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What About the Tonus?

by evildarkchocolate257


Now many people own Tonus, yes? And when people put them up for adoption, they expect nice petpage applications normally. The reason of this most likely may be because they are Limited Edition pets. Tonus are not particularly attractive in their original form; scruffy mane, wrinkly skin, unclipped toenails- ulch. And yet they are loved by many for the tag that has been attached to them; Limited Edition.

But where would most Tonus be without that tag? Without something that made them stand out and scream “I’m special!”? Yes, most would probably be found among Skeiths and Grarrls in the Neopian Pound, scrounging leftovers luckier creatures had dropped off from their lunch. I must put in that there are Neopians who do find these creatures cute and fun for who they really are inside, never mind the tag of Limited Edition they have. But many also would no longer wish to own them. Just a tacky pet dirtying up their profile. Not something telling anyone that the owner is special or that they have a trophy pet. And that probably means more in the pound, and less being created.

It’s a sad thing, the Tonus’ situation. Many will never truly be sure if they are loved because of their personality or because they are a trophy pet. Who can they count on but themselves? And because of this ‘tag’ they have upon them, many decent regular pets are lost and left behind. Tonus happen to be of good nature, and they like attention as much as any other pet, but will the regulars think of them the same as they do as other regulars? Will they be excluded from possible normal friendships, to dwell only with the tagged pets who are not truly their real friends? I would hope not. Would regulars glare and scoff in jealousy as they walk by? No Tonus wouldn’t want that. They are humble and caring. But they do not dare wish to be a regular, for the high possibilities of being unwanted.

Do you, may I ask, truly love the Tonus for who they are? The majority of you will probably say no. Most of you, on the inside either don’t like them at all or only because they are limited edition. Try having some compassion for these pets. Try to understand their traits and wants and needs. You may end up wanting one. And even if you don’t, many Neopians might be trying, and might find out the Tonu is the pet for them, not just because of their tag. How will this help the Tonus? It gives them a little bit more of a sense of security. That more people would love them whether or not they are a regular, but for who they really are. All pets do deserve love and compassion, don’t they? Even the simple Grarrls and Skeiths I mentioned before could use a little more attention too. If we Neopians are considered equals, why not the pets? Don’t they have rights to be loved just as much as another?

Making people believe Tonus are not just trophy pets can be a difficult thing. But if you cared even a smidgen for these poor souls, then you would try anyways. Tonus would appreciate it. Tell your pets who are not Tonus to be a little nicer, and not think them different from themselves in any way. Tell them to tell their friends. It won’t be long before the Tonus rise from the bottom to be with all the others. They may finally have true friends, caring siblings, and loving owners. That’s all they really need.

There is no need to adopt a Tonu just to prove you want to help. They do not need fancy clothing either, except more frequent baths and grooming is more than likely wanted. Unless, of course, you’d like them to contribute to your dung-themed room. Tonus, as I said, are humble creatures. They will happily obey your every command, and fight till they drop for you, as long as you treat them right. Right meaning the way they are meant to be treated; with love, compassion, and occasional grooming.

I can tell you a little bit about Tonus’ needs to help you get started, although I do not currently own one. Their teeth must be brushed every night at least with any proper toothbrush. You should give them baths twice per week. A scented soap, such as the Rose Scented Soap, will help cover up their natural small. Regular shampoo will do the trick for their manes and tail fluff, but herbal shampoo and super shiny shampoo will do wonders as well. Clip their toenails after every bath, because it’s a lot easier when the toenails won’t have as much grit in them as before the bath. Be aware they grow quickly. Any common nail clippers should do fine, as long as they are big enough. Kougra and other pet themed neopet nail clippers will not do, because each every pet species’ toenails are different! Read the book Tonu Tusk Polishing for directions on how to polish their tusks, obviously.

That was their basic grooming needs, but they need a little more than that. Well of course they need food and water, but I was talking about the love and compassion thing I keep mentioning. A bedtime story at night, a couple toys that you let them play with, a hug before bedtime; those are some basic things to show your Tonu you love them. And if you are fostering a Tonu, it doesn’t mean that you can’t show a little love just because you aren’t keeping them! Of course, there are many other things to show your Tonu you love and care that aren’t mentioned here. Buying them wearable clothes is expensive, and since Tonus are humble, they would probably just blush when you give it to them to wear. But trust me, even though they don’t say so, they love that you got them something.

If you help the Tonus, you could make a difference. Not just in people's opinions about them, but in their feelings, too. You will see more people caring for their Tonus than not. Even though it may seem like a silly cause, it is all worthwhile. Many people will have their perfect pet, many Tonus will have their perfect owner, and then Neopians will be one step closer to making Neopia a little brighter.

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