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15 Marvelous Ways to Eat Socks

by catlover60023


I dedicate this to the Co-Creator of Neopets – Donna Williams =)

1. Now, the simplest, yet quite tasty, way to eat socks is to take an average white sock, plop it in the toaster, and when it looks nice and crunchy, put a slab ‘o butter on it. There you go! Sock toast. Mmmm... Yet, this is a recipe for “beginner” sock-eaters. So, this probably isn’t going to appeal to most.

2. This recipe is great for the holidays, and can bring a smile to any young Neopet’s face. Sock Borovan! In these tasty sock-flavours: mint, chocolate, and vanilla. A Red and green sock on the side would do well, too. Ah, and don’t forget those itsy, bitsy, little sock-mallows – they’re a holiday-hit! Ha-ha-ha! Erm... that’s a lame joke.

3. Aah, yes! The beautiful sock-sandwich. Great for on-the-go, or if you have nothing to make for one of those Halloween or Birthday parties. A bit of lettuce fresh from Meridell, tomatoes, mayonnaise, onions, one of those yellow socks that you find here and there. Even a little sprinkle of paprika with sock bits on top really gets it going!

4. Everyone loves s’mores right? And EVERYONE surely loves socks, right? Well then, why not have sock-s’mores?! A square of milk chocolate in the shape of your desired Neopets, a hearty gram cracker, and one of those poofy white socks that everyone finds cozy, and roast over a fire! Once it’s nice and brown, that’s when it’s time for building the masterpiece – yum, can’t you smell it roasting??

5. Ooh... this tangy recipe is sure to get you going; salty socks in the spicy, yet also tangy sock salsa! Those flavours just go wonderfully together, don’t you think?

Just take one of those normal grey socks, sprinkle some salt, and dip ‘em in that red-sock- spice-salsa! That sure takes the “boring” out of grey. So, Voila! A zany masterpiece.

6. One of my favourite recipes of socks is sock-soup. It’s perfect for a cold day in Terror Mountain! A lovely green sock submerged in a socky broth, oh-so warm and tasty. Not to mention a bit of garlic on top would be nice – erm, but those of you who have a pathological fear of garlic should probably skip that idea...

Nonetheless, sock soup is quite enjoyable!

7. Sock. Hot-dog. Ha-ha, Hubert! My book of sock-recipes outsmarted you! Really, did HE come up with that hot-dog?? No. He did not. Well, anyways, a nicely orangey brown sock with some mustard, pickles, and ketchup between two sock-buns in sure to be a great lunch on a summers day. And maybe even some sock-lemonade would go nice with it...

8. Alright... now, let’s see... *flips through Big Book of Sock Recipes* Ah, yes - sock spaghetti and sockballs! Yes, yes, it’s mouth watering... A wonderful delicacy, and not entirely hard to make. Just take plain noodles and broil them in water in a pot. While that is cooking, you can start making the sockballs. Roll up some socks, (any colour, really) into small balls, and plop them into a pot, to roast over a stove or fire to a fine temperature. Now, I hope you’ve got your parmesan, because that’s an important ingredient. After all is cooked, plop a handful of the noodles on a plate, roll the sockballs in some sock-sauce, and drop a couple on the noodles, and sprinkle a bit of parmesan over both. And just for decoration, take a few leaves of herbs and place them on top! Ooh... I can picture it now...

9. Under the Maraquan food category, sock sushi is sure to please those of you who enjoy eating at “Kelp”.

Now, most do not enjoy that boring, regular sushi – bleh! But sock sushi is so much more... socky. It’s something EVERYONE can love; even one of them Kadoaties.

Here’s how you can make this... roll up a salty, green sock in some of that chewy kelp and cover it with that chunky rice. Even better, little pebbles of coral are perfect for that random “crunch” in a satisfying meal.

10. Now, this is surely my favourite of all sock recipes... .


Who doesn’t LOVE pie? Who doesn’t love SOCKS?! Together, they’re more than delicious. And any kind you please! Apple-sock pie, cherry-sock pie, chocolate-sock pie! This is definitely a sock recipe that will be known for its tastiness. And sockness.

11. Of course! How could I have forgotten?? Sock jelly! Right from Jelly Wor - I mean... *pulls nervously at neckline on shirt* Erm, of course... right from the mind of a genius! Yes, that's right... heh-heh... yeah. Well, obviously it's got to be good, right? What's not to love about jelly?! It jiggles around when you plop it in your mouth, and a strong, tasty sock flavour kicks in. Yum oh yum...

12. Yuck... sock asparagus... who would WANT this?! Wait... *takes a bite*

Yum... sock asparagus... who WOULDN'T want this?!? This is something better than you could ever imagine! Adam, you've really missing out on THIS. The sock flavour really gives the asparagus a kick in the right direction to tastfulness! That's probably not even a word. Well, head to the Health Foods shop, because sock asparagus is delicious!

13. Sock ice cream is the best thing to have for dessert, a hot summer day, or just because you like it! Chocolate, strawberry, mint, or vanilla ice cream with an additional sock flavour. Any sock would do the trick, but for great taste, I'd do the same colour of sock that the ice cream is...

14. Don't you enjoy pizza?? Don't you enjoy socks?? Wouldn't you love sock pizza? Well that's good, because there is such thing! Isn't that great? Pizzaroo is jealous. This pizza has the basic cheese and sauce, but has every kind of sock you can imagine on top!

15. This one I made up myself... Sock Cake! It's great for any kind of party, or even on a picnic, or just a slice to take to work with you could brighten your sockless day. Sounds good, eh? Well, that's just ONE part of it! This cake is just so deliciously socky, with delectable frosting, sock sauce on top, and not to mention in the center is a... sock! Imagine that, a sock inside of a sock cake.

And please, do enjoy yourself.

Bonus Sock Recipe:

1. Stuff as many socks into your mouth as you can, and chew, chew, chew away! Just try not to choke...

Author’s Note: Greetings, fellow sock-eaters! And readers... I hope you enjoyed my article - this is my first entry into the Neopian Times, so, um – bear with me! ;) I plan to put many more things into the NT...

So long!

A Special Thanks to... 173500 for suggesting the brilliant sock-pizza. Woo-hoo!

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