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No More Neotitle Nonsense

by neowizard1287


While they may be to some just the small "one liners" or phrases right next to a person's avatar, these NeoTitles are actually very important. NeoTitles, if you are wondering and haven't already figured out, are the little phrases that you can choose from to effectively define you.

So many of you are probably wondering what is the purpose of a silly little NeoTitle? Well, let's get one thing straight, NeoTitles may be little, but they are NOT SILLY. Let me repeat, they are NOT SILLY!!!! GOT IT? GOOD! =D Despite what anyone else has told you so far, your NeoTitle will define you for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Ok... not really, considering you can change them at any given moment... but they can provide insight on many different aspects of a person!

  • What do they love to do on Neopets?
  • Which Neopet is their favorite Neopet?
  • Do they like to match?
  • Are they easily amused?
  • Are they really secretly in league with the Meepits?
  • How are they feeling right now?
  • ... And much much more!

Well now that you know what a NeoTitle is and how it affects your life on a global scale, let's move on to the actual NeoTitles themselves!

First of all, it might help if you knew how to choose your NeoTitle in the first place. Well, it's easy! All you need to do is find your handy top bar, hover over "Boards", and click "Preferences". In the box below the avatar box you will find your NeoTitle box, and with 168 NeoTitles to choose from, there will be no doubt that there IS a perfect NeoTitle for you!

Now, I've made a little list of the different categories of NeoTitles out there since there are so many different types to choose from!

Pet NeoTitles - Are you a Wocky Wizard or Zippy Zafara? Beats me. Maybe you're neither, maybe you hate Zafaras and Wockies? Well, fear not! There is a NeoTitle for almost every pet out there, and they're easy to find too! Pet NeoTitles are alliterations!** So they should be easy to find. Just use the first letter in the Pet's name and there should be a NeoTitle for it there! In some cases you may have to go by sounds. For example: There is no "Krazy Korbat" NeoTitle, but there is a "Crazy Korbat" NeoTitle!

Hobby NeoTitles - These NeoTitles often tell what the person enjoys doing while on the site. They may like to restock, play games, or just collect! Maybe you're Training for Life, or a Stock Market Guru! Who knows? Only you, that's who!

Alliance NeoTitles - Maybe you are a proud Jhudora devotee... or maybe even an Illusen enthusiast! Well, if you Quest for them, there are NeoTitles for that! Maybe you are a scary pirate, or have sworn your allegiance to the Ninjas! (Yeah! Ninjas are number 1, poo on Wussy Pirates) I mean uh... hey... your choice!

Warning NeoTitles - maybe you're "Not too bright" and you just wanna give people fair warning before you get flamed! Or maybe you have a medical condition that causes you to "Eat Plushies", hey... better let them lock up their plushies in their Safety Deposit Box now instead of having them find you munching on them later...

Random NeoTitles - Wow! These NeoTitles are just so random they don't even fit into a category! I mean, did you know the Dumb only seem to get Dumber...! And maybe you just say "LOLZ" to everything and you don't wanna go through the hassle of actually typing it out every post! Like I said, NeoTitles DO help define you! Sometimes they even bring up the greatest of philosophical conundrums, such as "Dung... Fertiliser or Furniture?".

Matching NeoTitles - This brings in NeoTitles from all categories... oh my! Maybe you aren't so much of a "Darigan Minion", but you're using the "Darigan Redeemed" avatar... hey, it matches! So many different types of matches can be made between pets, avatars, and NeoTitles! The Sky is the limit!

Still haven't found that perfect NeoTitle? Or maybe you have... well if you have... KEEP READING ANYWAYS! REALLY =D THIS IS THE COOLEST PART!

It is...


Believe me...

What is it again? Well, I'm going to go over the most popular NeoTitles around and my personal favorites! Yes! You know you want to read on! Maybe they'll become your favorites as well!

1337 R3st0ck3r - Translated into 1337 Restocker, or Elite Restocker! Restocking in a nutshell meaning stalking Neopets shops such as Food and Magic and trying to get good items from them. This NeoTitle pretty much says it all; you are an AMAZINGLY TALENTED restocker! Or maybe you're just a run-of-the-mill restock and chatter... it happens.

Neopian Times Reporter - Yessssssssss! Enough said! This basically screams Neopian Times Pride! Show off that you love to either write or draw for the Neopian Times, or maybe you're just an avid reader. Either way this Neotitle says it all!

Dung... Fertiliser or Furniture? - Brought up earlier, this could be a great conversation starter.

superb_neopian11 - "Hello. Joe, I can see by your NeoTitle that you too are intrigued by the Philosophical Conundrum that is Dung. I for one believe it is CAN be used as Furniture, but I believe is SHOULD be used as a Fertiliser."

joe_luvs_neopetzzzz - "uhhh wut! i hav lots of dung in my sdb neopian11. Hay can i hav som fr3 npz. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ PLZZZ PLZ PLZZZZZ!"

Ok... keep in mind... I said COULD... really...

Candy is Spiffy - My current NeoTitle... yeah. Well, candy IS Spiffy... yuppp...




Sorry. Was getting some choco - I MEAN GROOMING MY PETS! Yeah, GROOMING MY PETS! Anyways... more of my favorite NeoTitles...

Poogledy, Boogledy, Boop - Try saying this 5 times in a row really fast! Oh, you can? Well, regardless... Poogledy Boogledy Boooooooooooooop! Say it out loud! It's fun... really! *sigh* Maybe it's just me... *sniffle*

I is a gud righter - Amazing! A modest way to say, "I am a good writer!" Oh wait... it's a joke! Ohhhh! I get it! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Err either one!

Now remember, NeoTitles DEFINE YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! Got it? Good. No matter which NeoTitle you pick, I'm sure it will be the right one for you! I just hope this lovely article has opened your eyes to the wondrous world of NeoTitles!

** What's an alliteration you ask? Well, an alliteration is "the commencement of two or more words of a word group with the same letter"! Don't like fancy definitions? Then you and I could become reallll good friends! ANYWAYS basically an alliteration repeats the first letter/sound in repeating words. So an example would be "an alliteration" or "Holy, heaping, happy heifers" ***

*** Heifer would be a cow! A really underused word... it happens... really... it does...

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