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How Much Do You Know About Neopets? #2!

by 13wocky_lover13


Get ready! Pull out your paper and pencil and let’s see how much you really know!

1.) We’ll start easy. How many species of Neopets are there?

A. 63

B. 33

C. 54

D. 71

2.) What is the food shop in Neopia Central shaped like?

A. A banana

B. A hamburger

C. A drink cup

D. Pizza

3.) If you were to train at the Swashbuckling Academy, with a pet of level 5, what would you have to pay?

A. 2 Dubloons

B. 2 Codestones

C. 5 Codestones

D. 5 Dubloons

4.) How much does one night in the Faerie Castle in the Neolodge cost?

A. 100 NP

B. 500 NP

C. 80 NP

D. 1,000 NP

5.) Is there currently an avatar for Meerca Chase 2?

A. Yes, but it’s retired

B. No, they’ve never made one

C. Yes

D. No, it’s currently unavailable

6.) What is the most expensive item in the Hidden Tower?

A. 16 million

B. 24 million

C. 8 million

D. 6 million

7.) What is the icon for the Help board?

A. A blue Zafara

B. A green cross

C. A Poogle holding a sign that says help

D. A Turmac

8.) How many hit points does the Snow Faerie have?

A. 500 HP

B. 220 HP

C. 50 HP

D. 105 NP

9.) What does the first place trophy for Faerie Bubbles look like?

A. A light bubble

B. A cup with wings

C. A cannon with wings

D. A medal with a light bubble

10.) Where can your Neopet take a Glass Bottomed Boat ride?

A. Kiko Lake

B. Mystery Island

C. Lutari Island

D. Maraqua

11.) How many Neopoints do you need to have in the bank to have a Double Platinum Account?

A. 200,000 NP

B. 2,000,000 NP

C. 150,000

D. 50,000

12.) Which is true about the Turmaculus?

A. He is mainly yellow

B. He can eat your pet

C. He can eat your petpet

D. All of the above

13.) At which level can your pet attack like berserk?

A. Level 90

B. Level 50

C. Level 15

D. Level 1

14.) Which colour is not a category for shop keepers?

A. Custard

B. Peach

C. Banana

D. Clay

15.) What Neopet is sitting on a snowball behind the Scratchcard Kiosk?

A. A Yellow Aisha

B. A Snow Bruce

C. A Pink Wocky

D. A Red Lupe

16.) Last but not least, does Jelly World exist?

A. No


Alright, good job! Let’s hope you wrote your answers down…

Now take your answer and score it with the scores below. Then add up all your scores and read your results! Thanks for playing!

1.) A-3 B-1 C-4 D-2

2.) A-1 B- 4 C-2 D-3

3.) A-3 B-1 C-2 D-4

4.) A-4 B-2 C-3 D-1

5.) A- 3 B-1 C-4 D-2

6.) A-4 B-1 C-3 D-2

7.) A-2 B-4 C-3 D-1

8.) A-1 B-2 C-3 D-2

9.) A-1 B-4 C-2 D-3

10.) A-4 B-3 C-1 D-2

11.) A-2 B-1 C-3 D-2

12.) A-3 B-1 C-4 D-2

13.) A-2 B-4 C-3 D-1

14.) A-2 B-3 C-4 D-1

15.) A-4 B-2 C-1 D-3

16.) A-4

Okay, got your number? Now match it below and check out your results!

19-30 Points: Grundo Worker

Not an amazing score, but that’s okay. Maybe those questions were a little weird… Anyway, maybe you just stay close to home, or you’re new. Take some time to explore Neopia and try new things out like new games, worlds, or different places of the site. The longer you play, the more you learn to do, too. For now you could start by coming out of your Neohome a little more. Make new friends, and have fun. There are also plenty of people willing to help, so don’t be too shy to ask if you have a question!

31-42 Points: Average Neopian

A pretty good job. You know enough about Neopets to know what you’re doing. You can answer basic questions and you have a pretty normal routine. Try getting more in-depth maybe with battling, avatar collecting, restocking, or getting trophies. A good place to start is finding some Neomillionaire Petpages. But, in being the average Neopian, it’s your duty to set an example for everyone. Make sure your pets are always few and happy and don’t forget what the game is all about! Keep it up.

43-54 Points: Neopian Scholar

Wow! Good score. You probably are much respected by your Neofriends and fellow Neopians. You may have nice pets, an aged account, and some very useful knowledge. You know a lot about Neopets and the way things work. Keep it up, and maybe camp out in the Help section of the boards every so often. There’s always other Neopians out there who need help from people. Also, remember not to get lazy as your status grows. You’re well on your way to becoming top on the site. Another good thing to do to help out is to use your petpages for good use. Make guides that other people could use. With your knowledge, you could really make a difference! Remember to give your pets plenty of attention and have fun!

56-64 Points: King Hagan

Amazing! You are as close to King Hagan as it gets! (That or you cheated… shame on you.) You are the tops in this game. You’ve got a bursting trophy cabinet, healthy bank account, and tons of respect. You know pretty much all there is to know. You’re up there with the richest, smartest, and more famous. However, being up at the top comes with a price… you’ve got enough wealth to share, right? Well, what’s the point of saving all of your Neopoints for yourself? Try helping other players out. The Money Tree is a good way to start. You may even find it to be fun to buy the lab ray and adopt pets, change them colours, then pound them to someone who doesn’t have enough to paint their pets. Good job though! And good luck!

This is my second quiz. If you like this one, try How Much Do You Know About Neopets? (#1) Thanks for reading/taking. :)

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