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Soup Faerie Wonders

by absdafabs


The Soup Kitchen is known as a place where poor and hungry pets will be given delicious soup to warm their rumbling tummies. The kind soul that is at the bottom of all this is the Soup Faerie. The most charitable, but sometimes the most forgotten faerie. But how can the Soup Faerie afford to give away so much soup for no money at all? If that question has been pestering you for some time, you had better read on to find out. The Soup Faerie is a very mysterious character whose name is frequently cropping up in the form of lots of questions. So we decided to investigate further into the conundrum surrounding where the Soup Faerie gets all the neopoints to buy her ingredients. This has bewildered many people so today we will finally find out what the answer is and put an end to this unnecessary perplexing.

The Soup Faerie and Mushca, a Zafara who currently works as a cook in the Soup Kitchen, are waiting outside my office to be interviewed. First of all we will interview Mushca, as she may know of some valuable evidence that could point us in the direction of the answer to our knowledge-thirsty quest.

Abs: So, do you have any ideas as to how the Soup Faerie gets the neopoints to buy soup with?

Mushca: No, but it could have something to do with some of the bizarre items I have seen stashed in the cupboards and hidden under the furniture recently.

Abs: It sounds like we are onto something. What kind of items? Can you give an example?

Mushca: Well, I do recall finding a pair of purple wings behind a big sack of potatoes yesterday. Also, there was a dark brown wig in amongst the onions.

Abs: How very strange. Is there anything else that seems a bit out of the ordinary?

Mushca: The Soup Faerie has been acting rather weirdly, quite secretive and mysterious. I feel she’s hiding something but I’m afraid I don’t know what it is.

Abs: Have you ever questioned the Soup Faerie about the items and her strange behaviour?

Mushca: I did try one day last December. I asked her what the wig and wings were for and also a red, yellow and orange dress that had been lingering, hidden under the kitchen worktop for many days. She told me that she was going to a fancy dress party that night, but somehow I didn’t believe her. She was in that night because I live only across the street from her and I could still see her in her room at midnight, sitting on the sofa while reading a book.

Abs: How very strange. So, is there anything else?

Mushca: I have been seeing a lot of the other faeries recently. They appear everywhere I look when I am working! It’s like they are drawn to the kitchen or something.

Abs: Hmm... Very suspicious. Have you noticed anything other than everything you have already told me?

Mushca: No, I am sorry. I hope I have been of help to you.

Abs: You have given us lots of important evidence to use in our case, thank you very much!

This case sounds very interesting indeed. But we need more information, as this mystery is not at all clear at this moment in time. Bring in the suspect in question, the Soup Faerie!

Abs: So, how do you get the neopoints to provide soup for the poorest Neopians? At the moment this whole case is shrouded in mystery because nothing makes sense! I want to hear every detail!

Soup Faerie: Well, first of all, I need to know if this is all completely confidential, because if this gets out, I will be in huge trouble with Fyora and the other faeries!

Abs: Um... of course everything is confidential. I’m not going to publish this in the Neopian Times or anything rash like that.

Soup Faerie: Thank goodness for that. I have never told anybody this before and I wanted it to stay that way but I am absolutely awful at keeping secrets; my jaw just constantly opens and they all flow out. Well, you see I’m a bit sneaky and very naughty because I kind of dress up as the other faeries and give out random quests to Neopians.

Abs: Wow! How long have you been doing this for?

Soup Faerie: I used to use my own neopoints that I earn from games and other Neopian things but last year, about September, I ran out of neopoints! I needed a new way of getting neopoints, so I came up with this idea!

Abs: Wow! This is one big story! Where on earth do you keep all your costumes and where do you buy them?

Soup Faerie: I try to make my own costumes, as some of them you can’t get in shops and I can’t afford to buy them anyway. I keep them skillfully hidden in my Soup Kitchen. But I can’t have hidden them that well because Mushca has found a couple of them and asked me about them. I told her they were for a fancy dress party and I’m pretty sure she fell for it, as she hasn’t mentioned anything about the costumes since!

Abs: What happens next?

Soup Faerie: When I am given the items, I increase the pet’s swiftness, which doesn’t cost me anything at all!

Abs: This is really interesting! All this is happening and nobody in the whole of Neopia knows anything about it!

Soup Faerie: I try my best to cover up my tracks and so far nobody, excluding Mushca, has suspected a thing.

Abs: Wow! Back to your story – what happens once you have the items? Do you use them to make the soup with or do they have a different use?

Soup Faerie: If I made soup using those items, the neopets would probably perish! I then sell the items in my own shop and then I use those neopoints to buy my ingredients and to pay Mushca, the cook.

Abs: Is that really how you get the neopoints? It’s quite extraordinary!

Soup Faerie: No, I actually get donations from the Money Tree but it was very funny to see your face when I told you that story and when Mushca said about all of the weird items hidden in the Soup Kitchen! We both found it hilarious!

Please note: Neopian Times writers do NOT like to be stitched up especially when it is their first submission!

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