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The Honorary Feepit vs. The Darkest Meepit

by ashflash


Spats the purple Tasu crouched low in the grasses of Mystery Island waiting for his prey. Orion, a starry feepit who was the head of the Mystery Island Division of the Feepit Defenders of Neopia, had evidence that a nonresidential meepit was on the island. The F.D.N. had quickly divided into pairs to locate the threat. Naturally, Spats had paired up with his friend, Rufus.

     Finally, Spats heard someone approach and pounced in front of a terrified yellow meepit and shouted, “Not so fast!”

     Rufus the feepit jumped out from behind the meepit and said, “Meepit, you have some explaining to do.”

     “Please don’t hurt me,” she replied. “My name is Faith and I need your help.”

     “This must be a trick,” scoffed Rufus. “A meepit would never come to a feepit for help.”

     “My brother is plotting something horrible in Altador, and I had to get away from him to find help,” Faith answered.

     “Why did you come to Mystery Island when Shenkuu and Lutari Island are much closer?” asked Spats skeptically.

     “The first ferry off of Altador was the Mystery Island Ferry.”

     “We will take you to our headquarters, but we will blindfold you so that you will not know where it is,” said Spats.

     “Okay,” agreed Faith.

     Soon Rufus and Spats had taken Faith to F.D.N. Mystery Island Headquarters, which was deep within the Deserted Tomb of Geraptiku. All of the local feepits came to listen to what the meepit had to say.

     “Do you have an owner?” asked Orion.

     “Yes, Siyana the light faerie is my owner,” answered Faith. “My brother’s owner was the Darkest Faerie.”

     Everyone gasped at this revelation. The Darkest Faerie was a very serious matter and the fact that Siyana was Faith’s owner gave her some credibility.

     “Like his owner, my brother has dreamed about conquering Neopia for as long as I can remember. One day he told his friends that he had found a way to accomplish the takeover and then disappeared for a few weeks. When he returned his appearance had changed dramatically. He had dark purple fur, bat wings, and red eyes. My brother started calling himself the Darkest Meepit and had gained the powers to match.”

     “How is that possible?” questioned Rufus.

     “I don’t know,” she replied. “I wasn’t given the chance to find out because he chased me away after he discovered that I didn’t want world domination.”

     “We should alert the feepits in Altador,” suggested Spats.

     “They have not been in contact for some time,” remarked Orion, “and I bet that it has something to do with what Faith is telling us. I think we should investigate. Half of you will stay here with me in case this is a trap to lure us away. The other half will go to Altador with Faith.”

     Soon Rufus, Spats, Faith, and about a dozen other feepits were in Altador “This better not be a wild mallard chase, meepit,” said Rufus.

     “Don’t worry Faith, he will warm up to you eventually,” comforted Spats.

     “If you say so,” she replied softly.

     “Spats, do you really trust her?” whispered Rufus.

     “She has not done anything wrong,” replied Spats. “Faith, where should we go?”

     “I think we should go to the Hall of Heroes, because my brother had mentioned something about it.”

     When the petpets arrived at the Hall of Heroes they found a strange sight. A couple dozen meepits were supervising the rebuilding of the Darkest Faerie Statue by brainwashed citizens of Altador.

     “This will stop now!” shouted Rufus.

     “I disagree,” commented the Darkest Meepit as he glided into view. “Though I suppose I should thank you two,” he said as he pointed to Rufus and Spats.

     “What do you mean?” asked Spats nervously.

      “You two respected my wishes and allowed me to stay in the dimension of discarded items. The Staff of the Space Faerie was not the only item of value that was discarded. My master discarded a jar containing some of her power so that I could obtain it later,” he chuckled with amusement.

     “You were that meepit!” realized Spats.

     “Doesn’t matter, we can beat him again,” declared Rufus. “Charge!”

     “Meepits and mindless minions, attack them,” responded the Darkest Meepit calmly.

     Spats quickly realized that they were outnumbered three to one. “Retreat!” he shouted and Faith and the feepits quickly complied and ran outside.

     “We are seriously outnumbered, and we don’t even know what his plans are,” observed Spats. “Faith, do you know anyone who can help us figure out what is going on?”

      “Yes,” she answered, “follow me.” The yellow meepit led them to the Altadorian Archives. “Scholar,” she called, “are you home?”

     “Good afternoon, Faith,” said a hermiteese as he flew into the room. “I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

     “Blame my brother for that,” she replied. “My brother has some of the powers of the Darkest Faerie and is rebuilding her statue in the Hall of Heroes, and we need to know why.”

     “This is very serious!” responded Scholar. “If the statue is rebuilt and the Darkest Faerie’s dark magic fire is placed into its hands she will return to destroy Neopia.”

     “That is impossible,” remarked Spats. “This statue is only a statue; the darkest faerie is imprisoned in the one guarded by Fyora in Faerieland.”

     “The Darkest Faerie bewitched the statue in the Hall of Heroes,” answered Scholar.

     “We need to stop her!” proclaimed Rufus.

     “First, we need more help” suggested Spats. “Where are the Heroes of Altador?”

      “My brother has probably trapped them in the Council Chamber,” said Faith.

      “I have an idea,” said Spats. “Follow me.” The group of petpets soon arrived at the stockroom of the Legendary Petpets store. The room was filled with every kind of Altadorian petpet in existence. The petpets stopped what they were doing to stare at the newcomers. “A meepit is going to bring back the Darkest Faerie and we need your help to stop him,” declared Spats.

      “You must be joking,” stated an alabriss.

     “Petpets!” shouted a vaeolus. “We can’t allow the Darkest Faerie to reawaken. We must defend our friends and families.”

     “He is right!” agreed a minitheus. “We must take a stand!”

     All of the petpets shouted their agreement as they marched to the Hall of Heroes.

     “This construction will cease and desist,” declared Rufus.

     “Try and stop us,” challenged the Darkest Meepit. “As you can see the statue is almost complete.”

     Soon the battle had erupted. The meepits were fighting the feepits, the Altadorian petpets, Faith, and Spats while the brainwashed neopets were rebuilding the statue. No one noticed the small altachuck sneaking over to the Council Chamber.

     “At last, the statue is complete,” laughed the Darkest Meepit. “Now I just have to use some magic on the statue’s hands. He quickly shot a blast of dark magic onto the statue’s left hand and then prepared to launch a blast at the remaining hand.

     “No!” screamed Faith as she jumped between her brother and the statue and was hit by the blast instead.

     Just as the Darkest Meepit was going to unleash a third blast, a firm paw grabbed him. “What’s this?” roared King Altador, “a meepit working for the Betrayer!” Everyone stopped fighting to look at King Altador, the rest of Altador’s Heroes, and the missing feepits of Altador with an altachuck at their side. “Send this meepit to the dungeons,” ordered King Altador.

     “Faith!” screamed Siyana as she rushed to her fallen meepit’s side. “You poor thing,” she said as she quickly gave her precious petpet a healing potion. A few seconds later Faith opened her eyes and was as good as new.

     “Citizens of Altador,” boomed King Altador, “the Betrayer once again plotted to rule over us, but her plan has been foiled. Her statue will be destroyed once again and you may return to your homes.”

     Everyone followed King Altador’s orders and left. As the F.D.N. was leaving Faith ran up to them shouting, “Hey, wait up!”

      What’s wrong?” questioned Spats.

     “Thank you all for saving my home,” said Faith.

     “You are the one who saved it,” responded Rufus. “You are an amazing petpet.”

     “That means a lot to me,” she said as she waved good-bye.

     Spats and the feepits waved good-bye as they boarded the ferry and went home.

The End

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