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A Brief Guide to the Royalty of Neopia

by _usuki_collector_315


So, you may know a lot about Neopia, but do you know their Kings and Queens?

Firstly, the Lost Desert. King Coltzan III. He is the King of the Lost Desert. He is the most heroic hero of the Lost Desert, who was unfortunately murdered in his meal. Then it was up to us to find out the mystery of who murdered him. Then, his crown was stolen from Coltzan's monument, Coltzan's Shrine, by Merouladen and Heermeedjet. Then is his daughter, Princess Vyssa. She took over the kingdom after her father’s demise. She then escaped the palace, and became a Sakhmetian.

"Telling me what to do and how to act, I mean, I AM the Princess. I AM the daughter of the king. If I wanted to, I could have that fat oaf Palpus put on a strict diet, or secretly change the prescription in his monocle so he'll have blurred vision. Oh, and that Senator Barca with her disapproving tones and boring lectures. She annoys the sand straight out of my sandals, and don't even get me started on that Princess Sankara. If she thinks I'm going to listen to another tale of how great things were in HER court, I will scream!"

Her advisors, Senator Palpus, Advisor Wessle, Senator Barca and then her friend, Princess Sankara. Her family ruled the Lost Desert years ago. Her father was King Sobek. She fled after she heard King Heksas was coming to her homeland and the fourth Dynasty. Then, was Princess Amira. The eldest daughter of the last King Coltzan III. She was destined to marry Prince Jazan of Qasala. Qasala had a very popular royal family, but Jazan was cursed. Prince Jazan came back to remove the curse and fulfill the prophecy. As Amira refused to marry him, he made Sakhmet disappear into the other dimension. When the curse was lifted, Qasala returned. But, Jazan didn’t have to marry a princess, just find true love. Just as Amira and Jazan were about to be married, Nabile told them about the real prophecy, which was to find true love. Nabile and Jazan fell in love, as she became the Princess of Qasala. But, her father-in-law, Razul was freed. He was dead, but came back to life to try to become King of all Neopia. He was stopped in the nick of time, and things returned to normal. And that is the end of Royalty in the Lost Desert.

Secondly, Maraqua. They have only had one king, King Kelpbeard. He was a heroic King, who stood up against a Pirate, who was denied his yearly tax from Maraqua. In return he destroyed Maraqua, all due to King Kelpbeard. He was then in charge of the rebuilding of Maraqua, which was once again threatened by Pirates, which he helped fight off in a heroic battle. Well done, King Kelpbeard!

Now for two more Kings, King Hagan and King Skarl. King Skarl rules Meridell. He was said to be wise, but his temper was known. His kingdom was then threatened by Lord Darigan, who you will find out about later. His floating citadel went to war against Meridell, and in a twist of fate, Meridell lost and destroyed. This was because Skarl sent his nights to steal a magical orb from Darigan. After the first war, the two cities became friends, until Lord Kass came to reign. He then threatened Meridell once again, but King Skarl lead them to triumph, and now Meridell and Darigan live in peace.

But this can’t be said with Brightvale, and King Skarl's brother, King Hagan. He is the ruler of Brightvale and believes knowledge is vital to his Kingdom. They have been jealous of each other since they were children and even played with Plucko blocks and tried to destroy each other's castle.

Now, onto the two rulers of Darigan. Lord Darigan. Not much is known about Darigan, except he has a magical orb, which was stolen by Skarl, leading them to war. He then called a truce, after Kass’ reign. He is now rebuilding his kingdom after the treachery of Lord Kass. But who is Lord Kass? He is one of the most evil figures in Neopian History. He was driven mad by his demons, after being the General of the Darigan Army. He took over Darigan after Lord Darigan was defeated. He then created an evil army. He hypnotized King Skarl with the Court Dancer, thanks to Morguss. Unfortunately he failed and hasn’t been seen since.

The Penultimate King is King Altador. He rules over Altador with his other ten remaining Heroes. He is the Hunter. His Kingdom was turned into Darkness as one of his heroes, the Sleeper or the Darkest Faerie, tainted his Kingdom. King Altador with the help of his citizens defeated the curse and now is generous to everyone who helped him, with free gifts every day.

Finally is King Roo, the least famous of the kings. He now plays Dice-a-Roo with anyone who wishes to, in his tower. This is because he was bored all the time. He couldn’t find anything. He tried jugglers, jesters and more, until a mysterious figure gave him five dice, which he turned into Dice-a-Roo, a game everyone loves! Good work, Roo!

Now, onto the female rulers of Neopia. Firstly is Princess Fernypoo. She is the World Cheat Champion. She has one of the worst tempers and scares many people. Not much is known about her and her royal roots.

The most famous queen is Queen Fyora of the Faeries. She lives inside Faerieland City. She now hands out quests to lucky citizens, and if you complete them, the rewards are fruitful. She also sits in, erm, an invisible tower, selling precious items. She is the most merchandised royal. She has ruled over Faerieland for a long, long, long time, or at least as far as anyone can remember.

Now, for a light-hearted end, with Kyishi, the Queen of Limbo. She’s a 17 year old Aisha who is Limbo Champion. She started when she realised she had to hide from her brother. She limboed under the cupboard door, and wasn’t found for a long time. After that, she dreamed of going to the Gadgadsbogen limbo festival. Now she is the most famous Queen of Limbo!

So, now you should know a little bit more about the Neopian Royalty, and how they have helped their kingdoms!

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