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What's Your Neopet Horoscope?

by jackaloo


Hey there! Ever wonder what your neopets horoscope might be? Wha? What is a horoscope you say? Well, it is really quite simple. A horoscope is an astrological forecast. A horoscope is a symbol, a fortune teller, and a fun and interesting way to see what the future may hold for you. Depending on what month you were born in, your symbol and fortune vary. Is it real you may ask? Well, maybe... maybe not. Nothing to worry about, though, it's just a fun little way to see and learn some things about your neopets horoscope.

Now, if you were born between certain months, that is your horoscope and symbol. Understand? Okay, have fun!

1. January 20 - February 18, Ixi; You are calm and thoughtful with a brilliant mind. It may or may not show, but you think deeply without hesitation and know what is best for you, and everyone around you. Although sometimes your optimism may get a little out of control, your friends will always respect you for your great personality. To solve problems, you think logically and overcome it with mind over matter. This following week, keep calm and think before you act, or you may get yourself into unexpected trouble. Make sure your opinion counts, though; you don't want to be left out.

2. February 19 - March 20, Meerca; Wow, you are one heck of a Neopian. Your friends know you well for your wacky personality and bubbly behavior. If anyone is to get a boring party going, it will be you. Your quick thinking gives those who need a little spice in their life a good time, and your friends love you for that. Sure, you can get a little dramatic at times, but your ever changing life and bouncy appearance keeps you going strong. This week, you will put your great spirit to good use and cheer another up. Just stay encouraging and positive.

3. March 21 - April 19, Peophin; You are a Neopian who wants respect and organisation. Your natural born leadership is what keeps your group of friends in line and they admire you for that. You are a serious Neopian who has big plans for the future for yourself and will be persistent to reach your goals. Enjoying your position in your group of friends, you are perfectly content keeping those crazy Meercas in line. This week, be careful of your domination over your friends or they might turn on you. Just remember, your friends look up to you. Don't do anything to upset them harshly.

4. April 20 - May 20, Xweetok; You are an adventurer with a love for the wild and natural world. You love to explore and take risks to live life to the fullest and encourage your friends to join you. Your devoted care to nature and the natural environment gives you a stand out personality among your friends. It is good for you to show this example to others, as you could help the world without question. This week, you might want to think out and plan more of your adventures and actions. If you don't, you will certainly regret it and end up getting hurt.

5. May 21 - June 21, Uni; You are one who takes pride in yourself. You love making yourself have a stand out style and personality, making some jealous of you. Looking good and being stylish is your hobby, your passion, your personality. Your friends look up to you and get their ideas and actions from you. Having such a positive, happy-go-lucky attitude, you will only bring yourself good luck and happiness. This week (or any week) don't let your ego overcome you. If you know you look good, don't rub it in others' faces. If you are kind and respectful, you will get some positive feedback.

6. June 22 - July 22, Skeith; You are strong, muscular, adaptable, and takes what life has to give but doesn't really like it. You are respected for your authority to others and can get a little hostile sometimes. However, under those nerves of steel, there still is a soul with feelings that don't always show. Just because you may get a little hard-headed doesn't mean you don't have some great friends! This week, you might want to express your feelings more and show some compassion toward others. By doing so, you will change your luck and mood.

7. July 23 - August 22, Cybunny; You are an attractive, elegant Neopian. Sometimes you are shy, but can be really fun and interesting once people get to know you. Being the modest type, you get a lot of respect. Enjoying what you have now, you are the generous one who is the heart of your group of friends. Showing compassion and love in everything you do, you have a great amount of friends and people who admire you. This week, you should break out of that shyness for a while and really let your personality out. You never know what may happen...

8. August 23 - September 20, Lupe; You have lots of artistic skill and creativity. Your imagination runs wild often and you come up with ideas all the time. Loving a stress-free life and learning through pictures and movies, you are the fun friend of the group. People come to you for creative ideas and a good laugh. You thrive on the love of your friends and family, and will always be the fun and funny Neopian. This week, it is time to get a little more serious and get some unfinished work done. If you have a goal, now would be a good time to pursue it.

9. September 23 - October 23, Shoyru; You are a carefree, loving Neopian. You love the seasons and have some really good talents. Being the most talented one of your friends, you are usually the one to help out and teach others. This doesn't bother you, though; you love to help and thrive on teaching others. Some are jealous of you for your pure joy and happiness you show in your attitude and acts. This week is the week you may want to be careful with. Don't let your guard down for anything. Others are out to get you for overwhelming jealousy and will be mean if you let it get to you. They will just be dust in the wind if you show you don't care for their hurtful words.

10. October 24 - November 24, Eyrie; You are a true athlete. Whether you do a sport or not, you love to run and be free. Unfortunately, you only want to run or be active when you feel like it, but when you do, wow! You are the one who rises above all others for your courage and strength through any situation. Your bravery and agility is a perfect combination for you and you are proud of it. What would life be without activity to you? This week, you are going to put that athletic body to good use. Don't let reluctance get to you for this week, or you may end up with a frustrating day.

11. November 22 - December 21, Poogle; You are one of those social Neopians. Being the happy good attitude person you are, you are the talkative one of your friends and love to have them listen. You are not bossy, you just like to share stories and have a good laugh. You are very independent and are a crowd pleaser. You usually have the attention in your group of friends because of your crazy ever changing life and mood. This week, don't let the attention get to your head. If you do, you may not think before you act or say something and will hurt someone's feelings.

12. December 22 - January 19, Kacheek; NP, NP, NP! Yes! You are a Neopian who loves wealth and fortune. You are one of those who are the business type. Being quick witted and smart on anything you do, you always come out with the best deals. Your friends (and some of your enemies) are deeply impressed by your skill to finding the best deal or plan. This week, don't let anything get to you. It may seem like stressful at times, but it will all be over soon. Every bad day has two good ones in your life! Just keep your cool and don't let the littlest things anger you...

Well, that's it! Oh, in case you were wondering, I was a Lupe. :) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my horoscopes! If they didn't match your personality, that's okay! It was all just for fun. Thanks for reading you very own neopets horoscope! Goodbye!

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