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Jelly: Underestimated?

by truenerdsbelonghere


We've all seen TNT's denial of Jelly World--which doesn't exist, by the way--and we've all wondered: "What exactly does TNT have against jelly?" or "Why is jelly so evil and bad *sniffle*?" or even "Gah! Jelly! I don't want to be reported!". Well, I'm here to prove to you that TNT does love jelly. Just not in the form of a land. So here are ten fantabulously awesome, semi-TNT approved reasons why jelly is cooler than everyone. Except TNT, of course. =)

1. It's squishy. How can you not love squishy stuff? Jelly is great for getting in touch with your five-hour-old, messy side. Throw it, jump into a pile of it, even paint with it. You can mold it, mix it, do whatever you want (as long as you don't vandalize anything) *dodges angry Neopians* Lawyerbot says: Make sure to clean it up later, though. Wouldn't want your pets or owners getting mad. *cough cough*

2. It's fun to poke! When your sister is playing with her Usukis, your owner is restocking, and your best friend is down with the Neoflu, all you need for fun is jelly! Dump out a container of strawberry or lime jelly and poke it 'till the Kaus come home! It's guaranteed to swish from side to side and jiggle around. Put on some music and watch it dance! Just stay away from the disco lights. They could heat it up and, well... eww. Jelly that changes its state of matter is just not fun at all.

3. This one's for the owners. Jelly Neopets are some of the best Neopets you can have! Even though they don't have a rare avatar or a special land, jelly Neopets are unique and will be loyal friends for a loooooong time (as long as you don't accidentally spread them on your sandwich)! They're quite rare, as you can only get a jelly pet from the Lab, but once zapped, they'll be the envy of all of Neopia! However, having a jelly Neopets requires a little extra responsibility. I would suggest keeping them away from hungry Neopets... and wearables. Wouldn't want that new Feather Boa all sticky with jelly! Try to avoid keeping them in the Lost Desert or Tyrannia for too long so that they stay in their solid state. And avoid feeding them jelly. Since, y'know, they're made of jelly and all.

4. It's cheap! Jelly is all over the place for less than 10 NP a pop. Although nobody knows where all this jelly is coming from, it's definitely a delicious and economical way to feed your pet. Jellies can be especially handy when you've spent most of your Neopoints on that Faerie Queen Doll O.o They come in several flavors so your pet will never be bored! But I would steer away from the Glowing ones. And the Poisonous ones. (And please, don't keep your pet on the jelly diet for too long!)

5. Jelly is a great way to sharpen your debate skills! How, you ask? Well, jelly just happens to be one of the most controversial subjects in Neopia. Start a subject on the boards or have a Neomail conversation with a friend. You can spend all day argu--I mean, having a friendly debate with another player on whether a gelatinous land exists in Neopia. Of course it doesn't, but it's still fun to debate about it. Just be careful about not abusing the other players.

6. It's a great building material! Since there is so much jelly in Neopia, it has recently been employed in Neohome construction. A jelly Neohome can provide hours of entertainment: bouncing off the walls (literally), swimming, even eating. But I don't recommend furniture. It would get sucked in. And poke someone's eye out. *ouch* The only time jelly shouldn't be used is if you have a Skeith or Grarrl. You blink; your Neohome is gone.

7. It's fun to collect! While some people choose to collect stamps, faerie dolls, plushies, muffins, tin cans, or coconuts, jelly is an inexpensive and fun alternative. As stated in #3, jelly is pretty cheap, and there's tons all around Neopia. You could collect Poisonous Jelly and rid Neopia of all that nasty, sickening stuff. Or you could collect Glowing Jelly and light up those dark corners of Kreludor. Who knows? the only con is that paying for expanding your gallery could get expensive. But with all the money you're saving, it won't be a problem.

8. There are some incredibly fun games based on jelly. Scourge of the lab Jellies, for example, challenges the player to clear the board of the evil mutated jellies before they take over. In Bouncy Supreme you play a Jelly Blumaroo trying to avoid becoming lunch. And in Jelly Blobs of Doom, you've got to avoid being sucked up by giant blobs of jelly. How awesome is that?

9. It just tastes good in general! Where would society be without the perfect lunch food: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? How would we enjoy the healthy benefits of fruit with our bagels, biscuits, muffins, crumpets, doughnuts and more? Diners wouldn't be the same without the little plastic containers of jelly. Seriously.

10. It makes a great project for Neoschool! Stuck on what to do? Investigate the chemical composition of jelly for Science. You could research the process of making jelly for Cooking. Paint with it for Art (see #1). Write a poem about it for Writing. The possibilities are endless!

So there you have it: the 10 reasons TNT likes jelly. And you should too! Thanks for reading, and I hope you gained a new appreciation for jelly from this article!

**By the way, I love TNT. And Jelly World is nonexistent. It's just an urban legend. I'm serious; your big brother actually lied to you *gasp*. So go spread the word: even though Jelly World is just a figment of our imagination, jelly is still a great product and can do anything! Except fly. Or walk. Or clean your room. Or fix your broken bookshelf. But that's beside the point :)

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