.

     “No. He never has anything important to say.”

     The faerie sighed and rolled her eyes behind Sloth's back. “Your mother has a nice vase,” she noted.

     Sloth grunted. “Yeah. She got that from her great, great grandmother or something. It must be worth a lot because it's her favorite.”

     The dark faerie turned the pottery over in her hands. “So, should we find out what Meuka wants?”

     “Absolutely not. I'm not wasting my time on someone with no brain. I find his lack of brains... disturbing.”

     The Darkest Faerie snorted but said nothing. “So when are we going to begin part two of the plan?” she asked.

     “As soon as riots begin to break out. Trust me, it won't be long now.”

     The Darkest Faerie scratched her cheek and made a poutie face into the shiny vase. “If you say so.”

     Meuka entered again this time dressed as a Royal Cybunny. The dark faerie's brow raised. Sloth turned colors at the sight of the snotty mutant in tights.

     “Meuka!” Sloth ranted. “If you don't get out of my sight,” he picked up a huge blaster, “I'll blow your muck to Kreludor! NOW... STOP... BOTHERING... ME!!!”

     Meuka walked calmly away.

     “That was overly dramatic,” the faerie told Sloth.

     He shrugged and put the blaster down. “Who cares? As long as that filth is gone, I'm happy.”

     Meuka walked back in. Sloth grabbed up the blaster and tried to aim at the Meerca. The snot neopet squeaked and jumped behind the Darkest Faerie for cover. The Darkest Faerie screamed when she felt Meuka's touch and accidentally dropped the vase. Sloth roared and from somewhere upstairs they heard, “Frank! Did you break something? Don't make me come down there!”

     “Meuka?” the Darkest Faerie asked. “What was it you wanted to tell us?”

     Meuka gulped. “Only that the Drenched had a vision that Dr. Sloth's mother's expensive vase was going to break.”

     Sloth was swelling rapidly.

     The Darkest Faerie smirked. “How did you say that? Oh, yeah. 'I find your lack of brains disturbing'!” she teased.

     Sloth bellowed and Meuka and the dark faerie ran for their lives.

The End

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