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The Guide to Looking Literate

by silverheartsz


So, have you ever wanted to have that charm and class of being literate, but you are so il-literate that you get kicked out of every semi-literate rp you approach? Well, then you need this guide. It tells you 8 tips on how to look literate, without actually having to DO much. So, first tip:

Smaller fonts

For some odd reason, smaller fonts make you look smarter and more literate. Size one and size two work the best. Literate people usually have interesting, small fonts, so it is almost a key part of your goal. The smaller your fonts look, the more words on one line. And the more words on a line means more words to sink in, so you don't have to move down every line to finish a sentence like you do in larger fonts.

Second tip: Matching Avvies and fonts

Your avatar is your face on Neopets, and your fonts are your body. So make sure you have good ones. A red fire faerie avatar with a green font and brown siggy doesn't look too good, now does it? It’s another key thing: most semi-lits have matching avatars and fonts. If you don't have that creative spark for creating fonts that match your avatars, don’t worry. Plenty of petpages supply avatars with fonts available for you to use. Copy. Paste. BAM! You have yourself a matching and good-looking face and body. (AKA, your Avatar and font.)

Third Tip: Bigger posts

More words means more stuff done, and that means you have your characters doing more. Make sure to use a large variety of different words; don’t be afraid to look in a thesaurus! It’s worth it in the long run and another step of getting you closer to looking literate.

Fourth tip: An intelligent siggy

Okay, your siggy tells a lot about you. It can say what you like, how you feel, give details about a certain character you rp, or anything else you want it to be. Now, you don’t want something like this to be your siggy: The happy ghost shall destroy you ALL! There is a balance between random and stupid, and you must make sure you are on that balance. If you want a good ol’ random siggy, you should have something similar to this: I have a carrot and I’m not afraid to use it! Or, you could have a funny and random siggy like this: Every night, I type up my doctor’s excuse for the next day. Your siggy is one of the most important parts of looking like you know what you are doing, which literate people always seem to.

Fifth Tip: Randomness needs to be leveled.

Yes, this refers to the balance between random and stupid, as I said in the last tip. You don’t want to be stupid, and you don’t always need to be random. You need to make a happy medium for yourself. Of course you can joke around and be random, but all-around randomness is a definite NO. If you are always in the left field, chances are, you’ll make bad charries, and develop a very stupid and immature online personality, which takes you very far from even the semi-literate line.

Sixth tip: Your online personality

It is VERY important to have a good online personality. You can be whoever you want online, a superhero, a crazed fan girl (or boy), heck you can even be a werewolf! (I highly disapprove of the first and last ones if you want to be at least semi-literate, or have many friends and people not think of you as a noob). Your online personality is THE MOST important thing of being literate. The best literate online personality to me is calm, occasionally cracking jokes, and having a stable anger scale. That means not always being funny, usually calm, and hyper at only SOME POINTS! And, you need not to be angry all the time; it makes people think of you as grouchy and not very happy to be around, increasing your chance of not getting into certain Neoboards. The way you first act while typing begins your online personality, So BE CAREFULL at what you post! It will stick with you forever, and no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to develop a new personality. If you were unhappy and gloomy at your first three or five boards, you’ll probably be like that for your entire Neopets experience! You become a whole new person on here, and you CAN control it! First impressions DO matter!

Seventh tip: Descriptive posts

Most people love a nice, juicy, descriptive post that they can feel, hear, touch, and smell. It makes a great post and makes others feel like they are looking at the person you are describing. Plus, not many people DO many descriptive posts, so you can stand out like a thumb in an index finger convention. It makes you sound smarter and like you have been literate longer than you actually have, which is what we are aiming for here! Descriptiveness is the most valuable jewel in the treasure chest of role-playing, that you can ALWAYS have access to, no matter what!!

Eighth Tip: Choosing the right friends and spotting Noob friends

Everyone needs friends, and Neopets has made the possibility of getting some better then in real life. You don’t want friend that have lost their accounts multiple times, and you don’t want friends who embarrass you. There is no need to have a friend who is, by all of the meaning, a noob. Being friends with a noob shall turn you into one, just like if you hang out with bad people, you become bad. Noobs are easy to find on boards. There are many different kinds of noobs, and I will name the 3 main ones:

The”Lookie lookie” noob- These noobs have an abnormal lust for attention, and will do ANYTHING to get it. From saying “Your state stinks” to saying stupid stuff, the lookie lookie noob stands out, and you need to avoid them at all costs, because they LOVE your attention.

Hi Noob- This kind of Noob is constantly searching for targets to talk too. They will ask multiple people if they can (or charrie) be friends with them. Hi noobs are usually at highly-populated boards, making the most ignorant posts.

The nerve shredder -these noobs are VERY common, always posting rant boards about worthless topics and trying to cause a rant, and once people begin giving them what they want, they begin posting stupid replies. They are highly common in rant boards, and lead the ones with ignorant titles.

All of those kinds you need to avoid, because if they ask you to be a friend, it is hard to shake them.

I hope this guide will help you in your future, and hopefully propel you into literacy. People like literate people, not chatspeaking noobs! Please neomail me for any comments or criticism, I am always open for new ideas and the occasional scolding from a fellow Neopian. Getting scolded helps you improve, and get better, so it is fine to mess up every once in a while! Thank you for reading!



If you are reading, YAY! This is my first submission, and I hope you will like it!!

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