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What Kind of Neopian Times Fan Are You?

by popso_the_hopso


The Neopian Times is known for many things throughout its 300 issues: pets going on countless adventures, the editorial, Dr. Sloth, game articles, insanity, Meepits, white Weewoos, Meepits, and potatoes, but you should already know this by now. Now the big question is this: what kind of Neopian Times fan are you? Are you a crazy obsessed super-fan or a Neopian Times destroyer? Maybe you’re just a quiet fan or someone who just dislikes it. This quiz below will reveal the answer to you! Read each question and pick the letter answer that would most suit your attitude toward the Neopian Times. Keep in mind which answer letter you seem to be picking the most of throughout the quiz and have fun!

1. Neopian Times?

A. Neopian Times? WHERE?! *foams*

B. The Neopian Times is awesome!

C. It’s okay.

D. Ugh, the Neopian Times? Who reads that?


F. What’s the Neopian Times?

2. Do you own any of the Neopian Times items?

A. I own all of them. MUHAHAHA!

B. I own most of them!

C. I think I have a few.

D. Why would I own Neopian Times stuff?

E. Never wanted any. I would destroy Neopian Times items if I had some, though.

F. Seriously, what is the Neopian Times?

3. Do you write for the Neopian Times?

A. I’m writing right now!

B. Frequently!

C. Sometimes.

D. Why should I?

E. Never will.

F. How can I write for something if I don’t know what it is?

4. Do you ever write questions to the editorial?

A. Must... keep... writing... questions... to... editorial...

B. Quite often.

C. I don’t really have any questions.

D. That section is pointless so why should I write questions for it?

E. Never did and never will. That’s what the help section is for.


5. How often do you read the Neopian Times?

A. When am I NOT reading it?

B. Every week when it comes out!

C. Occasionally, usually when I remember.

D. Why would I be reading the Neopian Times?

E. Never. Don’t care. I rip it up a lot though.

F. I might say yes or no to this question, but hey, guess what? I can’t because... well... I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE NEOPIAN TIMES IS! TELL ME ALREADY OR I’LL BRING SOME WHITE WEEWOOS AND ANGRY MEEPITS AND SET THEM LOOSE!

6. You find a Neopian Times issue on the ground in your favorite store. What do you do?

A. OMG who would put the Neopian Times issue on the GROUND? This is a disaster! I need to take it home and get the dirt off it right away!

B. Hmm... I already read it ten times so I guess reading it again won’t hurt!

C. I’ll read through my favorite sections and maybe sell it for some neopoints.

D. Leave it there. Why would I want it?

E. Pick it up and tear it to pieces. I don’t want it and somebody else didn’t either.


Now it’s time to find out what kind of fan are you! Make sure you remember what your most common letter answer was.

Mostly A: Crazy Obsessed Super-Fan

You are possibly the biggest Neopian Times fan in Neopia. You always let your extreme appreciation for the Neopian Times show through everything you do! But that doesn’t mean you can’t take your obsession down a notch. I mean, *takes a step back* it’s not a bad thing. Just maybe, you know, try and not think about the Neopian Times all the time. *takes another step back*

Mostly B: Dedicated Fan

Wow, you’re a pretty dedicated fan of the Neopian Times! You like to read the Neopian Times quite often and actually write all kinds of things for it! Sometimes you may also like to send questions to the editorial just to see your username in it. The only advice I have for you is to keep reading and writing and maybe even draw out some comics for now on. In short, keep it up!

Mostly C: Fan

You like the Neopian Times, not a lot, but you don’t hate it either. You like reading the editorial and like to occasionally read comics, stories, and articles every once and a while. You would also like to have some more Neopian Times items than you do now. You should try writing some articles to express your small but strong liking of the Neopian Times.

Mostly D: Dislikes the Neopian Times

Okay, so you’re not exactly on your knees worshiping the Neopian Times right now. You might instead be found on the Neoboards bashing it. You should try to get rid of this interesting bias by reading the Neopian Times instead of insulting it. It’s not that bad; it has hilarious comics, exciting stories, and riveting articles of all types. If you look, you will always find things that come within your taste. If you found that you still don’t like it, please respect the Neopians who write and read the Neopian Times.

Mostly E: Destroyer of the Times

You strangely have a strong interest in destroying the Neopian Times. Maybe you should try to get rid of this habit by reading the Neopian Times instead of destroying it. A good place for you to start reading in the Neopian Times is the series or short stories section. You can read about things getting destroyed there instead of you doing the destroying. You should maybe even try writing some stories for the Neopian Times about something that interests you and then you can have a nice shiny trophy for your cabinet.

Mostly F: ...?

Maybe you should read the Neopian Times more often.

So there you have it; you now know what kind of Neopian Times fan you are! Even if you are a person who doesn’t like or destroys the Neopian Times, there is still something for you do; you can be the reader of the Neopian Times who laughs at the funny comics and gasps at the dramatic stories or you can even be the artist of the funny comics and the writer of the dramatic stories! Whichever kind of fan you are, the Neopian Times has been an awesome experience for the writers and fans for 300 issues!

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