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The Most Popular Streets in Neopia

by wrozka600


In this article, there are some Neopian streets listed. These streets are ideal if you’re looking for millions of friends but if you’d like a quiet and peaceful place, I suggest building your neohome somewhere else. This starts from what I think is the most popular.

1. Soup Alley

Now, many poor Neopians come to the Soup Kitchen in order to get free food. The perfect place to meet great friends or... have trouble crossing the road with the endless neopets crowding around the cauldron-shaped building, waiting for the generous soup faerie to come out and give them their warm soup. It’s also busy because of the marketplace being really near, though it's perfect if your shop is located in Neopia Central and you are after many new customers (as long as your items aren’t too expensive). Then, your items should fly off the shelves and into the arms of an excited customer.

2. Rainbow Lane

So many Neopians paint their pets using the Rainbow Pool every day that if I was counting I’d probably count way over fifty different pets. It's almost as popular as Soup Alley, which we discussed before. You can make many loyal and hardworking friends here, but beware; you can still find some noobs. But quality is over quantity for many good reasons; one of them is that just because someone is rich doesn’t mean they are kind and understanding, which something a good friend should always be. A good friend is someone who is always there for you and likes you for who you are. Make many friends like that and your life will be great.

3. Training Square

Training your pets to become great fighters has become rather popular especially if your pet is a fierce one or if you like showing them off. You must be careful if you live here, though, as if you have just found a codestone on the ground, you may find it taken out of your hands/paws/wings in order to pay for a course you didn’t even want in the first place. One of my pets is a great fighter, but that’s mainly because of her old owner, since I really didn’t train her too much. Anyway, this place is a good opportunity to find friends, or, as I said before, find customers. This time, it’s more useful to go for the Mystery Island Marketplace.

4. Kelp Square

Many rich Neopians like eating posh food and the Kelp restaurant is probably the most popular place to eat (unless you can’t swim to save your life). There are huge lines outside of Neopians waiting to get in. Just avoid those snobby ones and the spoilt ones who think they’re the best. But it’s worth it if you concentrate on meeting the kind ones. You can never know what your future will bring. I’ll just remind you, that if you’re going to dinner at the Kelp Restaurant, you should be prepared to spend quite a large sum of neopoints.

5. Arena Avenue

As well as having a well-trained neopet, some people want their fierce fighters to have a proper friend. What could be better than a Petpet which looks slightly like your pet (if possible) and is at least a level three, if you want a Petpet whose level is higher than number one? (All petpets start at this level.) You must go to the Petpet Arena. This place is quite busy, but if you live here, it’s useful if you can fly (for obvious reasons). If there’s ever a war between Darigan Citadel and Meridell, and you’d like to support Meridell, then I have three suggestions for you. One is that you support Meridell in secret and don’t tell anyone, not even your best friend. The second option is that you go and live in Meridell until it’s after the war. And the third is that you move out of Darigan Citadel altogether. This is another place to make friends, but really, don’t be rude about Lord Kass. If he hears you, you might get locked up somewhere. And it won’t be pleasant, I assure you.

6. Faerie Castle Road

Many search here for the Hidden Tower door, but few hang out at the entrance to the Royal palace itself, waiting for her majesty the queen to come out. However, if you just want to meet Queen Fyora, then just go inside the Hidden Tower. She works as shopkeeper there, strange as it is (you’d think she’d get a servant to do it or something). It's a very popular place to live; I hear that you can sometimes get visited by her majesty and maybe asked to do a quest. She’s rather generous when it comes to giving prizes. They’re not as great as the Fountain faerie’s but don’t tell her I said that. I don’t want to go to the dungeons.

7. Mossy Way

There are piles of mossy rocks around this place. If you come on a visit then collect some as a souvenir (and a garden decoration). It’s quite a green place, though you can see a bit of brown and grey. I think Illusen likes it here (tries to remember to ask next time I’m interviewing). Maybe you could even find a honey potion here (but I don’t recommend staying here till you find one).

8. Sandy Lane

Unlike Mossy Way, there’s no moss to be seen here. No green, no grey (unless it rains). It’s all sand, sand and even more sand. Yes, it’s in the middle of a desert with a boiling hot sun. It’s advisable to have plenty of cold water to drink if you’re here (believe me, I know, and so do my poor pets).

Thank you for reading my slightly strange article. It’s the first one I ever wrote for the Neopian Times. I chose this theme because there weren’t many articles written about this topic before and I like writing about things which most people wouldn’t even think of writing about. I like to be a bit different from others.

Any comments are welcome (positive and negative) as well as any questions.

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