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The Wonders of Wicked Wocky Wobble

by sweep_the_doghouse


Greetings, fellow Neopians. I’m here today to introduce you to a fabulous new game called Wicked Wocky Wobble. Say that three times fast. Wicked Wocky Wobble Wickled Wacka Wockle Whop… bleh, what a tongue twister! For ease of pronunciation, I think I shall just call it WWW from now on. No doubt many of you will have played WWW already, and some of you are probably thinking: “That game is so simple, why would anyone bother to write a guide for it? Or more to the point, why does anyone need to read a WWW guide?” Well, my friends, I will tell you why. At first glance, WWW may seem like a simple game, but although the concept behind the game is indeed simple, the game itself is quite difficult to master. I learned this rather quickly when I attempted to play WWW for the first time and found it impossible to score more than 44 points. Since the trophy scores were over ten times higher than my best score, I knew there must be more to the game. So I went on a mission to learn the secrets of WWW. I hope that this guide will help you to catch more items and improve your personal high score. With some practice and a bit of luck there’s a good chance you will become better than me… who knows, you might even get yourself a shiny new trophy!

Your character:

In this game you play a red Wocky named Wallace. As soon as I read the game description I felt an immediate connection with Wallace. I suspect we may even be long-lost twins. One glimpse at the vast stockpile of items I have amassed in my SDB is all it takes to prove how alike we really are. You see, Wallace is an obsessive hoarder of random items. Are you a packrat too? Do you think that you, me, and Wallace are long-lost triplets? Then this game is definitely for you!

The setting:

Wallace has discovered a tree that is raining items. Thankfully Wallace is wearing a helmet, so he won’t be knocked unconscious as he scurries to grab these falling treasures. Yes, you heard me correctly, treasures. I know that in the game description TNT alleges that Wallace collects junk and that the tree he finds is raining junk, but anyone who plays the game will quickly realise the items in question are definitely not rubbish – plushies, books, collectable sea shells, evil coconuts… people would pay good neopoints for these items, TNT; they aren’t trash! No wonder Wallace wants to grab them and take them home! And it is our duty as the helpful Neopians playing WWW to help him collect as many of these wonderful items as possible.

Playing the game:

The concept of the game is very simple – catch the falling items and keep your item pile balanced. Actually doing that is not as simple as it sounds. Use your mouse to move Wallace back and forth across the screen to catch falling items. Keeping your armful of items steady is not just important for staying alive in the game, it also improves your chances of catching more items. If your item pile is wobbling all over the place, this makes it more difficult to position Wallace’s stack so that the next item will land on top.

The first two items will be easy to catch because you don’t have to worry about balancing anything, but once you have caught your second item the pile starts to wobble and you need to balance it. The more items in your pile, the more it will wobble, but the wobbliness of the stack is the same regardless of whether it’s full of flat items like books or lumpy oddly-shaped items like plushies. In case you’re unsure, in order to re-balance the pile of items you need move in the same direction as it is falling. As with most games, the more you practice, the better you will get at keeping your stack of items balanced.


Occasionally a Warf or Drackonack will run onto the screen and block your path, giving you less room to move. If your pile of items starts to fall when a petpet is in your way, you can still adjust your balance slightly by running into the petpet. This should help you to keep your stack of items from toppling over even though you are running on the spot, although you will need to be very careful that you don’t drop the pile of items when the petpet starts to run back off the screen. The petpets cannot run past Wallace – just as they can block his path, he can also block theirs. If you see a petpet running in from the side of the screen, moving Wallace towards it will restrict how far into the screen it comes. I recommend that you only attempt this if you think you can safely move Wallace without causing him to drop his precious items.


Each item Wallace is able to catch will add points to your score. The number of points you get depends on the item, so make sure you get to know the items. There aren’t that many so it shouldn’t be too hard, but in case you forget, the most valuable items have a coloured glow around them so they are easy to spot. The items in WWW are all based on real items you can buy in Neopian shops, but the game version of the item sometimes looks a little bit different to the original item. In particular, the Factor 50 Sun Tan Lotion in the game is a completely different colour than the actual Neopian item. I’ve included a list of all the items I’ve seen below (if you know of any others please let me know).

11 points: Oranella, Twirly Fruit

22 points: Spiky Orange Murex Shell, The Ixi Adventure

35 points: Garlic JubJub Plushie, Mutant JubJub Plushie, Speckled Jetsam Plushie

50 points: Illusen Plushie, Ixi Heroes, Taelia Plushie

80 points: Factor 50 Sun Tan Lotion, Wind Up Illusen Doll, The Golden Journal Vol. 1

111 points: Harffel Fruit, Wailing Evil Coconut


Now that I’ve covered the basics of the game, I’m sure you are all impatiently waiting to find out how to get a good score. Well, it’s all about which items you catch, not necessarily how many you catch. A single Harffel Fruit will get you a better score than a stack of 10 Twirly Fruits, so be selective about which items you catch, particularly early on in the game when you aren’t concentrating on keeping your stack of items in balance. Unlike Igloo Garage Sale The Game, in WWW there is no limit to how many items you are allowed to drop, so feel free to drop as many as you like. Luckily for Wallace any dropped items will just disappear, or else I’d be concerned about him stepping on all those spiky orange murex shells while wearing only a patched up old pair of socks (I wonder what happened to his shoes?). As your pile of items gets bigger you won’t be able to run all over the screen to grab every good item you see, so just be patient and wait for something decent to fall nearby. Unfortunately this means you will need to rely on luck to have good items fall close enough for you to grab them. WWW also has a secret code, but I don’t want to give everything away so I’ll let you discover that by yourself.

Just one final comment before I return to helping Wallace collect his treasures – for those of you who are interested in World Challenges, the WWW World Challenge is located in Meridell. Now everyone should go play WWW! Quickly! Think of all those marvellous items just waiting to be collected…

Is it possible that I made it into The Neopian Times? Well if you’re reading this then I must have, YAY! A special thanks goes to all my guildmates who read this guide and helped with proofreading. :)

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