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Petpet Abuse or Harmless Fun?

by tiger_lilly_girl


Harmless fun or Petpet abuse? There are many known cases throughout Neopia of Petpet abuse. Abuse that should not exist! In this article, I will list three different accounts. These incidents will be thoroughly examined to find out whether it is abuse or not. Some are more obvious than others but the truth must be revealed!

Attack of the Slorgs:

Pest control or Petpet abuse? Meridell is home to some of the finest fruits and vegetables in the whole of Neopia, but is plagued in the summer months by hordes of Slorgs. Slorgs are slimy petpets that leave a trail of icky ooze wherever they go, and happen to be fond of fruits and veggies. A few summers ago, a Yurble farmer decided to design and make the only weapon good at getting rid of these creatures; the Slorgeriser X4. This machine fires rounds of Slorg-B-Gone, a potent sludge that makes Slorgs ‘disappear’ upon contact. I have travelled to this land to give the farmer a quick interview.

Me: Mr Frank Farmer, is it correct you are the one who created the Slorgeriser X4, the weapon used to annihilate defenceless Slorgs?

Frank Farmer: Yes, I did create it. My pride and joy! But Slorgs are not defenceless. They bring it upon themselves eating our crops and multiplying so fast. *He pats the machine beside him.*

Me: So what you are saying is, these Petpets deserve to die because they are hungry!

Frank Farmer: That’s not what I am saying! They come up to our land every summer, thousands of them, and eat all of our crops. Do they ask? No! They just come and eat us out of house and home!

Me: Have you ever tried any ‘harmless’ methods, like putting a perimeter of dung around your crops?

Frank Farmer: Dung! You're having a laugh! That may work in your garden, but not here! They don’t care for dung. They will just slither their way through it into our crops. Very unsanitary.

*He spits onto the ground.*

Me: Your devise, the Slorgeriser X4, where does it send the slorgs?

Frank Farmer: Don’t know, don’t care; as long is it isn’t nowhere around here, I’m happy.

*He grins, eyeing his crops.*

Me: So they could be dead for all you care? Or up in space to be Sloth's slaves?

Frank Farmer: Sloth's slaves! You are creative! … Oh no you don’t! *He points his machine at a Slorg munching on a carrot. He pulls the trigger, a flash emits from the muzzle. The slorg is gone.*

Frank Farmer: See that! A carrot is ruined! Now get outta here, this is a full time job!

Back at my desk I analyse my notes and draw up my conclusion. The Slorg population is a problem. But his violent approach to their removal is unnecessary. As well as his blatant disregard for their well being.

Conclusion: ABUSE

Bumble Beams:

Robotic Petpets have ‘escaped’ the Robotic Petpet Shop and have found themselves in the recycling centre. It is up to visitors to rescue these Petpets before they are recycled. I contacted the recycling centre to arrange an interview. But they were unable to make time. Suspicious? I think so! So I headed over To the Robotic Petpets Shop to have an interview with the shopkeeper, a green Grundo. Bear in mind the shop is located on the Virtupets Space Station.

Me: Mr Shopkeeper, are you aware of the amount of Petpets escaping? Visitors of the recycling centre have said it has been over twenty this month? Care to comment?

Grundo: Well erm…*He thinks for a few seconds.* I am only here while the shop is open, tending to the customers' needs. I do not know much of what happens after hours. Or what happens out back either.

Me: You are the manager, are you not? Surely you would notice such low stock counts?

Grundo: Yes, I am the manager. *He puffs up his chest and wipes his badge, then deflates. He rubs his hands nervously.* But Doris takes over on my breaks. She’s also the one who handles the bookkeeping.

*An orange Grundo pokes her head from behind a door, and quickly withdraw back.*

Me: How long have you been working here?

Grundo: I have been with this establishment for seven years now. And now I think about it, there have been some changes lately.

Me: What kind of changes?

*He glances around the room and leans up to me.*

Grundo: Orders, from you-know-who. Not to ask questions. A service bot comes in once a day a picks up a box of something from out back. I don’t know what.

*A service bot zooms into the shop.* “The general wishes to have a talk with you in his office. Immediately.” *The green Grundo gulps and follows the service bot out of the shop.*

I think it's best I leave now, with my interview ended.

I read and re-read what I have written. ‘You-know-who’? I wonder who that is.? A leader? Sloth himself? Who knows. The Grundo manger seems to not to know what goes on his own shop. Which is not good considering the lives of innocent Petpets are in danger.

Conclusion: ABUSE

200m Peanut Dash:

An Elephante ‘blows’ a peanut for a Puppyblew to catch. The Puppyblew is required to run, jump over huge logs, and to catch the peanut whether it is injured or not. Like my other cases, I have arranged an interview with these individuals.

Me: Ms Elephante, are you aware the dangers this sport has regarding your Puppyblew?

Ms E: Dangers? No more than crossing a road or in your own home.

*She pats her little Puppyblew and throws it a stick.*

Me: In this sport, you have to ‘blow’ the peanut through your nose. Are you aware of the hygiene, considering that it will end up in your petpet's mouth?

Ms E: A Puppyblew has had worse in its mouth, believe me! My little friend found a mouldy chocolate heart the other day. All covered in hairs and muck, and he insisted he ate it! Mega Gross!

*The Puppyblew returns with the stick and Ms E throws it again.*

Me: There have been injures in the past where pets have had broken bones. Have you ever thought about removing the logs.

Ms E: Removing the logs? Oh no! Jumping the logs is part of the skill. And those injuries came from those inexperienced few. It takes a lot of practice. Besides, I take my darling for regular monthly check ups at the doctor's.

Me: Would you say this sport is ‘fun’ or ‘serious’?

Ms E: Oh, definitely fun! The logs are only for the matches. Anyone can play this sport. It is just for laughs, you know.

That ends my questioning. I type my notes up. She cares for her pet and believes it is a ‘fun’ game. She seemed a reliable person and I don’t doubt her comments.

Conclusion: HARMLESS FUN

This ends my search into Petpet abuse. I may at some point dive deeper into the subject and at other cases. There are still many incidents to look into. But for now, this will do.

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