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Going Grey

by juliannickcraig


In recent times, scores of Neopets have been trading the many colours of the rainbow for a mixture of black and white - grey, of course! With the new craze of grey also comes a complete personality change from happy-go-lucky pet to one with a dejected, abandoned aura of complete sadness. Now why has this phenomenon become so prevalent? Is it to express Neopians' true feelings of their lives and surroundings? Or is it simply a 'phase' surging through the many groups for attention seeking? I seek to shed light on this topic, outlining the top five reasons Neopia is going grey, and each point in followed by some handy advice.

Number 1: Sad pets tend to be pampered pets.

If you’re happily cooking away in the kitchen and take a glance at your grey pet sitting dejected in the corner, you can't help but feel sorry for it! You must make it feel better, more loved. Therefore you give it a hug, buy some new and wonderful toys, delicious and rare foods, but absolutely nothing will cheer it up. Soon enough you find yourself with a pet still sitting in misery and an empty bank account. (That means no interest each day!) Yet your pet will continue to sit there in its sad little way, making you feel like a terrible, worthless owner. Remember that attempting to put a smile on his/her dial is trivial - that look on their face is permanent.

If your pet appears a little bit sad and unloved, buy him/her a plushie or two. You'll cheer them up right away, and they won't be whimpering "why don't you just paint me grey if you leave me like this". They'll love you, and forget completely about going grey again!

Number 2: Being grey is 'fashionable'.

Let's face it, pets are trading basic colours for all kinds of spiffy new trends, such as the Disco look, painting on some incredible colourful wings with a Faerie Paint Brush, or going Spotty and Stripy! However, some pets just don't want to follow the 'Colour Trend'; some are looking for something a bit more dull, something not so 'flashy'. By going against the grain, going grey is the perfect answer for those unconventional pets. Before you buy that sad looking brush for them, please explain to your pet that an entire personality change is in order.

If your pet can't decide on a new paint brush (and they haven't yet heard of grey), and roll their eyes at a nearby dance move-pulling Disco Acara, you know you've got a problem! For reasons unknown, take them to Tyrannia and feed them a helping of omelette - preferably carrot and pea. Problem fixed! Not guaranteed for Zafara species.

Number 3: Fear of Colour - Chromophobia

Some pets are just naturally afraid of every colour in the world of Neopia; this phobia is commonly referred to by psychologists as chromophobia. How can a pet be afraid of colours you ask? Just ask Benny the Grey Cybunny, and I need not say anymore. Unfortunately for these hard-up pets colours are prevalent everywhere, and almost impossible to escape from in this time. However, your pets can get a few minutes of pleasure by painting themselves grey and installing a mirror onto their favourite hat. That way when your pet suddenly gets a case of banana-coloured bothers, they can whip out that mirror and be soothed by the reflection of their own face. Be careful, though; your pet may never stop staring into a mirror again!

Most likely if your pet suffers from chromophobia, they've suffered from it their whole life. The best thing to do is keep them calm at all times and expose them to dark colours, slowly getting brighter on a daily basis until they can handle most situations. Frequently visit familiar places so your pet has a ‘happy place’. And always accurately follow the advice of your doctor and/or psychologist.

Number 4: Fear of Leaving the House - Agoraphobia

We are faced with yet another phobia in the top five reasons for going grey. Should you be 'blessed' with an agoraphobic pet, you know how difficult it is for them to go shopping with you! Perhaps your pet will change their mind when you announce you will buy them a Grey Paint Brush; they'll be jumping for joy and running out that front door before you can say “how about a round of Tyrannian mini-golf?” Your pet will be overjoyed at the prospect of being able to scoot around in the shadows, blending into almost any environment! The perfect answer for your pet's problem? Well, at least they’ll take an interest in leaving the house for once...

Whenever possible in your pet's house, open up those windows! Let some light in! It will do a world of good, and perhaps your neopet will come to love the outside world and appreciate every colour and be a part of it, slowly forgetting about the very existence of a grey paint brush.

Number 5: Being Gloomy is Simply Fun.

This point is connected with number one. And lets face it, pets that turn grey for this reason only are completely greedy! They're only changing to get more attention, more toys etc. Attention-seeking is something these pets do best, and the attention they receive will never run out with a Grey Paint Brush!

Teach that neopet a lesson! Show them that you love them, and that life is too short to 'enjoy' being sad! Or maybe just convince them it would be better to buy a Royal Paint Brush - that way you won’t have to look at a sad pet for ever.

Well, I hope that this guide has shed some light on why exactly pets all over Neopia are Going Grey. Perhaps this article has convinced you to go against buying a Grey Paint Brush, or maybe convinced you to do it! In any case, make sure your pet is well prepared for the consequences.

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