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5 Simple Ways to Be Unlike Wallace

by lalalalexxiee


Of course we've all heard of Wallace, Neopia's newest item collector and star of the game Wicked Wocky Wobble. But, how many of us truly want to be like poor Wallace? Yes, he does have amazing balance for an average-looking red Wocky, but how many of us truly want to spend their days balancing codestones and plushies?

This is why I have so kindly composed this guide, 5 Simple Ways to be Unlike Wallace (so easy a slorg could do it!). Unless you have the mad desire to join Wallace in his quest for items, in which case, I recommend you leave now.

Step One: Decisions, Decisions

Of course you have your items. You've got enough space to put them! TNT has supplied us with a safety deposit box, a gallery and handy dandy inventories to store our vast collections of rainbow dung, buzzers, and Tyrannian food, but what now?

The first step to staying away from a Wallace-like fate is to lay it all out. So, do you really need those forty-two Xo Codestones, or can you sell them in your shop and make a good deal of neopoints? Do you honestly need those fifty-seven piles of rainbow dung, or is the Money Tree a better place for them?

"But what if I want the Pack Rat Avatar?" you say. The Pack Rat avatar requires you to have different items, so there are better places to put your garbage. Now, if Wallace had found this out - let's just say there wouldn't be a Wicked Wocky Wobble.

Step Two: Find a Place

Have you been missing your prized rainbow paint brush for the past month? Maybe there's a reason for that. Now that you've decided what to keep, decide where to put it.

If you just so happen to have a complete collection of stamps sitting in your safety deposit box, put them in your stamp album! Do you have a Buzzer and nothing to do with it? You can either sell it to a new owner, or simply attach it to a free pet! Think of how happy they'll be to have a new friend to play with. Besides, if you're not careful, that Warf that's been hanging around your inventory could end up as the next new friend of Wallace.

Step Three: Sell It!

Now, if Wallace had discovered this step long ago, he wouldn't be stuck wearing a pointed hat (That is so last season... or so I've been told). Now, after you've sorted all your items, what about the ones you have nothing to do with? Your shop is always an option.

TNT gave us shops for a reason, to sell our items. Think of how much money you could make selling twenty Eo codestones or Christmas Rocks. You'll be rolling in Neopoints in no time. Besides, when you're done, you can blow your cash on a new baby paint brush at the Hidden Tower or the secret laboratory map you've always wanted.

Step Four: Remember It

So, now you've got tons of items organized into nice neat piles, and a mountain of Neopoints - it's everyone's dream, right? Not exactly.

What happens if, let's just say your computer breaks down tomorrow, or maybe you don't have time for Neopets anymore? You'll come back in a year, or even a few months, and wonder where you put everything! You could've sworn you had your meepits in one spot, but instead they're with the feepits... so... In short, put your items in places where you can remember them! Don't say to yourself "Oh, this is in such an unusual spot, I'll always remember where it is!" You won't. You can tell yourself that until Jelly World exists, but you're not going to remember. So, try putting your codestones in a section of your gallery called "Codestones", not "Items" or "All Things Beige". Simplicity is the key. Now, if Wallace knew that... he'd probably have a bag to carry his items in.

Step Five: Keep It

Now, you've got everything done, or so you think. You've got your paint brushes in a section entitled "PBs", you've got your stamps in an album, and have just painted your Blumaroo spotted after a restocking spree. What's there to do now?

Keep the order! it doesn't take that long every day to look at your inventory and say, "Do I need this? Can I sell this?" To aid you in this process, I've developed a simple acronym.








Each letter stands for a thing you should consider when looking over your inventory. Let us begin with Want.

Do you really want the item you have in your inventory, or could it be used for a better purpose, which brings us to Aid.

Could this item aid you in Neopia? Could it be used to slay the Pant Devil for stealing your Wand of Ultranova?

Do you like this item, because it simply looks cool? Or do you just like the name?

Could one of your Neopets learn from this item, having it vanish in a puff of colored smoke right in front of them? Could you read it to them?

Could you use this item to adorn your Neopet, which clearly says it’s a clothing item? Could that Velvet Bow Hat make your Kacheek look all the more stylish?

Do you collect this type of item? Is it a stamp to add to your collection, or a piece of birthday cake to add to your birthday themed gallery?

Finally, could your Neopet eat this item? It seems obvious enough, but a majority of the items sitting in your inventory are omelettes, eaten by most pets in Neopia.

Now that you've reviewed this guide, I hope that someone will take the time to instruct poor Wallace. Then again... his game does supply us with Neopoints. Ehm, anyway. In order to keep your inventory shiny and clean, follow these five tips, and remember, even a slorg could do it! Yet of course, no offense to the slorgs.

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