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Dance of the Meepits: The Neovian Attack - Part Two

by jockylocky


Ilere, once again at her desk, wrote in her notebook, looking constantly at the nearest Techo Clock to see the current time. Noticing it was almost time for the plan to go into effect, she got up and looked out the window for her Meepits.

     A ghostly figure appeared from the ground, taking form of a small petpet. Red eyes bulged out of the head, as well as two arms and feet. Ilere smiled.

     "Kassy, my darling. Where are the rest of the Meepits?" she asked.

     "Meep, meep! Meep, meep, meep! Meep!" Kassy replied.

     "Good! I'm glad you chose the deserted mansion as our home base. The Spirit would never begin looking there! At precisely ten o’clock we attack. Got it?"

     "Meep!" The Meepit smiled, her bright red eyes staring at her Mistress. She sank back into the ground.

     It was nine o’clock now; her two hours were up. The Spirit would be back soon. The first plan was ready to go and all she had to do was wait.

     Not a second later, the Spirit returned. His eyes narrowed at Ilere, his staff placed firmly in his paws, his feet planted on the floor. "Your two hours are up," he said, dripping with poison.

     "I realise that. I've made up my mind."

     "You realise what happens if you refuse! I wouldn't do that if I were you."

     Ilere's green eyes glared at the Spirit, burning with hate. "You’re. Not. Me," she said. "We're bitter enemies anyways; why would you want a bargain with me anyway?"

     "I already explained. This is the only way I can stop your attack. Enough chit chat. Your answer?" the Spirit replied, ready to attack if he needed too.

     Ilere hesitated... should she say no? Yes? What would happen either way? After a short silent pause, she finally spoke with venom hinted at in her words. "No."

     The Spirit just glared at her. "Big mistake."

     Ilere walked to her potion cabinet and picked up another small bottle. The green liquid glowed, glowing brighter after she popped the cork lid. Drinking the potion, Ilere dropped the glass and the pieces of the broken glass flew in every direction.

     A faint green line glowed around Ilere; the Spirit stared at her in shock. "What did you do?" he asked angrily.

     "A little potion I mixed up while you were gone. We're both invincible now, you see?"

     "I already figured that, you fool. You’re much smarter than I realised." His firm hold on his red staff increased, the glowing ball at the tip shone like a thousand suns. "War," he whispered.

     "And a quick one it shall be!" Ilere said. An evil grin appeared on her face.

     The Spirit raised his staff high and shot a blast of magic at Ilere. She deflected it with a magic shield. Using her hands, she shot magic against the Spirit's staff, making it levitate. Her green magic glowed around it and suddenly it broke in two.

     The Spirit gasped. "No!" he called out angrily.

     Ilere's green tinted hands drew back; she was ready for the final strike against the Spirit...


     Sophie and Bruno walked in the swamp, the water only touching their ankles. The water splashed up their knees, as they walked hastily across the Woods. Kreludor provided enough light in the sky, making each other visible in one’s eyesight.

     "So... any idea where we are going?" Sophie asked, a confused expression on her face.

     "We're taking you to Neovia. We're going to need your help," Bruno replied, breathing heavily with each passing step.

     "We?" Sophie answered.

     "We, as in the town. I guess now is a good time to tell you..."

     "Yes, right now," she replied sharply, as if about to explode any minute.

     "The Spirit of Slumber appeared in the town about six months ago, threatening that something bad was going to happen on Halloween. This Halloween, Sophie. He said that the worst part of the cure, from the horrible Tale of Woe, hasn't been done yet!"

     Sophie gasped. The Spirit was dangerous, more evil than one might expect. Ex-Mayor Thumbert was not thinking when they called to him that night. She looked around. The trees were starting to thin, more pebbles were beneath the muddy surface of the swamp. "We are approaching Neovia," she said.

     "You are correct. Our family is waiting near the entrance of town, and the townsfolk are waiting near the well, as you know, the center of town," Bruno replied, breathing deep breaths of air, suffering from exhaustion.

     "Bruno, I'm no doctor, but you need rest. You haven't been sleeping enough!"

     "I'm not tired at night; I have no idea why. But I'm tired during the day, as if I could rest all week. When I try to take a nap, I can't fall asleep."

     "When we get back to my shack, I'll mix up a brew." Sophie smiled. "Neovia's going to be all right."

     "I sure hope so. The Spirit sure is strong," he replied.

     Sophie nodded. Looking ahead, she noticed lights and houses. "Neovia,” she thought.

     "Here we are, Sophie!" Bruno said happily.

     As they exited the swamp, they noticed a large gate with large brick walls beside it, keeping unwanted visitors away.

     "Sophie!" cried a purple Zafara.

     Sophie gasped. "Mother!"

     Alice was on the other side of the gate, her hands clutching the tall black gate. The purple t-shirt she was wearing matched her fur, and she wore a large green skirt. Her dark violet hair swayed in the cool breeze.

     "Sophie! It's been ages since we last saw you! Please, stop the evil Spirit!"

     Sophie paused. This didn't sound like her mother. She always talked about her before she got to the main point. She must be scared!

     A large, yellow Skeith appeared behind the brick wall. A black and white striped shirt, much too small for the large pet and black sweatpants covered his body. The Skeith had a low voice, she noticed. "Sophie, please. Save Neovia from this destruction!"

     "Father!" Sophie gasped again. "I've missed you so much!"

     "As did I, sweetheart. As did I."

     "Stand back!" Sophie ordered. The three pets took a large step back as Sophie drew her wand from her belt.

     The glowing eyeball stared at the gate. "KABOUNCE!" She cried and zapped the gate, blowing it to bits.

     "Great job, Sophie!" Bruno gave her a big slap with his paw and Sophie groaned in pain.

     "Yes... meeparvolous," replied Edmund, Sophie’s father.

     "Meeparvolous?" Sophie asked. "What do you mean?"

     Alice stared at Sophie. "Your work is done." She grinned evilly at the confused Ixi and her eyes grew red, a dark, evil red.

     "W-what's going on?" Sophie asked, noticing the large clock tower in Neovia. It was ten o’clock. She glanced at Bruno.

     Bruno returned the look and a grin. His eyes, as well, turned the evil color; red.

     "F-Father?" she asked, only it was too late. His eyes were brighter than ever. Red.

     Light surged through their bodies until they took form as Neopet-sized Meepits.

     "Thank you, my dear," said the Meepit. "My name is Kassy. We're here to take Neopia."


     The Spirit watched Ilere with fear in his eyes as she struck with her evil magic against him. Ilere drew back and blasted a horrible, foul smelling spell against him.

     "ILERE! NO!" he shouted. It was no use.

     "And... DIE!" Ilere cried, pushing her hands against the air with full force. A blast of magic shot out to The Spirit. He cried in pain and he shrunk.

     After the magical inferno stopped, Ilere rubbed her hands together and held one out in the open air. Suddenly, a magical bottle appeared.

     She heard a small cry in a baby, squeaky voice. “Noo!” Ilere looked where The Spirit once was and saw a small figure with a staff.

     She twisted and opened the lid to her bottle, the bottle glowing with faerie dust, and the Spirit was sucked right into it. Ilere closed the lid.

     "I'm sure Balthazar will have some room with his room full of Faeries for you. We have a little... deal, you know." A wicked grin appeared on her face. She saw the hatred in The Spirit's eyes, glaring right at her. "It's all right; you won't ever be sold in Kauvara's shop."

     She glanced at her clock. It was five after ten. "Oh good, my Meepits should be at the Neovian gates by now, poor Sophie. Better not keep them waiting!"

     "What about me?" squeaked The Spirit.

     "Right!" Ilere replied, and with a quick flash of her hands, Balthazar appeared in her home.

     Shocked and looking around, Balthazar spoke. "Under what circumstances have you brought me here? We should not be seen together!" he said, in a very low tone of voice.

     Ilere pointed to the bottle in her hand and tossed it into Balthazar. "Take him away but don't sell him. Just keep him in your warehouse. We cannot afford to lose him at any cost."

     "What? I don't do Spirits!" Balthazar snarled.

     "Our deal must be kept at all costs; you will do this or suffer the consequences. Worse than the one you are holding in your paws!" Ilere replied intelligently. "Go, I have work to do!" And with another flash of her hands, Balthazar and The Spirit disappeared.

     "Finally, my time has come!" she said to herself, and then she disappeared in a puff of green smoke.

To be continued...

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