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Quest Protest

by black_skull725


Many Neopians know about Illusen. She’s that nice, gentle, pretty earth faerie in Meridell. She lives alone with a few Neopets that visit her from time to time and she also takes good care of her petpet, the Turmaculus. Finally, many of you know her by her challenging quests. Few manage to earn one of her greatest rewards, the honey potion. If Neopians fail, she is quick to forgive and lets them know that it’s okay to fail, but it’s not okay to stop trying. However, there was a fateful day when I had failed a quest. Something inside me somehow snapped and I was angry enough to disturb the peace of Meridell. After all I was a feisty little green Lupe. My owner named me Geo, a sort of eccentric name, but I didn’t think much about it. Anyway let me tell you how my Illusen’s Quests went.

     I was on my 35th Illusen’s Quest and I was zealous to get my paws on one of those honey potions. I began the day early because I was so excited; therefore, I broke into a run when I was close to Illusen’s Glade. However, in the back of my mind was failure. My friend Nema had failed an Illusen quest a few days ago and I thought about the same thing happening to me. However, my excitement quickly took that thought out of my mind.

     “Whoa! What’s the rush? I don’t usually run out of quests to give,” exclaimed Illusen.

     “I’m ready for my quest, Illusen,” I said excitedly.

     “Very well, Geo. Prepare to be challenged; your quest will not be easy, but I’m sure if you run as fast as you just did, you’ll get done in no time. I need you to find me a Welsh Usuki Reject,” said Illusen.

     I was feeling a bit anxious at this point. Everyone in Neopia knew that usuki rejects were next to impossible to find. I wasn’t about to accept failure, though. Therefore, I quickly darted toward the Trading Post.

     “We’ve got a set of lab map pieces for 600k? Anybody?” rambled one eager trader.

     “I got 600k for you! Here! Pick me, pick me!” shouted another excitedly.

     “Hi, my name is Geo; I’m looking for a ‘Welsh Usuki Reject’. Do you perhaps have any for, let’s say, ummmm 200k NP or less?” I asked, hoping to get an answer.

     The traders burst out laughing.

     “You’ve come to the wrong place, my friend. We haven’t ever seen that item here. Maybe go try the Auction House, but we doubt you’ll find one,” said the Usul who was selling her lab map pieces.

     I was about to dart to the Auction House when I encountered a close neofriend of mine, Nema, a friendly pink Usul that loved reselling things. She was able to find awesome deals on the Trading Post and auctions better than I could even imagine.

     “Whoa, Geo! Why are you in such a hurry... a quest, I suppose? What item did she ask you to get? I just failed my 35th quest, but I’m okay. I just don’t ever want to do them again,” said Nema.

     “She asked for a Welsh Usuki Reject,” I replied, frustrated.

     “Ughh... an usuki reject. Those are next to impossible to get. If only she asked for an item I have. I’m sorry, Geo, good luck finding them. I need to get back to work,” said Nema.

     She was gone. My best neofriend happened to be the busiest. I could not have asked her to stay and help, so I went on alone to the auctions. There I met the auction genie. He was an amazing little Wocky that seemed to love keeping track of all the auctions.

     “Yes, auction genie. Please find me a Welsh Usuki Reject and report the current bid on it, thanks.”

     I wished that there would be hope... but there was no hope.

     “Umm... we’re sorry, we could not find anything auctions with that item.”

     I began to despair, so I dashed as fast I could to the town square to ask if anyone could help. Several came up and advised that I should just quit because the item she wanted was worth more than the Honey Potion. I hung my head and started walking back to Illusen’s Glade. Illusen saw me coming and wondered what was wrong. She slowly walked over.

     “I’m sorry, Geo, your time is up. Do you have my item yet?” she asked.

     “No, do I look like I have anything for you? Do you expect me to find an item that barely exists? I’m leaving; you’ve wasted my time and Neopoints when you gave me those dumb quests of yours. Write my score down and I’ll be out of here,” I snapped.

     “Geo, are you alright? How about you come in and sit down and calm down a bit? I’ll make some tea,” replied Illusen, not noticing that I was getting ready to explode.

     “I said I’m leaving! Why don’t you please leave me alone? Can’t you see that I’m upset because of all this? You know what? Thanks for teaching me how to waste Neopoints. I appreciate it very much,” I retorted.

     I ran out of the glade without looking back. I could hear Illusen call my name a few more times in a desperate tone. I was too good for Illusen; why would I turn back and surrender to her? I kept on running. Pretty soon, I was in Neopia Central, where I saw Nema again and told her what had happened.

     “Geo, how’d the quest go?” inquired Nema.

     “Does it look like I’m carrying a Honey Potion? No, I failed it. I’m never going back to Illusen again. I’m too good to waste my Neopoints for that earth faerie. I hate her!” I shouted.

     “Geo, hate is a strong word, be careful how you use it. Why were you so angry at her? Sometimes she gives hard quests, and that’s not her fault. She can’t look through her notebook and look at your NP balance and give you an “affordable” quest. That wouldn’t be fair. Please be reasonable,” scolded Nema.

     But I wasn’t ready for a lecture so I didn’t take Nema’s advice well either.

     “That’s all you could say? You don’t have sympathy for a friend that just lost 400000 Neopoints? I thought you were my best friend?!” I yelled.

     “Geo, I’m sorry that you couldn’t get the honey potion, but you don’t need to take all your anger out on other people, including your best friends. How about you go back to your neohome and take a breather? Maybe you’ll feel better. I honestly wish to be left alone; I’ve tried giving some helpful advice, but you seemed to block it all out and completely ignore me. I wanted to help you, but I can see that it’s not going to work. Goodbye, Geo. Please don’t talk to me until you are calm,” warned Nema, “or you just might say something you’ll regret forever.”

     For some reason I felt a bit guilty for yelling at Nema, but I quickly ignored that feeling as I went back to my Neohome. Now I felt even angrier. I thought about revenge on Illusen, but how was I going to do it? Ah ha! I could start a revolt against her. Like a protest or a demonstration. I thought for a moment and decided to organize a mob that would assemble in Illusen’s Glade.

     “That would scare her so bad, that she’d never give another impossible quest again. Finally, a genius plan!” I thought.

     I trudged on down to the town square again. This time I began to shout.

     “Who here has failed Illusen’s quests because the items were unusually rare? Do you want to join my group of Neopians that wish to take revenge against Illusen?” I announced.

     “Group? What group? I don’t see anybody with you,” said a confused Lutari.

     “Well, they’re currently painted invisible, but I want some visible members too,” I replied hastily.

     “Alright, I guess I’ll join, I know a friend that’s failed,” replied the Lutari.

     Soon after, I had a pretty decent-sized group. I told the group that their mission was to head down to Meridell and stage a peaceful protest against Illusen’s quests. They were not to bring Battledome weapons. The group followed me as we marched towards Meridell. They arrived at the front doorstep of Illusen’s home. I knocked on the door three times, slowly, and loudly.

     “Yes, who is it? Oh! You can’t all possibly want a quest now! So anyway, Geo; what is going on?” questioned Illusen, while staring at the small group that crowded around.

     “I’m here to protest against your hard and unreasonably expensive quests. We believe you are guilty of greediness. So we are going to report you to Fyora if you don’t stop. After all she is still your queen.”

     Illusen stared for a moment, and then started laughing a bit.

     “Geo, do you really think what you’re doing will solve anything? The reason the quests are hard is because the rewards are great. You need to be a bit more reasonable, and think about all the things I gave out to Neopians too.”

     “Oh don’t start that, Illusen, you know you ask for items more expensive than the reward.”

     “Geo, you seem to be the only one talking, I thought this was a group protest,” laughed Illusen.

     The group remained silent for a moment.

     “You know Geo; I think Illusen is right on this one. She does give great rewards. Sometimes they may seem bad, however, they all add up to a great reward in the end,” said a Lutari.

     The group nodded and began to disperse.

     “What?! You can’t all leave me alone here!”

     Illusen laughed again.

     “It’s alright, Geo, I’m not mad at you. Why don’t you come inside and have a peaceful discussion about this over tea and Illusen Cookies?” asked Illusen.

     “Is this bribery? I’m not going to give into it!” I shouted.

     “No, but if that’s the way you feel about this, then go ahead and leave. I won’t stop you.”

     I began to get angry again. Finally, I picked up an air mote and tried to throw it at Illusen. Illusen held up a leaf shield and easily deflected the attack.

     “No, Geo! I’m not going to be involved in a public display of violence. Please don’t make me be the powerful earth faerie that I truly am. I want a peaceful resolution to this.”

     Illusen brought out a slingshot and a sword and showed them to me.

     “I really don’t want to have to use these beauties, especially on someone as delicate as you.”

     “I’m not delicate!” I yelled.

     “Of course you aren’t. My mistake,” said Illusen sarcastically.

     I took a hard look at the sword and felt scared. I didn’t want to show Illusen that I was afraid, but I also didn’t want to get hurt. I thought for a moment and then decided to back down.

     “Okay, Illusen, you win.”

     “It’s not about winning, Geo. You just needed to calm down. Are you sure you’re okay? You still haven’t accepted my tea offer,” said Illusen smiling at me.

     “I guess,” I replied.

     So I told Illusen everything. I told her about the fight with Nema, how I was frantically trying to find the quest item, how I got angry enough to form the protest group, everything. Illusen listened intently and finally spoke.

     “Geo, even though you failed the quest, I sincerely appreciate your efforts. Now you need to go apologize to your friend and forget the past,” advised Illusen.

     “Okay Illusen, thanks for your hospitality.”

     I went down the road to meet Nema.

     “Hi Nema!” I said.

     Nema kept on walking without answering me.

     “Nema, I’m calm now. I’m sorry for taking it out on you when I was upset. Please forgive me,” I begged.

     “It’s alright. Apology accepted. My tolerance for rudeness is just pretty low. I really would have preferred to be treated the way you wanted to be treated,” replied Nema.

     “Thank you for forgiving me, Nema.”

     “Remember Geo, if you get another quest and I have the item, I will help you. Just don’t get angry at your best friends when you’re upset. That’s not how friendship works,” said Nema.

     I was calm after a long day of being upset. The golden sunlight peeked into the glade as Illusen, Nema, and I all smiled at each other.

The End

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