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Foods To Celebrate The Fall Season

by harrypotterfan9001


Dedicated to all my neopets and neofriends - especially Jake, who loves olives and oranges much more than I do.

After three months of hot, humid summer-time comes the chilly season of autumn – and after autumn is the much colder winter season. There is no doubt that autumn is almost just as beautiful and wonderful as summer – think of the leaves of the trees turning the fall colors of red, brown, yellow and orange, and then falling off and gently floating down towards the ground. Think of raking up fallen leaves, making a big pile and having fun jumping and playing with the leaves. Think of all the fruits and berries that ripen at only this time of year. Think of the flowers that are at its most beautiful at this time of the year. Whatever makes you enjoy your autumn, I’m sure that what makes lots of Neopians jump for joy when summer ends – is the wide variety of foods perfect to celebrate the fall season! I myself just love to take my pets out and get ourselves some autumn treats before lunch! So here are my favorite autumn foods that bring the feeling of beautiful autumn as you eat them.

1. Corn Pasty

Mmm, YUM! Fresh, yellow, crunchy corn kernels stuffed into a crispy, sweet pasty! Both the Breadmaster AND the Health Food Shop Quiggle agree that this pasty is a great one, because it is quite healthy, and tastes great too! What’s that you say? You don’t like corn? Well, don’t be afraid to try these delish pasties. Corn Pasty tastes really great, trust me! Oh, I love these, the corn crunching in your mouth, bursting with corn-juice (you know what I mean), melded with the sweet, crispy pasty...*drools*

2. Pumpkin Pot Pie

Oh. Wowee. Pumpkin. Pot. Pie. This pie – is so – amazingly – amazing. Words fail to describe it. It is delicious, and will definitely fill your belly with warmth after a slice or two. Yummy yummy in your tummy! Just how Granny used to bake it...

3. Cranberry Turkey Sandwich

This definitely brings a feel of autumn to you as you chomp down on it! Cranberry Turkey Sandwich is a delightfully unique sandwich that has both the great taste of turkey roasted and sliced to perfection, melded with the sweet-and-sour taste of cranberry jam. Some may think this sandwich is disgusting, but it’s not true! It is actually very, very delish, and take my word for it – so don’t be afraid to try this one out!

4. Thornberry Noodle Soup

Thornberry Noodle Soup is a delightful dish, especially for people who love Thornberries! The noodles are egg noodles, perfectly made, and the fresh Thornberries mixed into the noodle soup give the soup an extra kick to its otherwise bland taste! Even the bowl is made to look like a Thornberry, and there are three fresh Thornberries placed on the noodles, as well as a delish Thornberry sausage! This dish is Thornberry heaven! Just be careful not to hurt yourself eating this. Eat it slowly – so don’t, I repeat, do NOT buy this when you are feeling so extremely hungry that you gobble anything edible you can lay your hands on! You’ll regret it!

5. Heavenly Roast Turkey with Faerie Asparagus

This turkey dish so absolutely HEAVENLY! The turkey is roasted to perfection, and sprinkled with faerie dust – like I always say, faerie dust transform the most ordinary edibles into something heavenly – and this turkey is certainly no exception! Plenty of faerie spices have been used to make this turkey taste amazing. Mashed potatoes, gravy and various faerie veggies make the turkey stuffing, and then faerie asparagus (sprinkled with faerie dust, of course!) is placed round the turkey to accompany the heavenly turkey.

6. Caramel Apple Mince Pie

What screams autumn more than a caramel apple? I’ll tell you what – caramel apples stuffed into a pie! Yum! Caramel Apple Mince Pie is a great fall season treat that’ll have you craving more and more! Fresh, crisp red apples diced and sliced, then dipped in sweet caramel and put into a pie – and everyone knows apples are one of the main fall season fruits! And caramel adds to its sweetness – this pie is a personal favorite of me and all four of my neopets, all of us just LOVE apples – especially with caramel.

7. Mushroom Pastry Puff

Mushrooms – one of the ultimate autumn-season treats in Neopia! And what makes it better? Why, put it in pastry puff form, of course! YUM. If you are a mushroom-lover like me, then this pastry puff is the perfect autumn treat. These pastry puffs also come in carrot and beetroot, two other fall-season veggies! I love all three of them! There is also Gherkin Pastry Puff. So you have four fall-season flavors of pastry puff to try out!

8. Fig Muffin

Figs are totally fall season treats – whether you like them dried or fresh, figs are great! Now they have Fig Muffin – it is truly unique and delicious, fig-lovers everywhere love this! This muffin is a personal favorite of my neopet Aneaqua – she LOVES figs! A fresh fig is placed on top of the Altador-style muffin, and the muffin is then drizzled with fig syrup, a unique one-of-a-kind syrup used only in Altador! There are also figs inside the muffin, too. Fig Muffin, in short, will make you want seconds – or thirds – or fourths – or maybe fifths – or sixths...

9. Aisha Cinnamon Roll

Supremely cute and sweet, Aisha Cinnamon Roll is a favorite of Aishas and cinnamon-lovers all over Neopia. My neopet, Aneaqua, who is an Aisha, of course favors this cinnamon roll – it is shaped like an Aisha’s head, and bits of cinnamon roll are placed to look like the Aisha’s ears. Cinnamon is added into to roll mixture, vanilla icing is spread onto the roll, and then yet more cinnamon is sprinkled on top.

10. Deep Fried Vegetables

Deep Fried Vegetables are the best way to eat vegetables – with honey mustard sauce. If you or your neopets don’t like vegetables, I strongly suggest you try out this simple, yet delicious dish. You can even make these yourself – all you need is a pot, lots of cooking oil and veggies of your choice. Just deep-fry them in the oil and get some mustard sauce – there, you have Deep Fried Vegetables!

11. Mushroom and Herb Salad

Mushrooms scream fall season, and herbs do, too. This salad consists of a wide variety of raw mushrooms from all around Neopia, as well as a wide variety of herbs from all around Neopia. This salad is very, very healthy and nutritious – the mushrooms and herbs provide plenty of vitamins and minerals that will keep you healthy. One hundred percent fresh and organic, this salad is guaranteed to keep you up and feeling fresh.

12. Carrot Stuffed Jacket Potato

Carrots and potatoes just shout autumn! And put them together – an awesome autumn treat. The carrots stuffed into the potato gives the potato an added flavor and crunch. Cybunnies everywhere love it! And so should you and your neopets! The carrots are crunchy and have a great taste, and the potato is soft and flavorful. If you love jacket potatoes and you are trying to taste every single jacket potato out there, make sure you don’t miss this one!

13. Apple Cherry Tarts

Apples and cherries are both sweet and are great autumn comfort fruits. Fresh cherries are made into a jam and placed into the tart crusts, then sliced Organic Red Apples are placed over the cherry jam in the place of a top crust. The finishing touch is a juicy, red cherry placed in the centre of the top of the tarts. Just thinking about it makes me drool! I always have these tarts for dessert after a very autumn-y dinner. Speaking of which, I have to remember to get these for dinner later...

14. Marmalade Mince Pie

Do you love oranges? Because if you do, it means you love marmalade, too – why do I say that? Because marmalade is made out of oranges, DUH! It’s like orange jam – though I don’t know why they call it marmalade, and not just orange jam. Maybe it’s because the term orange jam doesn’t roll off your tongue in the nice way the term marmalade does. Mar-ma-lade. Anyway, one of the most ingenious ways to enjoy your marmalade is to make it into a mince pie! YUM – one of the most sour pies ever (excluding the Sour Melon Pie) – orange-lovers everywhere will LOVE IT. So, get on down to the Bakery and buy one now. Now. NOW!!!

15. Honey Filled Olive

It sounds totally strange and bizarre, but once you try it you’ll feel like it’s the most ordinary delicacy in Neopia. A part of the olive has been hollowed out and filled instead with natural Buzz Honey. A cute Altador toothpick has been stuck into the olive for extra attraction. The sweet taste of the honey mixed together with the acquired taste of olive makes one very delicious, simple delicacy. Olive-lovers everywhere crowd into the Altador food shop, just to buy these olive treats! The shopkeeper is always running out, and gets chased out of Altador by an angry mob every week!

16. Healthy Apple Pretzel

Sweet and made in a cute apple-like shape, Healthy Apple Pretzel is – well – healthy! It is made of one hundred percent organic ingredients, no added flavoring or coloring whatsoever! The key word in this delightful pastry is apple – everyone knows apples are the ‘in’ fruits of autumn! So go ahead and get yourself and your neopets a Healthy Apple Pretzel!

17. Pomegranate Bread

Pomegranate Bread is a truly unique bread that is sweet and has bits of real pomegranate baked into it! Pomegranates are really tasty fruits, but not that many people have savored their delicacy – so why don’t you start, and experience the wonder of pomegranates?

18. Hazelnut Mince Pie

Nuts are everywhere during the autumn, and the most famous nuts at this time of the year is the great hazelnut! Hazelnuts are great whether you roast them, chop them, dip them in a sauce, steam them, fry them, boil them, burn them, suck them, dice them, eat it right off the grass or – best of all – make them the filling of a mince pie! Hazelnut Mince Pie is a totally autumn-y pie that is just as good as the Caramel Apple Mince Pie. If you love hazelnuts and if you love pie (who DOESN’T love pie?!), then the Hazelnut Mince Pie is PERFECT for you. Just PERFECT.

19. Baked Apple With Custard

There has never been a tastier way to eat your apple than to bake it, then smother it with custard. There is not much to say about this beautifully simple and delightful autumn treat, except that it is absolutely sweet and irresistible, and that my neopets and I grab it whenever they have these in stock. *wipes drool off keyboard*

20. Caramel and Custard Drops

To me, these drops are the BEST AUTUMN SWEETS EVER!!! Caramel AND custard, a brilliant – BRILLIANT combination of two of the sweet things that make autumn treats – well, autumn treats! Savor the combined sweet, awesome tastes of caramel and custard as you walk along the fallen-leaves-littered paths on your way to lunch or dinner or breakfast. Perfectly portable and handy, Caramel and Custard Drops are the most popular autumn sweets EVER. You’d have to be a social outcast not to be seen carrying these around in your pockets whenever you leave your Neohome – you shouldn’t be caught leaving your Neohome without at least a few of these DELISH sweets.

That’s all the autumn treats! All of these are a favorite of me and my neopets. I hope that these treats have satisfied your expectations of autumn treats! Well, have a great autumn, everyone! Happy eating to all!

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