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Your Pet's Personality

by kelly_d60


Those guys are the reason Neopets is here but they don’t get enough attention or a decent personality. Yes, your little pet ought to be the centre of your Neopets account, so give them a personality. If you’ve got fifty million ideas about your pet's personality and can’t choose what one to give it or your pet seems to have a different personality every day of the year, then this guide will help. My own pet Harrison_George will be giving comments about how we came to get his personality.

Hi, I’m Harrison_George and I am a mutant Jubjub.


Go to and find your pet and click on their name. Now take a Nimmo, for example; ‘Nimmos are very spiritual beings. They value peace and friendship above all…’ So your Nimmo will probably have a peaceful and friendly streak. ‘If you are looking for a loyal, intelligent friend then a Nimmo is the pet for you.’ Okay, a smart pet who is loyal. Obviously this doesn’t have to be the main part of your decision but it ought to be the basis. For example it wouldn’t make sense for a Kacheek to be an out-spoken, loud pet or a Grarrl to be a quiet, shy pet.

It says that Jubjubs are shy and secretive so that’s what I am. Although I’m being a bit louder now!


Okay check out your pet's colour; what springs to mind? A Darigan pet might have an evil streak and be a bit vain or greedy. Or a baby pet could be fun and bubbly. These can also determine your pets likes and dislikes, as a baby pet isn’t going to want to play with knitting needles and a royal isn’t going to like mud fights. But if you’ve got a boring green Uni then remember it’s a beautiful green Uni. Go by what your pet is at heart, not who they are on the outside.

I’m a mutant so I’ve got a bit of a dark streak. I like hanging around the Haunted Woods, Lord Kass, and being a mutant.


Okay, if you don’t have a history of your pet, then read on; if you do, then skip to the next paragraph. First of all, write down where you got your pet from and any important events in your pet's life, such as being painted or getting a special petpet. Then think of what might have happened to your pet before you got it. Was your Grundo a brave fighter against Sloth? Did your Peophin swim all the way around Neopia?

And then how and when you got your pet. Did you save for years or was your first meeting almost an accident? Was your pet shy or was it aggressive? Then what happened when you have your pet. Did it turn a horrible or lovely colour on the lab ray? Did it lose its favourite petpet? Put it all in; this can be a few dot points or a novel: your choice.

Okay, what was that for? Well, for example, a Grundo who was a slave to Sloth isn’t going to be his biggest fan, is he/she? A history of your pet also shows their likes, dislikes, dreams and ambitions.

I spent a few very embarrassing years as a yellow Blumaroo, wishing to be a mutant and then along came Kelly_d60 with a bottle of transmogrification potion and I was like me! Me! Meeeee! She got me and I’m now happily a mutant.


Now, a pet's personality in my opinion ought to reflect your own. I’ve got a shy and quiet Kacheek, a smart and book worm of an Eyrie and a mutant Jubjub with a dark streak. Okay, talkative? Your pet might be too. Love sport? Your pet might also. Write out who you are and then take one or two parts and put that into your pet's personality.

I’ve got a dark streak, but Kelly_d60’s only got a love for mutants. You can be the dream you or the you-never-going-to-happen. It’s us not you.

The Little Things

This is where you have to put in any funny little quirks or habits your pet has which sets them apart. Do they always paint one finger a different colour when painting their nails? Or do they constantly jump around all over the place?

Also consider your pet's appearance, and this doesn’t have to be what your neopet looks like on the computer screen. Do they have a ring they just won’t take off or do they always wear their hat backwards?

My sister Samantha has a gold bangle she just won’t take off and Amber_Leo, my other sister, loves giving the end of her tail a curl. We all have strange quirks; it is what makes us not just boring pets!

Putting It All Together

Okay, now you’ve got a loyal, intelligent, fun, shy blue Yurble who loves art, collecting trading cards and riding its bike? You’ve got to work it out a little bit; what about a loyal and intelligent pet which likes to have fun? Or a fun pet who can be a bit shy around strangers? The hobbies and loves can be anything.

I’m a mutant Jubjub who is quiet but opinionated towards friends, has an evil streak and loves lord Kass, black things, and the Haunted Woods.


Your pet is the centre of your Neopets account, so also build that around your pet. Do they get really scared around Spyders? Then don’t make a Spyder user lookup or shop. A pet's personality is also a great way to decide what to do for your pet’s page.

Your pet can change, so constantly review what your pet's personality is and you’ll love them forever.


Thanks for reading! Comments via Neomail are welcome. :)

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