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The Buzzer Game: The Guide

by star138


You have come here seeking guidance to beat the Buzzer Game. Perhaps, rather than victory, you want an avatar or a trophy? No matter your reasons, you have come to the right place, Apprentice. DarkNercrofear and I have been playing the Buzzer Game for many seasons and we have some tips to help you improve your score so that one day, you too will be a master of the game.

Preparing for the Game: Mentally and Physically

Conquer Cluttered Surfaces: Clutter is the enemy in this game, Apprentice. Your most important asset, after your finely-tuned intellect, is a steady hand. Hands are steadiest when they are not bumping into objects strewn across your desk. You want a large area to maneuver your mouse. If you use a mouse pad, that's a good-sized area. Just to be safe, though, make sure you have about two inches all around your mouse pad. If you don't have a mouse pad, use a sheet of typing paper to measure out an area.

Choose Your Weapon: An optical mouse is a great asset for this game because it is much steadier than a regular mouse. Some players will tell you to not use a mouse pad. I find a mouse pad keeps the mouse from moving too jerkily. The final decision will lie with you Apprentice. If you do not have an optical mouse, be sure that your mouse is clean before beginning and keep in mind that it will likely take a bit of patience since older "ball style" mice are not as steady.

Size Does Matter: Unlike other Neopets games, this one is not about speed at all. It is 100% about accuracy. For this reason, play the game on the largest screen size you can without compromising the image integrity (remember, you want to see that wire clearly!). I would usually also take this moment to comment on your chosen picture quality, but given Neopets technology changes, game quality shouldn't impair your movements or create lag, so if you like high quality, go for it. If not, be aware you may also be distorting the game images.

Focus, Young Apprentice: NEVER try to play this game with external distractions. You will lose. If you must leave, do so between levels. Also, this will feel counter-intuitive since it is the Buzzer Game, but turn off the sound. It will only distract you. The bonus clock's ticking will tempt you to rush. As for the Buzzer, it can be jarring and throw you right out of your zone. If you can't function in silence (or you don't live in a vacuum), listen to music instead; it will be much less distracting. This should go without saying, but don't multi-task while you play. The game should be the only thing on your computer while you're trying to get a high score.

To Become a Grand Master, You Must Master the Basics

The Rules: The game is simple, Apprentice. Use the mouse to guide the metal hoop around the wire on the screen. If the metal hoop touches the wire, you will complete the circuit and hear a buzzing sound. This is bad and means that you have lost a life (you get three). The game has fifteen levels. The wire around which you will guide the ring changes with each level. The levels do get harder (level one is much easier than level 8, for instance) but by the higher levels it's more that there are different challenges rather than harder challenges.

Accuracy Matters: Be sure to note where the hoop is in relation to the wire. Even the slightest slip can be trouble. A good rule of thumb is to keep part of the wire ring "visible" above and below the wire to avoid accidentally bumping it.

Patience, Young Apprentice: In order to conquer the game, you must learn patience. Do not try to get your bonus points; it will make you sloppy. If you must, let the time run out completely before you start to avoid the temptation. The game is not timed, so take as long as you need.

Focus: As your skills improve, the Techo Master will try to distract you. His eyes will glow red or bulge. He will stick out his tongue. Fruit will fall. In order to steer clear of these pitfalls, move slowly and try to pause until a distraction ceases.

Advanced Techniques

Be Observant: Take some time to assess the level before you start, Young Apprentice. That way you can have a sense of what you're getting into at the start of each level and figure out how best to complete it.

Not all Bonuses are Good Things: It is just a device to get you to rush and therefore lose. You don't want to lose! So give up trying to get the bonus and just take your time with each level.

The Techo is Not Your Friend: This point cannot be stressed enough. Do not let the Techo phase you!

All Good Things in Time

Do Not Expect to Surpass Your Master in One Day: Doing well in this game takes time, so don't plan on reaching the Grand Master level in one day. Instead, just try to complete one more level with each game... it doesn't matter as long as you continue to improve your score because every little bit helps. Keep in mind that the higher you want to score the longer you will have to play (without distractions). In other words, don't play this game when you only have a few minutes free to practice--it won't be worth your time.

Don't Strain Yourself: If you get bored with the game, stop playing until you regain interest. Do not play for hours at a time; it will only lower your score and strain your eyes.

Remember to Have Fun: This is a game, after all, you should be enjoying yourself when you play it! Now your training is complete, I can do no more for you, Young Apprentice. Good luck!

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