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Pirate Steel: Part Three

by quinn9x9


Garin woke up in a room that resembled his cabin, except for two minor changes. A green Lupe with foul breath in place of his friend Jacques and a silver Shoyru instead of Talak.

      All right, Scarblade's cabin then.

     He got up and took a few clumsy steps before ending up on the floor again, clutching his aching head. Scarblade smirked."So, great Garin, how do you feel knowing your own crew member betrayed you?" he said, his voice dripping poison. Saphira didn't move an inch, her face a mask that hid all emotion.

     She's not sorry she did it, Garin thought. "She's not one of ours," Garin lied.

     Scarblade yawned. "Don't bother with that, boy; we already know the truth. This girl was ever so easy to crack. Of course, it's not like she knew what she was doing." He kicked aside an empty potion bottle on the floor. "I suppose you're enjoying your stay on my ship so far? After all, your ship is nothing more than a pile of driftwood."

     Garin's eyes widened and he felt as if he might snap in two. The Pawkeet, gone. The world was coming to an end. Garin remembered something. "Where's the rest of the crew?"

     Scarblade laughed again. "In the brig, where they belong. Where you belong too, but I've got something rather special in mind for you." He eyed his sword eagerly and Garin gulped. Saphira slightly twitched and Garin saw her hands curl into fists.

     Garin decided to swallow his ego for a minute and stall his fate. "I thought such scum as I weren't worth soiling your glorious shining sword." A slight smile twitched across his mouth. Scarblade's gaze darted towards his slightly rusting sword, and it seemed he didn't take Garin's sarcasm very well, for he then ordered Saphira to bind Garin with magic.

     "Put his arms behind his back, hold him still, and watch the brave and noble Garin die." Saphira obediently followed orders.

     "Traitor," Garin hissed at her.

     "Maybe, but you're jumping to conclusions," she whispered back. Garin looked puzzled for a moment, though it quickly turned to fear as Scarblade turned to face them, his sword raised. As it came down, Saphira moved Garin out of the way. Releasing him, she ran and Garin followed her out onto the deck of Revenge. The crew was below deck, celebrating their victory with rum. Garin couldn't help but grin as he heard Scarblade howl in rage, until he heard Scarblade behind him. He ran like lightning, Saphira beside him.

     Suddenly Saphira stopped. "The Pawkeet isn't wrecked; Scarblade tied it to the Revenge! I'll go and get the crew; you jump!" Garin started to protest but Saphira cut him off. "Your life's worth more than mine!" she yelled and started towards the brig.

     Garin slipped his seaweed necklace over his head. Thank Fyora I had it. He jumped into the waters below as Saphira slowly dismantled the locks in the brig.

     It was a race against time.

     One that Saphira was losing.


     Garin swam deeper, thinking. Which way was Maraqua? Kelp, I can't see at all now! He swam upwards out of the kelp and suddenly remembered something. Goregas! If I can call him, maybe he can lead me to Isca. Garin struggled to get the whistle right, but soon saw an orange dot swimming towards him. What was better though, was the bright, blue-green, much smaller, dot beside it. Isca! Garin swam towards her and soon they were staring each other in the face.

     "Garin? Is it really you?" Isca whispered.

     "In the flesh. I've got something important to say..." Garin began telling Isca everything that had happened since the storm. Isca frowned and began to say something when a faint cackling was heard from the surface. Garin's breath caught. "Something's going wrong! We've got to go!" A faint smile flickered across Isca's lips and they began to swim upward.


     Saphira panicked as she picked the lock. The crew members within looked as if they'd given up all hope. They could hear Scarblade coming and their only hope was fumbling with the lock. When they could see the dark green fur of the captain of the Revenge, Saphira stepped away from the lock after hearing a satisfying click. The Pawkeet's crew ran out, nearly knocking Scarblade over. Saphira chased after them, but felt a strong pair of hands pull her back.

     "You're not going anywhere, missy. You may have cost me the joy of seeing that so-called captain of a floating stinkpot die, but I'll have the joy of seeing you die." Scarblade's voice echoed in her ears. Saphira jerked herself free.

     "Well, I suppose it is kind of hard to see yourself die, but that's hardly my fault now."

     Scarblade was all rage. Imagine five million fire yooyus coming at you. Angry fire yooyus. That's what it felt like for Saphira. She was sent flying onto the deck. Scarblade tossed her a sword, covered in rust.

     "Now, let's see if you can fend for yourself. A proper fight," he said, grinning. Saphira couldn't fight for toffee. Scarblade picked up his own sword. The Shoyru picked up her sword awkwardly, her face clearly showing her fear. Scarblade made the first move, jabbing quickly at her ribs.

     Saphira practically threw the sword out of her hands as she blocked him. I'm here on my own. Oh Fyora, I'm going to die. She clumsily thrust her sword out at Scarblade, only to find him not there. She whirled around and saw him behind her and felt the flat of his blade slap against her head. She fell to the deck, spots dancing in her eyes. Scarblade raised his sword for the second time that day against a defenseless opponent.

     For the second time that day he was foiled.


     Garin blocked Scarblade's sword from coming within an inch of Saphira. Skillfully, he disarmed the Lupe captain, sending his sword to ground with a quick flick of Garin's own. Scarblade knew he was defeated, but managed to look cocky all the same. "What do you want, boy?" he asked, sneering. Garin made his request simple.

     "Stay far away from my ship and its crew."

     "Why should I?" Scarblade retorted childishly.

     Garin pressed his maractite dagger close to Scarblade's throat.

     "I think you know," he said, releasing Scarblade. Scarblade staggered, then glared at the Usul before disappearing into his cabin.

     Garin turned around and picked up the young Shoyru on the deck, who was now unconscious. It was time to get off that accursed ship. Slipping Isca's necklace over his and Saphira's head, he jumped once again into the sea, Isca waiting below.


     Isca frowned when she saw Saphira's tiny form.

     "So small, yet already turned to piracy. Such influences you have on people, Garin. Not many good influences, though." Her tone was bitter.

     Garin put up with her words. He had been lucky for her to be willing enough to help. She had not been pleased with his choice to stay a pirate, but he couldn't make her see how he loved the adventure, the sound of the waves, everything there was in a life of piracy. After what seemed like hours, Garin felt a shadow fall across them and looked up. He saw the bottom of a ship. He smiled. His ship. Slowly, to prevent Saphira from falling, he swum upwards. As he surfaced the end of a rope fell into the water next to him. Waving goodbye to Isca, he climbed up and landed on the deck of his ship, exhausted. Jacques helped him up and then helped up Saphira, who had finally come round. The Shoyru was shaking, her eyes half-closed. Garin sent Saphira to his cabin. She deserved his bed more than he did. When she was gone, Garin was bombarded with questions of his escape. Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, he recounted the events since the battle on the Pawkeet, The crew hung on to his every word. Garin could tell a mean story, seeing as he had been taught by his grandfather. When he was done, Jacques whispered something to him. Garin nodded sleepily and got up and walked down to the sleeping quarters, climbing into a spare hammock. He was going to miss the kid when she was gone.


     The next morning, Saphira was awakened by laughter from outside Garin's cabin. Bleary-eyed, she stepped out onto the deck and saw the entire crew assembled before her, Garin in the center, looking a bit embarrassed. He beckoned for her to come closer and began speaking, "Saphira, the crew has voted, and we have decided you are worthy of the name 'Pirate Steel'. We also apologize--" Here Garin cast an unsure glance at Jacques and the Kyrii motioned for him to go on. "We apologize for being unkind to you during your stay. Can you forgive us?"

     Saphira looked Garin in his eyes and said, "I forgive you. After all, pirate steel must bend sometimes." The whole crew looked relieved and Saphira smiled. With the wind on her face and the sun shining down, she was going to enjoy these last few days.

The End

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