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Money Making for Beginners

by competetor


I am sure that all of you, just like myself, wandered into Neopia as a newbie and spotted something amazing that you wanted, but could not get. For me it was a Maraquan Draik and a Royal paintbrush. It could be anything really. So we all run along to find the prices. That’s when the feeling of ecstasy drains a bit. You are still very happy, but you have realised that you have to earn some money. You have to give lots of time and even more effort in order to get all the things you want. Reality check! You can’t waltz into Neopia Central, buy all the stuff you could ever want and more, then lie on your posh sofa with a cold drink in your hand and the Neopian Times lying on the most expensive coffee table, near enough so you don’t need to strain your arm, far too large because of all those cakes, too much to reach it. And you can’t win on luck games like Dice-a-roo every day.

What do you do when you just can’t afford that special something? And when you are fed up because you have made around 3k out of a guaranteed 50k a day guide? You learn tactics. You use up every scrap of patience and determination inside you. How in Neopia do you do that, I hear you cry? You read this!

1. Item buying

I spent absolutely nothing on the most recent two months of my three, as there is no need. Yes, those items may only cost 1k, but they add up. And, there are no loans on the bank (which is a GOOD thing really). The phrase: ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’ is quite useful here – sorry, but ‘look after the neopoints and the ks will look after themselves’ doesn’t have the same ring, does it? If you are one of those hopeless spenders, who just cannot resist the temptation of all those lovely items, get a system. Maybe, you are allowed to spend 50% of what you earn each day. Or, if you have a good and successful shop, work out a way in which to split the amount you get from that and the games. Even make up something to do with interest rates. Trust me, it really does help.

2. Cheap pets

If looked after incorrectly, pets can be highly expensive. However, it can cost nothing if you choose the free options. There is no need to save up for weeks to get your Medicinal Soap or whatever; just visit the Healing Springs, located in Faerieland. It may take a couple of goes, but hey, if it does, you’ll get some hit points or healing potions along the way! Note: put the ill pet as your active pet when doing it! Also, the biggest problem most players find is food. Although it is not totally necessary, many prefer to know that their pets are totally content. So, the Giant Omelette is there for such people. Each omelette is three portions. Some crazy person wrote to me about something called ‘Welly World’ or something like that, but they were OBVIOUSLY hypnotised by the Meepits in order to persuade us to visit this ‘Welly World’ which is really a trap to doom us all. If you think about it, it is obvious, seeing as the Meepits have been acting suspiciously lately – remember the giant Meepit? I rest my case. So my advice is, stick to the omelette and you will (probably) survive.

3. Gaming

Don’t always follow the advice of the gaming guides about the easiest games. Different people have different skills; for example, I am quite good at Shenkuu Warrior, but terrible at Wicked Wocky Wobble (my record is two). I am sure there are people out there who are exactly the opposite – not including the score of two; I am sure nobody could do that badly. Another good thing to remember is that it is better to get a few decent scores quickly than one perfect score. For example, you could get a score of three hundred three times in five minutes, then have five minutes to do something else, quite possibly get more neopoints, or you could spend five minutes getting a score of 400. So, person 1 has 900+, person 2 has 800 max. Who is better off? Quite clearly the first person. Don’t give up if you are not very good at a game. A system I used was once I had reached my daily goal, I would have a couple of goes, trying different methods, or just improving. In fact, that was what I did for Shenkuu Warrior – my highest score the month I first discovered it was around 30. Gradually I improved, and pretty soon I was on the third or fourth level.

4. Freebies and other useful places

A couple I have mentioned already, but they could be missed, so I have repeated them; all have short descriptions.

Tiki Tack Tombola: In Mystery Island, any ticket ending in a 0, a 2, or a 5 will give you a prize, mostly things like faeries and codestones. Also there are booby prizes, which are generally bad, sometimes food, but mostly olives you can’t eat, pencil sharpeners, or rocks.

Healing Springs: In Faerieland, will give Healing Potions, hit points, or restore pets to full health.

Coltzan’s Shrine: In Lost Desert, cheaper replacement of Mystery Island Training School, though less reliable, because as well as increasing level, speed, and more, it can give nothing, food, or (rarely) dubloons.

Fruit Machine: Also in the Lost Desert, run by a few charming desert neopets – an Aisha, a Kau, and an Elephante, to be precise – which awards, with the right combination, things like a small amount of neopoints, desert food, or, if you are incredibly lucky, paintbrushes.

So good luck on your money making schemes, and I hope this guide has helped you at least a little on any of them.

If you are reading this, I am in the NT! Yay! Thanks, Meg, for supporting me through the month it took me to write this.

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