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The You Don't Need Skills to Get Trophies Guide

by zuziafruzia


Have you ever sat down in dismay and stared at your lackluster trophy cabinet, wishing for a few more, despite your lack of gaming skill? You don't need to be a gaming master to earn extra trophies. All you need is luck, perhaps a stash of neopoints, some patience, and this guide! So what are you waiting for? Get reading! After all, you don't have anywhere you need to be now, right?

First of all, the time of the month does matter for most of these games. If it's earlier into the month, you're better off getting a trophy, since the Neopets Team resets those monthly high score boards around midnight on the first. However, don't fret if days have passed into the month. Since you don't have skill, you might be surprised at how far sheer determination, focus, and luck can get you if you keep at it! Besides, along with each game I'm going to mention, I'll even tell you if timing even matters. Just remember, regardless of what day of the month it is, check the high score board before playing these games. You want to know what score you need to not only get onto one, but how much you need to gain a trophy (Trophies are rewarded to the top 17 at around 4 am NST).


Timing: definitely matters - play the first of the month, preferably as soon as scores are reset

Whoever told you this game was a game of reflexes was wrong, really wrong. Your best bet is to pick any number, though not a high, ridiculous one like one hundred fifteen. Okay, what do we need this for? Once the game starts, count to that number and press your spacebar. But what if that sock named Sloth doesn't appear from the tube at that point? Trust me, to get a high enough score (500 is the max), you won't realize Sloth came out yet. If you succeeded, your score will be automatically sent. If not, well, either beg Sloth (not recommended) or keep trying again. And again... Good luck!

Grarrl Keno

Timing: easier to get at the beginning of the month

This game will be a little bit trickier, because you'll need two things: age and neopoints. You can bet 50 + 2 for each day you've been playing. So if you're a newbie, even luck won't save you here. The only hard thing about this game is choosing your numbers from 1-80 and actually winning. Remember to stick to them at all times when betting - this will increase your chances of winning. Random numbers, or should I say eggs in this case, are NOT your friends, got it? :) I would recommend picking six numbers, because you'll need three to win and get your neopoints back doubled. Of course, you can choose up to eight numbers, but then four of those need to hatch (numbers are on eggs) - then you'd get four times as much as you betted. Play around with the amount you're choosing and the amount you're betting each turn. I had to spend almost 200k to get a trophy so this game is not for the avaricious! Good luck!

Scorchy Slots

Timing: easier to get at the beginning of the month

Scorchy what? This is one of Neopia's oldest games. You probably will only hear of it while playing Advert Attack and seeing an ad to play it. Okay, enough with its history. This game is relatively cheap - five neopoints per play. Over time, you're probably going to lose neopoints, but only by slight margins. ;) That is, if you don't win the jackpot or any other great prizes like bottled faeries or map pieces. However, items do not count for your score. The only way to get onto the score board is to win the jackpot, four money bags in a row. Despite the presence of a volcano, this game is quite boring and frustrating. Maybe that's why the score board seems to take forever to fill up. Hey, at least these slots are not as popular! Therefore Scorchy Slots is the only slot game I've put on this list. Good luck!

The Neopian Lottery

Timing: doesn't matter - it's daily

Neopia has a lottery? Yes, it does! And it's run by Arthur, the Lottery Machine. You can buy a maximum of twenty tickets, 100 neopoints each, with each ticket having six numbers between 1 and 30. Actually, you should buy twenty tickets to max out your chances. And just like with Grarrl Keno, random numbers are not your friends, so take a piece of paper and jot down your twenty sets of numbers to use each day! If you're worried that twenty tickets are not enough, go play Dice-A-Roo for a chance to win some more - just after you purchase your max or else those random tickets count towards your max and that's not nice. The total prize fund, by the end of the day, usually comes to or close to a million neopoints! And you don't have to get all six winning numbers correct to win either. Some days a handful of people win with only four matches! So buy your tickets today! Good luck!


Timing: easier to get at the beginning of the month

There are many reasons, besides getting the trophy, why you should be playing this game. You can win food, lottery tickets, bottled faeries, an avatar, and finally - the jackpot. It may be five neopoints per play until you get game over, but in the end, you'll get your neopoints back through items won (that is, if you get past that blue die). The red and blue dice are useless and annoying. Once you get to the green die, you can win food items. The yellow die awards lottery tickets and food items. The silver die does both, but is also a poor victim to the Pant Devil. He will steal an item randomly from your inventory so put your valuables into your Safety Deposit Box for the time being. If you manage to win the jackpot on the silver die, hope really, really badly that you'll get the 1 in 10 10X jackpot multiplier. After all, that's how those amazingly high scores come about, you know. If you don't, continue playing until your neopet gets bored of it, which it will if you play for too long. Good luck!

Brain Tree Quest

Timing: easier to get at the beginning of the month

The Brain Tree is not only the smartest tree in all of Neopia, but also the only one whose questers can get a trophy from! You don't see Taelia giving away a trophy of herself, no. Go to the Haunted Woods and accept his quest. You are going to have about an hour to complete two parts of his quest - where and when some random character died. How will I ever find that out, you must be asking. Easy! Go to the Esophagor and ask for a quest from him, completing it once for one answer, and completing a second quest for the other one. Who knew the Esophagor was so intelligent, right? Go back to the Brain Tree and give him the answers. If you have trouble remembering, write them down as you get them from the Esophagor. He'll be pleased and award you with a useless, but don't let him hear you say that, item (although the Baby Fireballs that he can give you make nice petpets) and neopoints. The number of neopoints you received is your "score". I hope you get a high amount, because you can only be on the Brain Tree's Quest once a day, even if you fail. But you don't want to fail, do you? Good luck!

Test Your Strength

Timing: easier to get at the beginning of the month

Also located in the Haunted Woods (Deserted Fairground), Test Your Strength doesn't really test your strength. It's rigged so Arnold is really testing your luck. That's right: luck. Hit the red button, using the mallet, every six hours for a chance at this rather cool trophy. Good luck!

Vending Machine

Timing: easier to get at the beginning of the month

Go out and buy a nerkmid, which is unbuyable, to use at the beginning of the month, preferably on the first, when it's easier to get a trophy. The Alien Aishas will be so happy you did anyway. Find the Vending Machine, located in the Neopian Plaza, and pull down some levers, press some buttons, and you will get some prizes! Your prize will always consist of an item which can range from a paint brush, bottled faerie, gross food, or another nerkmid. No matter how spectacular the item is, it is the amount of neopoints, just like when it comes to the Brain Tree's Quest, that matter! Good luck!

Tyranu Evavu

Timing: easier to get at the beginning of the month

So you might feel intimidated by the Tyrannian speak of Oogaroo, Jarbjarb, and Uggsul, but you only need to learn two words: Tyranu always means higher and Evavu always means lower. So in this game, you'll be given a card and it's your job to predict if the next card will be higher or lower by selecting Tyranu or Evavu. It's really based on luck since I've had a King appear after a Queen when I selected Evavu (lower), etc. Remember, go with your gut feeling. Even jot down the cards that went by if it makes you feel better since all of the cards form one deck! Watch out for the Tyranu and Evavu signs to swap places, those Tyrannians can be rather clumsy at times! A game costs only 30 neopoints, so what are you waiting for? Good luck!

Bilge Streak

Timing: easier to get at the beginning of the month

The game of Bilge Dice has two trophies: cumulative and streak. Since I don't expect you to devote your entire day to Bilge Dice, cumulative is out of the question, leaving Bilge Streak. Your purpose should be to qualify first and then get the highest amount that you can (24 is the highest amount possible). Remember to check how your competition, Monty, Grimtooth, and Deadeye, are doing! There are times when they will be doing very well and times when they'll be so very bad it'll make you question how they've managed to do that. With the lowest amount per game being 10 neopoints, you shouldn't need a lot, especially if you're on a winning streak. Who knows, your streak might be so high that you'll get that elusive bilge streak avatar which will most certainly get you on the high score board. Good luck!

Grumpy Old King / Wise Old King

Timing: easier to get at the beginning of the month

There are two old kings in Neopia: Skarl, the grumpy one in Meridell, and his brother, Hagan, the wise one in Brightvale. You get two shots at pleasing Skarl with a funny joke. However, you get only one shot at pleasing Hagan with a piece of wisdom. Before you go searching for the best jokes or pieces of wisdom you can find, it doesn't matter what you say, since pleasing both kings is totally random! Of course you could always try asking Skarl, "What do you do if fierce Peophins has eaten too much tin of olives?" and answering with something, but it's all random so it doesn't matter! So try to visit both brothers daily for your chance at a trophy. Good luck!


Timing: easier to get at the beginning of the month

Cheeseroller, located in Meridell, could be quite fun if you manage to avoid those tree branches and other pesky delays. Fishy Cheese Cheese is the most expensive cheese therefore you should buy it - it holds the greatest chance of getting those high scores you've always dreamed of. As with every game in this guide, the results of your actions are completely random. But you could always try calculating the odds of saving some time or losing some time if you know how to (But then again if you're good at that, you should be playing the Food Club, not Cheeseroller). To get a trophy, not only must you avoid delays at all costs, but you must save time in order to get way under the sixty second limit. Those seconds are priceless! Good luck!

Double or Nothing

Timing: easier to get at the beginning of the month

Found in Skarl's Castle in Meridell, Double or Nothing and its concept is easy. Toss a coin and if it's heads you double your neopoints and if it's tails you... lose. At 10 neopoints per play, it's definitely cheaper than Kiss the Mortog and, I daresay, easier. Technically, you have a 50/50 chance of succeeding, but we all know Snargan the Castle Treasurer is extremely greedy, oh dear. Maybe you can defeat him at his own game. Good luck!

Kiss the Mortog

Timing: easier to get at the beginning of the month

Also located in Meridell, Kiss the Mortog is less pleasant to play than Double or Nothing. I mean, we're talking about kissing mortogs when they have a chance to explode! At first there are only two Mortogs to choose from, but as you go on, assuming you're successful in turning Mortogs back into royalty, more are added so your chances decrease. I'd say, stick with a chosen pattern by choosing the same Mortog when you get to that particular round (like choosing the second Mortog instead of the first in the first round, etc.). Good luck!

That's all the games I have for you! With fifteen in total, they should be able to keep you busy for quite some time. After all, fifteen trophies are almost enough to fill two rows in your trophy cabinet! I hope you have enjoyed this guide as much as I have. *throws four leaf clovers at you* I wish you the very, very, very best of luck! May you have lots of it considering you're all out of skill. GOOD LUCK!

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